The Wight King(WIP) - Chapter 6 added (12/01/2023)

I LOVE DND… My dm hates me though XD the first time I ever played was 5e a couple of months ago and I played a sorcerer that was good at bluff, sneak and lickpicking and after our second encounter ever I sneaked into a back room after the fight and found a chest to I unlocked it took half of everything in the chest then went out and told everyone else in the party that I found a chest and I said sense we are a team we should all divide the loot equally and sense my bluff was so high no one would tell I already found it… Its gotten to the point my dm’s friends that are dm’s have been giving him scenarios in how to kill off my characters

  • Necromancy : This stat measure the strength of your otherworldly powers. Powers over death, and therefore over life as well. Necromancy is usually described as the power to bring the dead back to life, in this world it is but an aspect of true necromancy, necromancy is as much the power over the dead than over death itself. The most powerful of necromancers can take out the flame of life from whole towns just by lifting their hands, they can heal mortal wounds, regenerate body cells to the point they can make a limb grow back and even make themselves immortal by turning themselves into undead lyches.

  • I’m not sure if there’s an alternate spelling for it but I usually see it as lich(es). Also the relationship bar names aren’t capitalized.

  • Even I was astonished at my own display of savage strength, even more so when I saw the remnants of the lid : a slab of black stone, almost two foot thick, bigger than any sarcophagus lid should be.

  • The colon usually doesn’t have a space behind it. This also happens in the lower half of the stats screen which is weird because the upper half doesn’t have the spaces.

  • even through the dust,the grime,

    • space after the comma.
  • so much that it felt like I wasn’t wearing armor at all in the first place. And yet it seemed extremely resilient.

  • I think this is just preference but it’s a nit picky detail. People usually don’t like sentences with conjunctions to begin. It just looked awkward to me. I’d recommend:

  • so much that it felt like I wasn’t wearing armor at all in the first place, and yet it seemed extremely resilient.

  • Once again the monstruous strength I displayed showed itself ,

  • monstrous and space issue before the comma.

  • shoulderblade

  • shoulder blade

  • “What use would there be to catatombs so deep underground ?”

  • Catacombs, also space issue.

I should probably stop bugging about the spaces at this point with the search function…

  • Splinters were sent flying as the heavy door caved inward, it’s hinges bent in an impossible way by the sheer power of my kick (Ah ! Take that, door !), the metal frame literally exploded as the nails holding them in place were ‘kicked’ out of their holes.

  • it’s = it is, its is the possessive.

  • Stand fast brothers ! There’s no threat here that the templar order cannot wisthand

  • withstand

  • "What is it ? Afraid of attacking a lone warrior twanty against one ?

  • Twenty

  • There was a torn body at my feet… It… She stared at me, her face , mouth half-open as if to word a question and tears drippinng from her eyes,

  • I’m not sure if it and she are supposed to be capitalized but dripping is spelled wrong.

  • “No matter how worthy the cause, soldiers, soldiers like you still die in vain. I hope you won’t hate me too much for this. For it is your recklesness and your chief’s lack of judgement that brought this upon you.”.

  • recklessness ans get rid of the 2nd period at the end.

  • I donn’t remember much but there’s one certainty in my memory.

  • don’t

  • I have slain thousands of enemies and I still feel guilt poking through my armor of indifference forged by too many battle

  • battles

  • I began walking toward the exit, thorougly disgusted with myself.

  • thoroughly

  • I have a weird feeling about him, he feels dangerous, I can tell he is strong just by looking at how he strolls raound

  • around

  • “insert heroic speech.” he said somberly The young woman was left wide-eyed at the scene before her, shivering in horror,

  • I’m pretty sure there is something messed up with the quote, as I think the period ends the sentence even if in a quote but you might want check that before changing anything but there is definitely some end punctuation missing before “The young lady”

  • he said before bringing his broadsword low to the ground

  • He

  • “Ok, I have to admit you’re awfully strong and skilled. But playtime’s over I have to bring you in for interrogation.”.

  • 2nd period doesn’t belong.

Yeah you should definitely check for spacing errors though, there’s a lot.

On a happier note, I love being undead! I feel like Overlord. (the light novel/manga/anime not the games)

Is there anything different about your undead? Did I keep my skin? Will there be romances?


Such fond memories of my old group of mismatched adventurers. Though I appreciate finding another rpg player, be careful with off-topic messages, for the forum police can strike at any moment.


Oh yeah :sweat_smile: sorry XD

Thank you for the typo black list.

I watched this anime too. That’s one of the things that lead to think: “Why the hell isn’t there more undead protagonists? They are awesome!”.

