The Synthetic Wasteland (Work Title)(WIP)



Spelling error in chapter 4.

Coupling the vague notes writtin in the margins of the map

Written in

You slowly ease the tribals into the basics, going over a few simple formations and tactics in combar


It only takes a few more moments before you hear the sounds off in the distance, The sounds

Uncapitalise the bolded word.

Without a word spoken or a gesture made, the entire force of machines suddenly stoops


you think you spot one of two of the robots clattering to the ground.


But you’ve made you’re call


“You ready for this?” He asked casually.

Asks, because the rest of the speech on that page is present tense.

Bug, in the choice: “Inspire the tribe and try to bolster their fighting spirit.”
This happened with a disciplined speech, after winning the battle.

It only takes a few moments before everyone peices together the scene.


Under: What kind of speech did you prepare?




I believe I fixed all of these except for the first typo, which I couldn’t find. Do you remember more specifically where it was?


Under: “What kind of speech did you prepare”, and “aggressive”.

expression flickers briefly into something distasteful before returning to his best expression of agressive confidence;


But do not this your attempt to dodge me has gone unnoticed.


The first spelling error is found in chapter 3, in the choices: “Gathering numbers for the Resistance.”, “Studying history, geography, and any other information that could be useful.” After the choice of what to feel about Bailey’s opinion on dealing with the tribes.


I found some typos:

It seems your march is reaching it’s end.

This should be “its”.

It’s given you nowhere to run, showing a rather commendable foresight, if nothing else.

I think you are using this as a contraction of “it has”, but it makes more sense to write it out.


Fixed all of these, thank you both for letting me know about them!


Hello, everyone! I apologize immensely for the extended period of quiet that’s been going on here. My schedule the last few months have been an absolute toss-up, and I haven’t had very much time to get to writing.

But hey, what else is new?

I have made a small update; I’ve actually written out the scenes for the conclusion of the tribe defense, so if you completed the mini-boss fight and got met with the debug “you got the good/average/bad ending” line, there should be an actual scene now.

I also want to say that for the next week or two, I’m going to double down and do everything I can to make sure chapter 4 gets finished. This chapter has been in the final stretch for a while now, and I’ve been working on it for way too long.

I want to thank you all for your patience with this, and I ask that you teach me how you learned it, because I’ve been losing patience with myself at this point. :sweat_smile:

Seriously though, thank you all for your patience and support. It’s greatly appreciated!


You shall never be forgiven. NEVA I TELL YA!
In all seriosness I don’t know why your apologizing.

Yaay update!


Honestly, it’s because every time I leave this thread quiet for too long, I keep getting the mental image of coming back only to find either an angry mob, or everyone asleep from boredom. :laughing:

I don’t know, call it anxiety I guess.


ahh ok well no worries, i mean im sure i can get a bunch of people pitchforks but the angry part hmm…claim your the reason their cellphone prices are so high.
as my high-school teacher once told me “if you get nervous just imagine everyone in the nude you shouldn’t be nervous or embarrassed they should why are they nude in public shame on them. now do you feel better now?”
ok so that teacher was very very eccentric but everyone in his class payed close attention and had high grades.

the point is mmmmm forget bout it we all loves ya



you can’t help but feel a sense of pride yourself after orcastrating such an unprescedented victory.

orchestrating, unprecedented

Jenny pauses, but after a moment, she gathers a small, but intensley warm smile.


Don’t be rediculous. They’re things, not people.



In the option: “Approach the incoming robots and try to talk them down.”

Javier asks, beginning to crack a viscious smile.


“I’ll follow your lead.” She mumbled,



You don’t want a smile to be a thick sticky consistency?


Fixed all of the typos. Thanks for letting me know about them!

Aha! Little do you know, he was a goo monster all along! What a twist!


It all makes sense now!


I was just wondering about this thread and then BAM an update!

Never forgotten. I really think this could be a great published game sometime in the future.


When you wonder about threads magic occurs…wonder about all the threads.


I’m really happy that you think so! I appreciate it a lot! :grinning:

The upside to spending this long working on/thinking about this story is that I already have all of the major parts planned out. All of the important choices, the scenes I definitely want included; I even have all of the endings planned, and what exactly is required to get each ending.

So, everything is prepared mentally. The only obstacle is having the time to actually do it, which, evidently, has been something I don’t have a lot of luck with.


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Terminator salvation the choice script game. Sound bloody awesome.


This is not genderlocked is it and is there romances