The Passenger discussion thread?

Just played this game and really liked it, but dont see any discussion threads about it? Am I missing it or is there not one?


Other than the WIP thread, no. They didn’t do the usual announcement here when the game was released.


Hey @byne i’m planning to create a thread where I will add a guide of sorts soon :grin: so anyone that wants to can leave their thoughts there :wink:

Edit: oh I’m the author btw


I wondered why there was no official announcement thread, too. Well, if there’s going to be a discussion thread soon, I’ll save most of my feedback until then, but I have to say two things here:

  1. I stayed up until 3am last night reading straight through.
  2. I’ve followed the WIP since it first appeared, and have been waiting all that time to find out what the heck Roach’s deal really was. I was not disappointed oh my god the draaama.

Thanks for making this thread! I forgot it came out. I’m gonna play it all day tomorrow after work! :laughing:

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I’m new & not great at navigating these threads, so apologies if you created it & I missed it. Could you please link it if/when you do? I absolutely loved The Passenger! :heart:

It’s right here: The Passenger’s Guide is Here!

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