The Wight King(WIP) - Chapter 6 added (12/01/2023)

word count: 101k

Update log

Update(06/03/2018): Big update since the revamping. Some informations below may be oudated (updated the story and lore thing, so it’s more accurate, and better written)

Update(12/05/2018): Chapter 1 finished.

Update(27/02/2019): Chapter 2 added (needs some rewriting).

Update(07/08/2019): Chapter 3 added.

Update(30/04/2020): Chapter 4 added.

Update(10/12/2021): Chapter 5 added.

Update(12/01/2023): Chapter 6 added.

The Wight King - Demo

Welcome to this thread for my WIP: The Wight King. This is a medieval, dark fantasy game in which you play as the Wight King, a powerful undead lord.

What is this game about? You can find a relatively spoiler-free summary below and some context.

The Story


After a rough awakening in what you’ll find to be your own tomb, you escape the templar order which was guarding your grave. Seeking answers, you eventually learn the truth of your new nature, you are undead, risen from your grave with full sentience but with fragmented memories.

And you are not any mere undead, you are the wight king, supreme lord of undeath, the ultimate undead being. You will have to assume your new role as ruler of the undead to survive, or submit under the blades of the templars and their self-appointed king. Recruit allies living and dead along the way. Be a merciful and wise leader of men, or be a dreadful tyrant, spreading chaos and misery in your wake. Master your new, dark powers, from necromancy to the powers of a wight king, and discover anew those you have forgotten.

The path to victory will be long and treacherous, for this age of darkness comes to an end. The great tides of war rise once more, and you may be the one to turn those tides when the time come. The path of a Wight King is full of sacrifices, and you might lose more than your humanity on the way.

Let the world tremble with every step, for whatever your path, you will scar it and defy fate itself.

The Setting


This story takes place in a setting of my own making.To begin with, a quick summary of the situation of this world:

In full swing of the new Age of Darkness, set in motion by the slow crumling of Aquilea, the mightiest empire of the continent, tensions run high between nations and people alike. Centuries of war have left empires exsanguinated, but eager for a final resolution to this conflict. Aquilea’s desperation turned to aggression as it conquered the southern lands of Velzar, threatening the borders of even the stormswept Kriegsgard to their east, and those of the radiant empire of Nevarra to their west.

This first book takes place in the country of Arkadia, a small kingdom ensconced between the great mountains of the Dragonjaw, and the monster-infested seas of the North.

Once independent, Arkadia had been subjected to centuries of humilation and degradation at the hands of the Aquilean empire. King Lionheart’s rebellion freed Arkadia from the tyrannical yoke of the Aquileans, heralded by what remained of the once mighty paladins who saw his cause as righteous. And for a time, there was peace, the King reigned justly and wisely assisted by those who once fought by his side.

Yet nothing good is ever meant to last. Betrayal struck the kingdom and as suddenly as it rose to reclaim its independence, it was brought back into the hands of Aquilea, under the rule of Lionheart’s son. Ten years since then, ten years of oppression, of theft, of tyranny.

But perhaps the death knell of this era, and this kingdom, shall come not from war, not from tyranny, not from inevitable collapse of a bloated and rotting empire, but in the form of the awakening of a certain undead king.

Old powers are stirring, and time has come to change this world.

Important posts:
There are some posts in which I explained bits of lore, and from now on I’ll try to link them here so that you can find them easily.

Elves, Dwarves and Orks

The Wight King(WIP) - Chapter 6 added (12/01/2023) - #4372 by bl00dragon

Druids, Shamans, Harbingers

The Wight King(WIP) - Chapter 6 added (12/01/2023) - #4755 by bl00dragon

Character List(some of them at least):


Asterius Lucius Iudex (Human - Aquilea): Once a paladin, now commander of the templar order, Adjudicator responsible for keeping order in the eastern lands of Arkadia. He’s a stern man, someone able to show impressive pragmatism for a paladin, but still cares more for his men than his own life or that of his superiors. He’s known as an excellent strategist, an expert tactician able to win even when outnumbered thanks to his sacred powers and sharp mind. He managed to win the undying loyalty of almost all men and women under his direct command, and turned the mediocre fighting force he was punished with into an elite that puts to shame most of the order. He was a loyal officer of Aquilea operating in Arkadia until the rebellion and later joined the paladins as they reclaimed Arkadia for the new king, Lionheart.

