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You may (not) know me as a big time fan of CoG and forum lurker with ninja likes-giving skills, but I’m honored to announce that my co-author, Tony Smith, and myself have joined the ranks of greatness on Hosted Games with the release of “So, You’re Possessed!”

As our first officially published title anywhere, I would ask you all to be gentle, but everybody here already seems amazingly supportive and, when they do have criticism, positive and constructive. :wink: So, if you have something to share or suspect you found a bug that somehow escaped the thoroughly harrowing beta test period, please respond below.

Honestly, we just really, REALLY hope that you enjoy our game!

It’s here at Hosted Games, and also available on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, and Chrome Store.

Thank you!

*Fixes for the pesky surname name problem and found typos uploaded. Special thanks to those who let me know! :smile:

*Also, NEW achievement guides and walkthroughs posted on the Facebook page, with more to come! If you’re stumped about something, be sure to check there. :wink:

*Added our FIRST SHORT STORY, titled “Downsized!” Find Part One here! And follow it up with Part Two, here!


Ah, glad to see you’ve made a topic! I’ve been meaning to pm you but couldn’t seem to find your username after your post disappeared from the upcoming games :flushed:

The name bug that I’ve got was on the iOS version of the game. After you tell Sid your last name, it replaces your first name on the stats screen and since then, I’ve been introduced to others by my last name and I’d prefer if it didn’t :confused:

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Haha, yeah, my own day job responsibilities put a delay in my posting and response times this morning, ya know how it goes. :wink: Sorry for the confusion!

Not sure what’s up with that, since this problem is the first I’ve heard of it (never came up in any of the testing), so currently seeing what might be done. Definitely not how it is supposed to work! :sweat_smile: Thanks again for letting me know!

Edit: Having some problems with the forums on this computer, as well. Whoops! sigh

Minor suggestion, maybe have the demo last a little longer. I didn’t feel like it was long enough to really ‘hook’ some one, but that may just have been me. So if no one else mentions it then it was probably just me. Either way the writing and story seem solid so far, but due to an odd situation I can’t currently purchase it so all I have to go off of is the demo.

Glad to see some new faces around here.


Played it, LOVED it! Looking forward for more! <3

I wonder if there is any achievements guide? I still can’t get all of them and my, my, there’s a whole lot of hidden achievements! Now, I hate to be a bother but is the sequel on the way? or is it just ‘there will be more but no dates or anything yet’?

Off to replay more, I’ve noticed that arguing with Vex somehow earned me his respect… this ought to be fun.

PS. I’ve encountered the surname problem too. I played on my android. I also noticed that it only happens if you type in your own surname. If you choose from the list it will be fine. If you don’t, tho.The surname looks like it overwrite the first name and Sidney will keep calling you that.

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Awesome! Glad you liked! The next installment is being written as we speak, though you know how it goes…no definite timeline yet. We are planning to release at least one short story through our Facebook page in the meantime. And since we are definitely open to creating an achievement guide, you’d find that there, as well! I’ll be sure to keep this thread updated on those developments.

I’ve submitted the update for the last name issue. It looks like it is only happening with manual entries, not pre-programmed ones, so if you want to replay without that issue while you wait for the fix to upload, I recommend trying that.

And, yeah, there are some sneaky ways to earn Vex’s begrudging respect. :wink: Thank you!!!


Hey, congratulations on your release! I have purchased my copy on Android, left a review, and shared it on Google +. I’m also going to make an announcement about it on the Hosted Games Facebook page shortly. :smile:

I’m only at chapter four, but so far I’m loving it! The writing is amazing, the lore is very interesting, and I really enjoy the characters, especially Sidney and Vex. Not to mention Holden is hilarious. Whatever.

I do have a few critiques, though, but they’re all pretty minor. I’d mention the surname bug, but I’m glad to see that it’s been fixed. Aside from that, I thought I’d point out that it can sometimes get confusing when the dialogue isn’t specified, so we have to infer who said it. (There is a lack of “Sidney says” or “replies Vex” and so on.) I can always understand it after a second, but it can lessen the flow at points.