I first thought about letting you chose. But that felt awkward, so it’s probably going to be Linked to either low humanity, high madness or both. If you want to you’ll be able to become a skullhead before the last chapter. :skull:
As for romances, yes there will be. Though I’ll need help for the gay m/m relationship/romance, eventually for the f/f too. I’ll probably ask @idonotlikeusernames and @Lizzy if they’re ok with it :relaxed:


So I’m guessing as a Wight were created for the craving of revenge or we had lots of anger when we died
(at least that’s what D&D says) are we going to be able to create our own undead slaves or will forever be alone
stuck killing/enslaving all that lives?


Oh I definitely like my skin, though the bonehead option is nice. I’ll probably end up half rotten…

Though what is humanity measuring?


Wow! I really love this idea! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
You just made me remember The Wight Knight from Dragon Quest 9

I love the playing chaotic neutral characters in games like this :blush::blush::blush:
Also there’s an error when you pick the option to charge and strike the paladin(?) near the end of the demo

And about the skin thingy … Is having dark grey skin and red eyes going to be an option? :grin::grin::grin:

… Too many emojis …

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  • speed, strength, reflexes, dexterity et caetera.

  • et cetera

  • Presence : Represent your charisma, and the strength of your will, at higher level you’ll be able to subdue your enemies by the pure crushing weight of your presence, and even be able to make the very worl bend to your will. (it is as much a combat stat as social stat. So useful skill for both necros and fighters.)

  • world is misspelled (worl)

Haven’t even finished the demo yet, and i’m already in love.

Is it wrong that i compared the MC to the Overlord?
(has someone already made that reference?)

Also, i named my MC Alice, simply because i could.

“Fear Alice, for he is the Wight King, Overlord of Evil!”


Rather straightforward actually. Though not easy to explain. It represent how much of a human you are, both physically and mentally. À low humanity will represent a WK that thinks of (living)humans as inferior beings, WK will get more detached about life, even his own. While high humanity WK will be more empathetic about humans and ‘be’ more human, they will also have better grip on their own humanity and human flesh.
I’m not sure if that’s exacly what it’s going to represent, but that’s the gist of it.

That’s a little more complicated than that but it’s close to the truth, WK is à self-made-undead-overlord.

Yep that’s necromancy, you’ll be able to get tons of undead slaves/friends[quote=“WhiteLynx, post:29, topic:21293”]
And about the skin thingy … Is having dark grey skin and red eyes going to be an option?
At current humanity level you have much parler skin and a ‘darker look’ about you, almost an emo but not quite. As for eyes, their color will depend on you.

Chaotic neutral is always better than neutral/neutral, I’ll give some choices for you neutral people.

Laughing my ass off right now. “Fear me! For I am Isabelle the great overlord of undeath !”.

Eh, at least the game actually let you play à bad guy so that’s always à good comparison though lych king might more appropriate.

Yup be careful, the forum police will lurk out of the shadows and come for you.

I’m glad there’s so much people that seems interested though. Thank you for your support everyone. Take a cookie on me.


Oh, so I just need to want to be human to be human… though that empathy part is going to be hard for me…

I thought the overlord’s name was Jerry?

Ooooh cookies, see this is why I want my skin and muscle how am I supposed to eat cookies without them? Seems like an I must scream situation.

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That’s fantasy so emotions can even be a power source if I wish them to :stuck_out_tongue:. Though that doesn’t work quite like that, it’s more about unconscious powers reacting to your actions and bla bla (too tired to answer completely right now, I’m going to sleep just after this message guys.)
Beside you’ll be able to be human and still be à bloodthirsty tyrant, murderer of widows and orphans, terror of doors and slayer of puppies.:imp:

To eat the cookies or to not eat the cookies ?
Skullguy:“if only I still had a tongue to answer you, and a stomach to eat all the cookies.”
Or rather :


Is basing the look of the Knight on how their status are really a good idea?

It would be much more comedic if the Knight looks angelic and act completely different from what people expect
Just like how I imagined my Knight to look like

(Ignore the girl Infront of the face)

so thanks for explain that so another question I may be confusing this with a Lich but do we have a vial of our essence
that makes us basically invincible ?

The wight king: professional door buster. Terror of wood! Overlord of all cookies! Horror of the house! Taker of Brownies! Order of the chaos! Skin of the bones! The heroe’s bonus boss that is impossible to beat except after years of trying then finding out there is a phase two stage!


I like it a lot. It feels good to be bad!


I think @Scorpio00 has a monopoly on that.

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I found an issue when trying to fight Asterius.

Prison break line 184; Invalid Indent, expected at least one line in ‘if’ true block.

Heard of that, at school right now so wait until something like 3/4 pm at Paris time. I’ll punch this bug the hell out of my game.