The Passenger’s Guide is Here!

You can vocalize your frustration, just don’t try to force them to do what you want. Roach doesn’t care for controlling behavior. And you’re welcome :grin:

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I loved role-playing as an Newman who hated humanity, was short tempered with Livvy, couldn’t wait to leave this plane of existence. In short not the most joyful person to have around.

But everything changed after Livvy got blinded, and that memory with the carnival scene really cemented that. In the end my Newman mellowed out, and picked to stay on Earth to try to be a better sister to Livvy, partially fron guilt.

I love how a low-humanity is not the enthusiastic about staying but will still give it a try for Roach and Livvy


It’s been a very long time since I’ve read one of these or a book that is so perfectly written that I feel almost like I’m experiencing another life/watching a movie. But I read through this and felt like I was not reading but actually there. It’s especially vivid and realistic. The romance options are excellent. I kind of wish I knew when the romances would lock you to a route, I was heavy romancing everyone as a less humanity being and accidentally locked Roach out by making out with Fiama but otherwise everything was exactly how I figured it should be and the epilogues we’re great.

When do we get The Passenger 2 :stuck_out_tongue: ?


Congratulation on the release, I’ve really, really enjoyed the game!

The only downside is that I was not able to run it on Steam on Linux(!). Is someone else having this issue? If so could you kindly post on this thread? It will help in finding a solution since it seems to be happening only with this title, thank you!

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Ah, yeah, that’d be why. I figured picking the more mature option and just being honest with my feelings was the best choice, but I should have known the mature option is the wrong one with Roach :sweat_smile:

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@Agonyzyr @Graviton thanks for the nice words :grin:

Oh TP is a standalone, but I’m already working on a different project (a trilogy, actually :relieved:) I discussed the new game here and here.

And Graviton I suspect you’ll have more luck emailing :thinking:


Thanks, I’ve already contacted them. They’re trying to see if other people have the same problem with this game, since it seems it’s the only one not working.
So I linked the Linux topic here to give it a bit of spotlight in case someone else had the same issue with The Passenger, hope it’s not a problem!

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Oohh got it. No problem :slightly_smiling_face: hope they fix it soon.

Thank you, this was very helpful!

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Restarted the game 17 times just so i could heal Livvy and romance Roach and the cult leader lady. Was so worth it! Amazing.


What choices are needed to kill roach? I’ve tried what was suggested but maybe I’m misreading it? Should I not flirt with him at all?

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I’m absolutely loving this game so far. I first came across it years ago when it was a measly four chapters and have awaited its release since.

Don’t have much to say so far since I’ve only just gotten to the cult, but here is a meme as a representation of my experience so far


True, but I did all of those things and still didn’t get the chance to do anything.

Having worked in a video store when there were more VHS on the shelves than DVDs, Hellbender’s really clicked with me. And I couldn’t help but get some Family Guy-esque Stewie vibes when I first came to in my “casket” at the beginning. Loved that. I’m going to have to play again to try for a worst possible ending now. Truly a fun and engaging story/game! Have you considered a sequel?


There does not seem to be a more general thread near as my limited faculties can tell. I loved this. I played the WIP a long time ago, and it still surprised me. Roach was my chosen RO and had an amazing arc that actually surprised me. On the road, forever. What could be better? For my character, probably nothing.


It took me a while, but I recently managed to do it. In general, be mean to Roach, reject their ideas, etc. whenever possible. I went to Hellbender’s and went with the “No. Not in a million years” option to reject them harshly. I blew up at them verbally after the gas station attack. I went home instead of staying at their place. In the cave, I paced around outside and left her behind when the rut dweller arrived. In the chapter 5 attack, she automatically left me behind. I chose to run away from Tzr’nekre instead of fighting back. After returning from the rift, I got the option to grab Roach by the neck. The next action had the option to say you can’t trust them. Finally, the action after that gives the option to kill them, because you can’t trust them and won’t let them leave either.

I can’t be certain, since this is the only run I’ve done this thing in, but I think the most important bits were leaving Roach behind in the cave and running away from Tzr’nekre instead of fighting back


In chapter one we have the option to bluff our way out of the cafe and I assumed it took high magnetism to pass that check but I still failed. Is it related to responsive or a mix of those two.
@Sariel_Mai Yes, I forgot about our skillset. So the choices depend on which skills we possess instead of checking our traits. Thanks, I will try that.

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Maybe you need to be a trickster?
It worked for me.


@Setanta209 @shadowcat83 @dillpickle1996 @Dej thanks, gang :grin: I’m glad you enjoyed (are enjoying?) the game.

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You’re completely right.

Also right :relaxed: