The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

In fear of getting off-topic about Wayhaven, I recommend asking the question in one of these two threads in the future :purple_heart:

Blood Moon is great.

I can’t in good conscience recommend The Shadow Society, because even though I loved it I haven’t heard anything about the rewrite or the new entry in ages, which is a pity. :frowning: Same for the Voice of Silverking WIP.


Voice of Silverking is on hiatus, but last I talked to her, she was going to continue it. For The Shadow Society… yeah. I don’t think it will ever be continued. And the way she was treated by certain… elements… really pissed me off.


I really think it was because certain individuals bullied the poor author due to “similarities” to Wayhaven :unamused:grown adults acting like children but whatever……


I think Wayhaven is obviously a captivating series (else it wouldn’t be as popular as it is) but a lot of the time I feel like people compare anything Supernatural that happens to be romance focused to it, which is a very wide net. It’s the whole “souls-like” debacle. Anything even remotely similar gets compared to the most well-known thing in its group. Bit of a shame when this happens, really, especially when people take it to the extreme in a community as close knit as this.


I recommend these ones, the list would be longer but some were already mentioned here.


Broken Fable
Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning
The Wight King
Mind Blind
The Operative: Fires of Revolution
Windmere Academy

Also Keeper of the Sun and Moon, Superstition and The Bastard of Camelot.

Spoiler memes for M's path:

charlie woo small



Ah, yes, the eros interruptus scene. :smile:


Oh, we’re still doing those. I thought they were over by the time of Book 2’s ending.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree with you on every point. Love the series and I hate feeling so frustrated about it. It kind of went from cute and slightly gritty to vexing and confusing. Perhaps B4 will be the Tell All book and we’ll be going, “Aha! That’s why things worked the way they did in B3.” I’d be pleasantly surprised, anyway.

You know, this demo had me really excited for this book. It really did. I loved the immediate jump into action, and the first peeks into the LI’s inner thoughts. I liked meeting Sin but how that trap was handled was a bit odd.

Once Sin appears, UB tells the MC to run. From a flying celestial? Whatever for?! So that the MC would be out in the open and Sin could just fly up and snatch them off the ground? They didn’t know about the barrier at that point. Better to surround the MC so that if Sin decided to do an aerial maneuver it would make it much harder. The worst part, though, is after UB tells the MC to run…the MC doesn’t run! Dialogue and action happens but there is never once any mention that the MC tried to book it out of there.

It was like that in the cave-in scene, too. Which, guilty pleasure, I really enjoyed. It felt tense and claustrophobic and I enjoyed the back-and-forth between Sin and the MC. I actually really like Sin’s concept—a tragic antihero; an unwilling bad guy. But, when Sin flew up and out of that “cave”, there was no mention of UB noticing…at all. UB was standing at the top of the hole looking down (probably not a good idea in case it caves in) but they didn’t notice when Sin flew out of there?

It sounds like Sera is aware of these things from her recent update post, so hopefully she enjoys that writing class and gets what she wants out of it.

I do like your suggestion to push Sin back in the story further, particularly out of the demo’s reach. And your plot write-up was great. Since Sin was in the demo, I figured that meant his handler was the super secret baddie we were waiting to be unspoiled for. Didn’t peg the auctioneer for a human, though. For sure thought he was going to be a supernatural himself. Maybe I missed this in Chapter 6, but I wasn’t thinking he was human at the time.

Wow! @SnowPhoniex @vera @JBento @EvilChani @Nazroth Thank you for this master IF list!

I'll check out the ones that were recommended twice, first

Sordwin, trilogy (x2)
Breach: The Archangel Job (x2)
Mecha Ace (x2)
A Mage Reborn, series (x2)
Pon Para, series
Werewolves, series
Out for Blood
Insert Rich Family Name
The Fernweh Saga (x2)
I, the Forgotten One (x1.5)
Keeper of the Sun and Moon

A Tale of Heroes
The Bureau (x2)
College Tennis: Origin Story
Defiled Hearts: The Barbarian
The Voice of Silverking
Replica: Between Universes (warning, this one is dark)
Broken Fable
Path of Martial Arts: The Beginning
The Wight King
Mind Blind (x2)
The Operative: Fires of Revolution
Windmere Academy (x1.5)