Strom Walhardt (‘Human’ - Kriegsgard): One of the greatest paladin of the era, and possibly the most powerful. Strom comes from the land of Kriegsgard, and even for them is extremely imposing, standing at nearly 2.5 meters above the fray. He was a legend, even before becoming a paladin, a legendary general of the Kaiser, and one of its closest friend. He defended Kriegsgard from Meidia during nearly ten years out of his thirty of service, never losing an inch and with minimal losses, even winning territory by letting Meidia batter itself against his invincible army. He’s known to be a master of defensive warfare, something quite unexpected compared to the storming tactics the Kriegsgardian often employ. He came to be tired of war, and voluntarily exiled himself from Kriegsgard, cutting a path through Aquilea until he was recruited by an order of paladins and helped them liberate Arkadia under Lionheart’s banner.

Bann(arkadian title for lord/lady) Lynvia “Lyn” Blackstone (human - Arkadia): A young woman that joined the templars only recently. She is a noble of Arkadia, but a landless one, as her family lost everything to the rebellion and left her as the last Bann Stone. She joined the templars as much out of conviction and piety as she did to the promise of claiming the land of the Stone once more. She has a deep desire to serve jutice and to do what is right, but is often overzealous and tends instead to do more hurt than anything else because of her hot temperament and self-righteousness. She is a skilled but inexperienced fencer, using the signature and unusual style of her family, a rapier paired with a thick armguard and gauntlet, she has the potential to become a paladin and Asterius took her under his wing to train her(as much out of good will as to steal her away from his superiors).

Anastasia “Annie” Kazrin(human - origin unknown): Anastasia is a childhood friend of Lynvia Blackstone, the only one she has left. She was adopted by Lyn’s parents when she was a very young child, because of the sudden interest their slightly older daughter took in Annya. She was brought up to be as much a friend to Lyn as (secretly) a servant, and once Lyn lost everything, she followed her until she enrolled by her side into the templar order. Though she has no particular talent with the blade, she has proven to have excellent judgement, very sharp senses, and a certain potential for sacred potency which piqued Asterius’ interest and with the demand of Lyn accepted Annie into his service as well.


Elizabeth of Blackstone (Vampire - Arkadia): Elizabeth has been kept under lock and key at Blackstone Keep for decades, away from danger by her dominus, the vampire that made her for reasons unknown as she surely is the most powerful blood mage of all vampires. Exceptionally, her dominus, the overlord of the domain of Blackstone decided to let her step into the world for a mission of utmost importance. So she roams the world with her chaperon to achieve the mission of her overlord. She is a young vampire, and was alone for most of her short undeath, there remains a childish side to her as well as an unconsciousness born of overprotection. While she can be quite haughty, considering many beneath her and not hesitating to remind them, she can also surprisingly show great compassion and empathy uncharacteristic of vampires. Despite her rebellious streak, she shows absolutely no desire to lead and has very little ambition. While she is a powerful mage, she is clumsy and unskilled with any kind of melee weapon.

Dandelion (Wight lord - Nevarra): Dandelion is a wight lord, having served other wight kings before you. He is quite silent about his past but is profuse in advice to you. He’s a strategical genius, a devious and ruthless one, but a master nonetheless. He shows a very confident and charming side to everyone, but can easily become scarily serious in a matter of seconds, his skill with his serrated, poisoned saber (Hydra’s Fang) and his enchanted shield (Roar of the Manticore) makes him an exceptional duellist and assassin. His leadership preserved the undeath of many other wight knights, and they have come to trust him as an unformal leader, second only to the Wight King.

Helena (Banshee - “nowhere”): Helena is a banshee. She was always fascinated by the old world, and became as hungry for knowledge as any mage, roaming the land to search for informations wherever it could be found. She ended up stumbling onto old, forbidden records, speaking of a legendary ‘Wight King’, an undead so powerful that it made entire continents tremble in fear, and she thought until now that it was simply a story to scare children. Even then, she didn’t expect to stumble onto the new wight king in the flesh. She decided to travel along with this living legend. She learnt long ago that the best way to spend your undeath was spent laughing, especially when you’re fleeing a past that draws ever closer.

All feedback is appreciated as well as help with removing typos from the game. Don’t hesitate to voice your thoughts and ask questions, be it about lore, story or whatever, I’ll be glad to answer you.

If you like what I do, you can also check out another of my stories:

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Lore and Q&A compilation (The Wight King) - Google Docs

Disclaimer: Older posts are unreliable. In case of contradictions, the most recent post takes priority. If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask.

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Old demo

Here’s the old demo with, currently, the prologue, and three chapters (you can check it out, though the writing does not represent my current skills as it’s several years old):

You may also find me and keep with updates at:


Seems an interesting story. I normally play the baddy in any game so its nice to go fully bad and kill everyone in my way.

There’s a lot of minor spelling errors, gramatical errors or just sentences that repeat the same word at the start but I wont go through all that here.

One big comment is that the 2nd to last choice I met which asks how I want to approach the waiting 20 soldiers is far to long. Make them more snappy and then have the rest of the writing occur once youve made that choice.

Also the game crashed when I selected my name as “Rose”. Is that the end of it so far?

Seems interesting though and with some polishing it could be a good tale. Not entirely sure what direction the story will be going though


Sounds interesting. Bugs: Your save slots is not working and I got error prisonbreak line 185: increasing indent not allowed when choosing any of the available names.

Interesting idea, do you plan to add gender selection at some point? Being called “they” is a bit…unsettling to me (though better than “he” I supposed :stuck_out_tongue:)


My game also crashed at that point, although Rose was not my choice.

I picked my own name and had no crashes, maybe everyone just needs to be named Elizabeth :laughing:


Not fair, mine crashed :frowning: But maybe because of the " ’ " on the “a”. I’ll try without it.
Edit: It Works! :slight_smile:


I swear im a good person but I just like playing the most evil of people


I got an error affer chosing a name and when i created my own character name

Ps: i click all of those names I got a error

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thats strange that didn’t happen when i played it…i guess it must be a error hm i try playing the game again and see if that happens to me.


I found out what was going on here it’s it’s you have to show Mercy too chose the names

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Knew there was still some left. I’ll go typo-slaying soon.[quote=“Maxmansung, post:2, topic:21293”]
Seems an interesting story. I normally play the baddy in any game so its nice to go fully bad and kill everyone in my way.

You’ll get plenty of occasions to do just that. Though it Will surely be gradual. Today one dead puppy, tomorrow the world.

I’ll see to it.

That’s not supposed to happen, it should work by tonight.[quote=“nocturne, post:3, topic:21293, full:true”]
Sounds interesting. Bugs: Your save slots is not working and I got error prisonbreak line 185: increasing indent not allowed when choosing any of the available names.

I know but you don’t need saves right now, so it Will have to wait, the name bug is strange, i’ll work on it as soon as i’m home.

Don’t worry that’s at the beginning ofchapter one. :wink:

what the ? I’ll check this out.

P.S. : Sorry for the lateness. That was a hell of a day. I curse the fool who decided to make us work till 7pm on wednesday plus work on sunday. Ther will be be retaliation !
I’m currently working on the name problem, sit tight, I’ll see what I can do. It would help if you told me precisely what happen when there’s an error.

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Should be working now. Test it out please.

Now it works, but I still don’t see how the hell this was messing with the code, I’m really clueless…

I hereby decree that every character of this story is named Elizabeth.

I can’t have that can I ? And yes accents tend to mess with informatic languages as a whole :wink:[quote=“jonnyboy666, post:8, topic:21293, full:true”]
I swear im a good person but I just like playing the most evil of people

I get you jonnyboy. I remember my first paladin in D&D, loyal good but still muredering every evil-aligned characters that got in his sight, and justifying by : “That’s justice ! He provoked me with his red aura !”.


This seems like a very interesting concept and I can’t wait to see how it develops! There are some grammar mistakes and there’s also a bug I discovered when I decided to walk over to the adjudicator(?) to meet him halfway. The error says prisonbreak line 193: invalid indent, expected at least one line in ‘if’ true block.

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Again ? Sit tight…
EDIT: Are you sure it’s still doing that ? It seems to work fine on this end.
Please refresh the page and tell me if it works now.

Oh and if someone could be a dear and pm me the typos they find (especially in the first 3-4 scenes) that would help me greatly.

I’ll begin working on chapter one tomorrow if I’ve got the time, that’ll be an horrible week and about as horrible vacations what of the stupid who made that timesheet and who said : “hey ! They are not working their asses off quite enough ! Let’s give them homework on vacations ! After all vacations are made to work not to recuperate.”
Turns out both giving the bl00dragon homework and stealing his vacations makes him the grumpiest, AND oh so salty.

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attacking a lone warrior “twanty” against one is twenty:blush::grinning:

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wut ? Squires ! Prepare my typo-slaying spear !
EDIT: Typo slayed, get back to work now, my typo hounds !


this is just a theory but i believe it only douse the error whenever you choice to kill the first guard at the beginning of the game if you choice to show mercy to the guard it lets you choice your name and you can continue on with the story.

Eh, maybe.
It’s working now though.

yep you right it is fixed :clap: .

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