The Walk of Fame (WIP) - Updated 27/1/15


As you step down off the bus, the glare from the afternoon sun blinds you momentarily.
Putting on your sunglasses alleviates the glare and you get your first real look at your surroundings. The sky is clear blue without a cloud in sight. Palm trees seem to stretch up and down the street as far as you can see and people seem to be everywhere.

Musicians and other buskers performing as their cases and hats yawn for passing coins.
Slightly creepy looking superheroes and cartoon characters taking photos with happy smiling people. Tourists everywhere, including on passing open topped buses, taking photos and videos of everything in sight. Pedestrians taking pictures of the plagues on the ground and even some get down on the pavement as a friend or family member laughingly take more photos.

You see yourself reflected in the smooth black pavement as well as the reflective windows and storefronts as you start walking down the street being careful to not step on the stars spaced every few feet.

You see the Hollywood Walk of Fame stretching before you down Hollywood Boulevard.

You see your heroes and idols that you grew up with and dream about.

You see your future.

Welcome to Hollywood.

Walk of Fame will be my first ChoiceScript project and will attempt to tell an engaging story similar to games like Life of a Mobster or Choice of a Rock Star, in this case as an aspiring actor arriving and making their mark in Hollywood.

Which agent will you hire? What type of films will you choose to be in? Will you choose to be an award winning respected actor or a summer blockbuster fame driven star? Will you persue a relationship with you personal assistant or with your latest co-star? Will you earn the right to add your name to the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Your choice.

Please let me know if their is a part of being an actor & hollywood star that you would like to see and have choices within. I have almost completed the first chapter or character creation and am working on the framework of the storyline and important choices.

Thanks for your time and interest.

Opening Scene Demo

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This seems intresting haven’t come across a Hollywood one yet. Defaintly will play it!


Will this game feature any real celebs (or their expys) as NPCs/cameos? :smile:


Sounds interesting defiantly the first time I heard of someone doing a Hollywood I’m going to play it for sure


@WulfyK I am planning to mention certain past stars and film characters but no plans at the moment to interact with any in a meaningful way. I could add an option to name your romance option co-star which would allow you to name them anyone you want. We’ll see how we go.


Sounds interesting. Don’t forgot to throw in the scandals. For example rumors of the player having an extra martial affair with their co-star and having to convince their husband/wife that its just malicious lies etc


Seems cool! I’ll try it out :D.


Very cool sounding. I already can’t wait for it to be released. XD


Ohhhh this one’s new! Looking forward to it. :smile:


Hey everyone, just wanted to know that I have added a rough character creation demo to the description so that you get an idea of what I am planning to do. Leave me any thoughts, I would appreciate it. If you have 5 minutes check it out.


Yahoo!! Keep up the good work man!!


Saw quite a few spelling errors, ? and ,'s are replaced with a rhombus with a question mark in it, and since you’re british and there are 2 correct ways to spell it, Im pretty sure this should have a u in it :Honoured. ( Spell checker uses American words, so it won’t show up.I think so, at least.)

Of all the great names honored this way, this one means the most to you. It’s not completely about their talent, allthough they were very talented

EDIT: forgot to add what I thought of the game :stuck_out_tongue:
The character customization is good. If the story is good I will buy it if it comes out on hg/cog.


Loved what i saw , can’t wait for a more full demo. I personally only saw one spelling error. On the page where you name your idol, you spelled second, seconf


Pretty good! Just make sure not to write this in word and put it in the code, then you get the place boxes with ? in them.


Thanks cat, I fixed up honored and will have to remember to keep everything either US or UK spelling. I appreciate your help and interest.


@Tyson_Webster this a good game with a good concept. You should definitely continue writing this story. I like where this story can go


Wow, just amazing! I love these kind of games, please keep making more! I crave for it to be finished!


Thanks for your interest and kind words @joejoe21 & @NuclearFission. I have been working on it off & on over the last month.


Oh sweeet i thought this game had died


You know that after some WiPs die they become more powerful than ever imagined… Like Ben Kenobi