Non-choicescript games:
Aloners Redux
Wilder Ran
Wilder Badhur (you may like this one better… I prefer Ran)
Superstition (x2)
A Tale of Crowns
When the Night Comes
Cinderella Phenomenon
Tailor Tales (I only suggest the paid for version–the free version doesn’t have a lot of the romance scenes that get very steamy–but the storylines are really great, and it is now on Steam)
Ebon Light (I freaking LOVE this game)
Demonheart (another one that is awesome–and it has a sequel that is an old-style RPG)
Demonheart: Ice Demon
Andromeda Six (romances are shallow as hell, but the overall story is cool)
Confines of the Crown
Oathbreaker (it’s soooo good!)
The Bastard of Camelot

Have read:
Fallen Hero (but it’s been a few years and now the sequel is out so I better hop back in)
The Shadow Society (read this one! that piano scene :blush:)
Blood Moon (I recommend this! it’s a fast read and it’s fun. more branching than it initially feels at first glance.)

I hear ya. I wanted recommendations specifically from Wayhaven fans and I’m not sure how to drag everyone in this thread into those ones.


If that’s the case, I need to second the recommendation of the Sordwin series (besides being good, it has the added bonus that it gives you indications of what stat thresholds mean in the context of the game world) and Mind Blind (which is just perfection. When is this thing releasing, I miss Rosy… and using my crush on Rosy to send Nick into a spiral :laughing: ). I’d do it for Windmere as well, but it’s early enough on that project that you could probably afford to leave it for a while. I, the Forgotten One is also very good, it’s just not for me.


Can you second one game twice yourself? I recommend Mecha Ace for many newcomers because it’s not a part of series that is stuck in development limbo - I remember my sheer annoyance at being forced to wait for Wayhaven’s sequel and triquel and I admit, it served as an interest dampener for me.



Yes, yes you can.

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BTw, the Keeper series (like Keeper of the Sun and Moon) is choicescript, not sure why you have it as a non-CS one.

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So what was it like around here while waiting for Book 2 to come out? Was there much activity or just a few posts here and there?

If I was around during that time I just cannot for the life of me remember. And I don’t feel like going through all my past posts. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the correction!


Oh yeah, the Wayhaven thread moved way too fast back then for me to keep up with so I only posted a few times, lol…even faster than now. I think the book 2 demo had just come out when I started the series, so there was a lot of activity with speculation about book 2.

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That scene hurt me, and it hurt me again on every replay. :sweat_smile: Why does the MC just stand there? Why?! And why doesn’t Unit Bravo have any tactics worked out to deal with flying opponents? And why does everyone keep not noticing the big flying supernatural (I notice eagles flying around nearby very quickly!)? Of course, Unit Bravo somehow manged to run everywhere at supernatural speeds and no one noticed that, so… okay, I know, stop thinking about it. No thinking! Only kissing hot vampires!


@Requiem lol its allways been busy more so after every demo release pr update usally quiets down to a steady simmer afterwords. I dontbusally post in this thread but do read through when the urge strikes. :grinning:

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As would we all, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Very good point. I don’t know why Sin even stood there after UB moved toward him. All he had to do was fly over to the MC, snatch them up, and be off. And if the MC had actually run, Sin would’ve had them in a heartbeat. But if either of those things had happened–or it had gone down like you said, with UB surrounding the MC to try to protect them–the scene with the LI being knocked around couldn’t have happened to angstify the MC.

I think that’s how we have to make sense of the plot: when things are just completely incomprehensible, take a look at what angsty scene results from it. And that’s why it happened.

The LIs only notice anything when the plot requires it. Otherwise, they’re oblivious and walking around with blindfolds on and their fingers in their ears so they don’t have to learn something useful before it has been designated they will learn it. The same is true of the MC and every other character.

You keep saying this. I’m going to have to add it to my list now.

Eh, it’s not that fast now. Kinda quiet, actually, but it’s more relaxed now, and more pleasant, than it had gotten for a while back then.


@Requiem @EvilChani
Doesn’t the first meeting with Sin take place in a clearing in a forest? “Get under the trees” is a good move against flying thingies, unless I’m misremembering.