The Synthetic Wasteland (Work Title)(WIP)



Hi everyone! Now that I’m fairly confident that the latest chapter for this story isn’t a complete buggy mess, I wanted to start work on something again.

But seeing as I have two projects, I wanted to stop to ask which one you would want to see more of first; if I’m going to focus my attention on one thing, I’d rather it be the one more people want to see, after all!

So I wanted to stop and make a quick poll so I could figure out what to work on next. I’ll be posting this on both threads, so if you want to answer twice, feel free to make your voice double-loud. This would preferably be answered by those that have read both WIPs, but of course everyone’s free to answer.

So, long story short, what should I work on next?

  • The Synthetic Wasteland. It’s been quiet long enough already!
  • Tales of Aurora. Space-trotting adventure FTW!
  • I’d rather you split your focus between both, even if that makes them slower.

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I like both projects equally well, so it’s hard for me to choose. But I do think it’s better to focus one project. Or you could designate one as your main project and the other one as a side or downtime project which you can write for if you feel yourself getting burned out or losing motivation for the main one.


Yeah, I do see what you mean. My only concern there is that those more interested in the secondary project will have to wait way too long for more of it.

There’s not a doubt in my mind that Wasteland is my main project, but if more people want to see Aurora right now, I’d rather disappoint the fewest amount of people possible.


Hey everybody! Sorry for being silent for so long, but I got diverted from the holidays. Probably not surprising.

I ran the math for the final check for the polls with a margin of error of about 9000%, but hey, at least I tried. :stuck_out_tongue:

But regardless, from what I can see, it seems like Aurora’s the more requested WIP at the moment. Which, unfortunately means that this WIP will be going silent for a while longer.

I do want to make it known right here and now, before any alarms start ringing, that this isn’t going to be left for dead or anything. I’ve already pre-planned my cutoff point for Aurora, in which I’ll turn my attention back here full-time for at least a few chapters.

I’ll also be doing my best to make the occasional small updates, though these will likely be restricted to bugfixes/typo fixing, rewriting certain sections (I want to rewrite chapters 1 and 2 at some point, might make some early efforts to start that), and the like.

Until then, I once again greatly appreciate your patience, and I appreciate everyone that voted and shared their opinions. My tendencies to do whatever other people tell me to do greatly appreciate you.


Hey everyone! Long time no see. I took today off making some changes to Synthetic Wasteland’s chapter 1, and I’m actually happy to say I made a lot of progress!

For one, I finally actually got around to shortening that exposition dump! Cut it down from four pages to one. Can’t believe it took me this long to get around to it.

I also redid the character creation scene a bit. While the text is mostly the same, and from a reader’s perspective it shouldn’t be different at all, there’s a huge dumpster fire of code that was under the hood that I finally got around to cleaning up.

I also added a little bit of exposition on the mission that sends the protagonist to the Bastion, as well as an extra choice to help develop the protagonist’s personality early on.

So, feel free to check it out whenever you have the time! Let me know if the changes are for the better, or for the worse, and if there’s anything else from the earlier chapters you might want me to take a look at redoing while I’ve got the ball rolling.


In chapter 1.

These tunnels, hidden from the sensors and scanners of the machines, quickly became the headquarters for the then-budding Resistance movement.

Remove the hyphen.

I like the changes you made. I like that there’s more explanation about the MC’s mission.


Fixed it.

And I’m glad you liked the changes! I figured explaining the mission early on would be for the best; the more I made my plans, the more I realized it wasn’t really a reveal worth the secrecy it was given at first.


A little bug here :beetle:



I’m not really sure what to say about this one. The line the error is referencing looks fine, and I just ran through it. It seems to work fine.

Can you try it again? If it’s still broken, maybe tell me what choices you made up to that point, though I’m not sure why that would change anything.


These are the sequences of choices that give me the bug:

  • “You’re not my lifelong enemy.”

  • “Why is it good to meet me?”

Also happens when:

  • “You’re not my lifelong enemy.”

  • (Other choices)

  • “Why is it good to meet me?”


Aha! I figured out what was wrong, should be fixed now.


Fixed! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Railroad For tha Win! Death to the Brotherhood! :sweat_smile:

what? just had to get that out of me chest…gonna try the not-fallout-demo now :wink:


Just make sure to bomb the institute before you go.


and steal all their clean furnitures…gotta have those! :sweat_smile:

Update: ok…first…found error : chapterfour_a line 6431: Non-existent command ‘walkerstealth_reveal’

second…This is Good!!!

But where is the promised road…to side with tha machine ?


cough Chapter 7 and onward my dude.

Also, I’m glad you liked what’s there! :smiley:


you mean it isnt written yet ?

So…do we ditch the resistance and go to the machine HQ and wipe the resistance with giant calibrating canon from afar ? :grinning:


No, it’s not written yet. But this story has been in progress for so long I basically have everything planned.

No, but that would be pretty cool, huh?

Trying hard not to say too much, but basically you become a double agent. Sort of.



But giant canon! Massive Pew Pew poweh!!!

oh well…as long as I can screw the resistance…I guess there is that…:smirk:


Well, at least you know which side of the line you’re on. That counts for something. :sweat_smile: