UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over



That’s the plan. One for each character :slight_smile:


So whose short story would you like to see next?

  • Ashley
  • Anthony
  • Austin
  • Lakota
  • Scarlet

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New short story up on the website “Spar with me”


Another story is up, “My Fae Lady” this one is Lakota’s tale.



I’ll be working on an Ashley story tonight. So any requests? Do you want Ashley pre-season one or Ashley post season one?


Romanced Ashley, please!


The fifth story is up on the website. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Ashley is just lovely.


I thought it’d be fun to see one of her romance scenes from her pov :slight_smile:


Her romances scenes are all well done, I think I already said that but she was my last romanced character.
I didn’t like the other 2 and wasn’t expecting much of her, but how wrong I was, she just blow me away. She is one of my favorite romance from all CoG/HoG games.


What’s your favourite short story so far?

  • Moonlight stroll
  • A Costly Mi(stake)
  • In the dark
  • My Fae Lady
  • Spar with me
  • None - I haven’t read them yet.

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Another short story is up on the website now. This time a romanced Austin is the subject.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Can you write about a romanced victor ?


I’ll try it’s harder to do as I want the protagonist to be ambiguous enough so it can fit both male and female players.

Read Moonlit stroll and my fae lady for how I had to do it with Denise and Lakota.

edit: okay I’ve given it a shot new story “Under watchful eyes” is now on the website.


i remember playing this game back in 2014 2013 in hosted games never got past because i had to pay for it, its really great.


Editing update

Waiting for 1 last file from my editor for episode 5 then they will move on to episode 6. I’m still hopeful together we can get it done in time for a week or two of testing of new content in early October


Got the last file of Episode 5 and am now working on the next batch of edits. My editor has outdone themselves as usual. I’ve really got high hopes for the changes i’ve made and continue to make. This will really be worth the joke title I refer to this batch of updates as the “Director’s Cut” lol


I installed the game again but it doesn’t recognize that i paid for it. I have the receipt from 2015.


In the app if you click on the three dots you can choose the contact us button and that should give you the support email if you send them the receipt they should be able to sort you out.:slight_smile:


Link up first post should probably be erased as it no longer exists