The Synthetic Wasteland (Work Title)(WIP)



No, it is not gender-locked.

As for romance:


Hey everyone! Once again, sorry for going quiet, so on, so forth. But, I have a new update! But, this update isn’t to the game itself; not immediately, anyways.

I would say more, but it would be more fun just to show you.


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…Does it count as bumping a thread if it’s mine? Oh well.

Hey everyone. I just wanted to pop over really quick to report more officially that this thread is going to be dark for a little bit longer. First thing on the bucket list is for me to finish chapter 1 of my other WIP, considering that was something I promised to do a while ago. Then, I don’t plan on updating this until I finally have chapter 4 100% done.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of making these tiny updates. I really want to push forward as much as I’d like to think you do.

So! This thread will be quiet for a little bit longer, anywhere ranging from a few weeks to a month or so. Then, I’m going to be focusing really hard on finishing the current chapter. So, the next update should cap off chapter 4.

As much as I do seem to overly-apologize when it comes to how long it takes me to make these, I do feel I should sincerely apologize for this level of delay. This chapter has been in progress for months now, and I’m getting a little tired of it, because I absolutely hate leaving you guys hanging for too long.

So! Hopefully it’ll be good and finished sometime soon-ish. Until then, don’t expect too much. Thank you again for your intense, superhuman levels of patience!


Hey everyone! Got a quick update/announcement/thing real quick.

For anyone that isn’t following my other WIP, I’ll announce that chapter 1 for that one is complete. Meaning, like I said in the last post, I’ll be jumping back into this so I can finally finish the chapter. I’ve already put some good work into it the past few days; the suicide mission is pretty close to being finished, and I’ve at least got a little bit done for the stealth mission. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I have everything ready.

Now, the bad news. I’m probably not going to be working on the WIP at all this week; I have some obligations I need to keep up with that will be leaving me pretty swamped all week. I’ll try and get work done where I can, but don’t expect too much progress this week.

Thank you all for your continued interest! I’m hoping that, at the absolute most, this chapter should be done by the end of the month (though really I’m hoping it can be done sooner.) Until then, thanks again!


Hello everyone! I know I said I wouldn’t do something like this, but I got a little too excited at the thought of making actual progress, so I just couldn’t help myself…

There’s been another small update instead of me actually finishing the entire thing in one swing! … Yay! :sweat_smile:

So, yeah. Basically, all I’ve added in is the debrief scene that is supposed to close off the chapter- meaning, technically, you can make it from the beginning to the end of the chapter, but the suicide mission and the stealth mission still need to be finished.

It’s not much, maybe a few pages for each possible outcome, and it’s probably not worth the giant silence going on here, but at the very least it’s proof that I’m working on this. So, that’s something. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be posting again when the chapter is finally finished! Until then, thanks for playing!


I’m not gonna play the update now (I’d rather wait until the chapter is finished) but take your time! This has been one of my favorite WIPs since it began and we all know the wait is gonna be worth it :grin:


Yeah, completely fair. I know I said I’d wait until the entire chapter was done, but like I said, I got giddy.

Thanks so much for that! I really appreciate the support! I’ve known what scenes are coming up in this game for months now, and I’m really excited for you to see what’s coming up in later chapters! I just hope it’ll turn out good enough to be worth all this support I don’t deserve. :laughing:


In chapter 4.

Your odds are, someway, somehow, almost a garunteed success.


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I can garuntee they have the resources for it, so what are they holding back for?"



Um, thanks for letting me know about these, but are you digging through the code? I thought I blocked off that stuff from being visible in-game. :laughing:


Yeah, I am.
Which stuff isn’t supposed to be visible?


The suicide mission stuff you’re citing the typos from. It’s blocked off by a wall of “This is the end of the current content” text. so it can’t be seen in-game.

I only asked because if it was possible for you to access the suicide mission in-game, I needed to run back in and cover it all up, since its an unfinished mess right now. :sweat_smile:

And jeez, if you’re really going through all of the code and text to point out typos, I super appreciate the dedication you have to what you do. I salute you!

Edit: @Bugreporter Fixed all of the typos you pointed out too, thanks again for that.


In chapter 4.

Try not to be overly blinded my your ego.

Remove the bolded word.

silently reading the report you had hastily scribbled on a scrap peice


suddenly flies into your face in a light mist, apperantly


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Sorry for taking so long to respond, but thanks for letting me know about these!

Gonna hold off on fixing any typos for now, since I still want to finish the chapter in one sweep, and I don’t want to upload unfinished and/or finished too soon work.

If you find anymore typos, feel free to lett me know about it! I’ll fix them all at once before I post the finished chapter.


Hey everyone! Wanted to pop over here for a small progress report/message of well-wishings!

As of now, the suicide mission is finished and the foundation for the stealth mission, as well as some of the content for it, has been placed. I’m hoping this chapter can be finished sometime next week, and I’m super excited for it (because this chapter has been in progress for way too long)!

I also want to note that I won’t be working on this for the next few days, due to visiting family and such; nothing unexpected I would think. With that said, though, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope see you again when I post the final update next week! (Fingers crossed)


Quickly begins ringing every bell ever

It’s here! It’s finally here!

Hey everyone! I am incredibly happy to announce that after being in purgatory for way longer than reasonably necessary, chapter 4 is 100% completed and uploaded!


Feel free to read over whatever you haven’t whenever you get the chance, and let me know what you think! I’m not entirely sure if it was worth the wait, but hey, progress is progress, right?

Thanks again for reading and keeping up with the thread, despite the long periods of silence. I’ll give it some time before I start working on one of the alternate chapter 4’s/chapter 5, long enough to see if there are any bugs that need to be squashed in 4. Maybe a week or so?

So until then, stay tuned!

(Side note: I also already embarrassed myself by posting this message in the WRONG THREAD. Good job, me. So sorry if you saw that and got accidentally lied to.)


I saw it, and I replied. Now I am crying internally


I know, I saw your reply. I’m really sorry about that. :sweat_smile:


In chapter 4.

A thin line of pain scores itself across your upper arm. while it certainly hurts, it is, thanfully, not a debilitating injury.

Capitalise the bolded word.