Probably my biggest nitpick is that I often felt there weren’t enough choices. I generally think 3-4 choices is best, and was a little disappointed when there were only 2 several times. There were also a few typos, but that’s nothing a proofread can’t fix.

Overall, though, I would even venture to say that this story is one of my favorite CoGs so far, and I can’t wait to finish the rest of the book. I’ll be looking forward to the sequels! Once again, great job.


Thank you!!! I appreciate the insight and support! The encouragement of other writers always means a lot.

I also agree that, this being our first CoG type attempt, we waffled between wondering if we were offering too many choices and not enough and may have edited on the side of caution.

I know we’ll be looking it over again if any more bugs pop up and will definitely keep that in mind as we continue to work on the sequel, which we are trying to make longer and more complex. I am, however, chagrined with myself that there are still typos lurking! I thought we went over every inch of text with a fine-tooth comb! :flushed: :joy: Ah, well. The price of self-publishing, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks again!

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I’d agree that it felt a little choice light at times. There were sections were I felt like I was hitting “next” through pages and pages of text.

I liked it overall though, with some nice world building and interesting characters. It might suffer a little from being first in a series as I didn’t feel a satisfying conclusion at the end, just build up for the next installment.

How do you get the option to kiss Sidney when you wake up the next morning?
Can’t seem to get it, no matter what I try.
Thanks in advance guys.

Love the game by the way and as previous comment said, Sidney and vex are definite favourites.

I thought we might get questions about this one, as it’s a specific path to build up just the right amount of points. I will say your choices, from the very beginning and up until that point, have to be very Sidney-centered and pro-social. We may release a walkthrough for that if enough people are still struggling. :relaxed:

Do we get to know who the ROs of the game are? :stuck_out_tongue:

There is, technically, only one “official” romance that you have the option to lock in during the first installment. We definitely wrote some moments that, as long as you don’t mind playing for long-term investments, the player can use to build relationships with others that will carry over into the next game, if that makes sense… :kissing_heart:

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Thank you, that’s a fair statement and I appreciate the feedback. FYI, starting in a few weeks, we will occasionally be releasing short stories and other stuff through our FB page about some of the events and characters that the MC obviously wouldn’t have been privy to before the next game is submitted, if you’re interested. Maybe flesh out more of those moments for you or make the immersion in the world more satisfying?

Well, patience is a virtue :wink: I’m so glad I took the plunge with this game! I was a little skeptical at first, probably due to where the demo ended since I couldn’t get a clear grasp of where the game was going, but now I’m skeptical no more! I can’t wait for the next installment! Thank you.

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Argh can’t seem to get the right amount, how frustrating…
I will keep trying or otherwise hope for a walkthrough…soon? :smile:

Haha, don’t know if you’ll believe me, but after your post, it actually got my interest and since we’re having a lazy Saturday morning here, I’ve been working on it for about 20 minutes now. :joy: Before I publish it, however, I will also be running through the game again to make sure there isn’t a bug or miscalculation in the code somewhere that is making it impossible first, so not sure how long that will take.

UPDATE: Posted the Kiss strategy guide to FB! I also double checked the code and there doesn’t appear to be any issues, so please let me know if for some reason this doesn’t work for you, because it should. Hope that helps!

I can’t play this game right now :disappointed_relieved: But, i truly can become a villain in this series? Is a reference in the stats about evil overlord. I want to know if i can become one!

Short answer: pretty much, yeah. It’s a slow build, though. I don’t want to spoil anything, but in the first game, there are all kinds of hints and twists about your…shall we say, potential. Especially if you make quick to anger choices and judgement calls that isolate you from friends. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ideally, in the final installment (which we are still figuring out if we have a two-parter or–more likely–a full trilogy on our hands, so bear with us), we want to be able to make a variety of diverse endings, and one where you lose yourself to the dark side is one we are excited to try to offer. :smiling_imp:


Well…:smirk: you’re welcome people…

Really though, that’s awesome :smile:
Can’t wait but take your time.

And thanks a lot for it.

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