The Synthetic Wasteland (Work Title)(WIP)

Hi there! I made this thread to see if I can get an opinion on a hosted game I was planning to work on some time in the future. Frankly, however, I’ve had little motivation to do so; then I got the idea to pitch the concept on the forum, to see if anyone would be interested. If it seems like people are, that would probably give me the kick in the pants I need to start working on it. So, the concept is this:

In a dystopian future where machines have supplanted humankind, you play as an agent of the underground resistance, seeking to tear the current regime down and bring back the life you had heard of only in ancient stories. However, after a failed operation sends you to one of the most notorious prisons in the world, all seems lost…Until the final piece of the puzzle falls right into your lap. Use your wits, combat ability, stealth, charisma, and anything else at your disposal to use this final puzzle piece however you see fit; will you complete your life’s goal and demolish the machines? Will you discover the use of the current world order and dismantle the resistance? Will you find a way to make peace? Or will you abandon it all to strike out on your own?

That, is for you to decide.

Feel free to try it out yourself! Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 are complete!


[Note: This should probably go under the works in progress category.]

This is certainly an interesting concept. I would hope to get some kind of reason as to how and why this machine uprising happened. Are the machines sentient? If so, how did they gain sentience and how/why did that lead to them taking over? Most importantly, what’re their goals? Always make sure to give your antagonist(s) good motivation.

How much character interaction are you planning to have? Is the MC tasked with accomplishing this on their own? And while it’s certainly not a requirement, I’m sure plenty of people will be interested in knowing if there will be any romance options between characters.

The “technology takes over the world” plot has been done quite a lot, but I like your unique take on it. It would make a very interesting choicescript game, IMO.


Sorry, this is my first thread, I had no idea where to put it.

I will say that the machines are at least reaching sentient, if not already there. I have full intentions to flesh them out in the story itself.

The MC will not be alone.

TLDR: Thank you for your feedback!


No worries! I look forward to seeing this fleshed out in a game😄


Ah, and since I forgot to respond to this part;

Yes, there will be. Assuming I can actually write a decent romance, mind you.


@Jacic Thanks for that! :grinning:


The idea sounds good and it would be great if someone made a game to be a ‘’ terminator ‘’ robot :slight_smile:

I regret to announce that I am far too broke to pay for the rights to Terminator.

Or to pay for the Copyright charges. :sweat:


f I forget that these guys are very severe with the Copyright :sweat_smile:

But I settle for a ¨ hasta la vista baby ´´

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Alright, I’ve noticed a pleasantly surprising number of likes on the main post, and the comments I’ve gotten were positive. While I’ll be busy for most of the weekend, by Monday, I’ll start work on the actual game. It’ll probably be slow going (I have almost no experience with Choice Script, beyond a little tinkering, so that doesn’t help much) but my hope is that by the end of next week, I’ll have the first chapter to showcase. Thanks to everyone who left a like and feedback, and I encourage you to keep doing so!


Update: I’m glad to announce that, after a little bit of tinkering and, thankfully, minimal problems, this game already has a functioning stats screen. It might not be the prettiest thing, but I think it’ll suffice.

I’ll start working on the actual story as soon as I’m able!


This seems like an game i would play.

I’m really glad to hear it! I can only hope my writing is up to par. I’d hate to disappoint.

Also, I have a couple pages done; chapter 1 isn’t supposed to be overly long, mostly just a little bit of introduction, some exposition, and basic character generation. So hopefully it won’t take too long! Crosses fingers

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Update: I’m writing this as an early apology, I suppose. Having just finished the exposition in chapter 1, I cringe a little to announce that there are 3 full pages of pure, raw exposition dump before the story actually kicks into gear.

A part of me wants to go ahead and ask you guys: is that too much? Should I try to condense it, or is it not as bad as I think? Please, let me know your thoughts!

Update: I would like to apologize for not meeting the deadline I mentioned earlier in the thread. I wanted to post this to say that, yes, I’m still working on this, and I’m moving along as fast as I may, considering my schedule and inexperience with Choice Script. I’ve also been doing frequent testing to make sure that what I already have is in working order.

Also, I apologize if it seems like I’m spamming the thread with random updates. I’m trying to keep anyone interested in this thread as informed as possible.

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Especially with a first game, there are always unexpected delays. :slight_smile: No worries, people will be here to look at your demo when you have one.


Update: Progress is being made! Yay! I would say that the initial stat-generating scenes are around halfway done, (it doesn’t help that I’m coding it in probably the most inefficient way possible, but hey, progress is progress.)

Since the stat generation will, most likely, be the most code-heavy portion of the entire chapter, once that’s done, progress should be much smoother.

TLDR: Progress! \o/


Hey guys! While I’m not quite done just yet, I’ve made good enough progress that I need to ask about something.

Exactly how does one post their game on the forum? I’ve noticed some people use something called Dropbox (which I’ve never used), or google Drive, etc. Is there a preferred method?

If I could get a recommendation, and maybe a guide on how to use it or something, that’d be great. Thanks!


I think this game sounds great, I’d love to play a story in this genre! :slight_smile: I’m also liking your question because I was also wondering this… Not helpful at all, but at least you’re not the only one who isn’t familiar with the protocol, haha! (And is there a difference between a demo, a WIP, and a beta test…? How does the process go?)