New Hosted Game: By Crom

Hey all! Since ‘By Crom’ has just been released Ive put this up for any thoughts, questions and comments!
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Ima be honest with you, I mean you no disrespect, or any ill will, but i think HG did you dirty by releasing your game alongside TGR

Edit: Im not saying your game is bad or anything, i havent read it so i cant comment on that, but the fact that they released it alongside a game that has been completely surrounded by hype for a couple of months (to me at least) makes it look like your game is being overshadowed.


@Sneeky Agreed, I will be honest i had no interest for Golden Rose and By Croum but it’s kinda obvious that the former was pretty much hyped up like hell (just see how much comments each release thread has and you can already notice a major diference, hell even the Reddit forums were hyped up and we just tend to talk about Wayheaven or Romance Options lol)

Why couldn’t they have released each game in differnt time spans? By Croum should have frankly been released earlier than Golden Rose or at least have a 2 weeks time difference since it’s pretty clear that Golden Rose will be the main source of discussion for awhile, it really feels like they screwed up with the release date even though COG supposedly tries to release their games in a marketable date.


I can’t buy it in steam, the steam link from the game in the cog website only open the steam app, and when i searched the name of your game in steam, it doesn’t exist.

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I’m not sure it’s being released on steam, but you can go through the hosted games app on app store or directly on playstore.

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I’m finding it quite interesting and it is very descriptive to the point that I feel like I’m really there. However there are some typos that I have noticed, for example my character feels Domnall’s fingers tapping against my back when it should of been Diarmuids.

As I’m continuing to read there are more typos such has “his” when it should of been “hers” and “she” when it should of been “he”.

The story is really good but the typos are starting to be a distraction.

I don’t want to attach screenshots just yet because they might contain spoilers, so is there a way I can hide the screenshots behind spoilers or should I contact and send the screen shots of the typos to?


It definitely wasn’t released on Steam.


I’m really glad you like the game and thanks a lot for the help, I’ll get on those issues asap. I’ll dm you my email if you have any screenshots of issues.
Thanks again,


It’s also possible to send screenshots by DM. I’ve done that before when I found similar issues in a game.

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congrats on the release, I can’t wait to read it on steam :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on the release! I just bought a copy and can’t wait to dive in. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres.

Just as a side note, maybe it’d be a good idea to put a link to your game in the original post :yum:



The beginning of By Crom caught me straight away, the lamb story was touching and made me connect with my character immediately. There are a few really interesting elements to your story, I loved Conan as a character, and appreciated the representation of Neurodiversity (intended or not). Of course I like the trans inclusion, I’d have liked to see a non-binary option too but alas. I also enjoyed the political dynamics within the work and Crom’s rash is such an interesting storyline which I feel draws me in as a reader, I liked the way you gave it origins and went into details about the disease, it definitely built the surroundings and I think world-building is a phenomenal talent of yours quite clearly.

There are a few things that felt misplaced in the work, though. Midway through, the characters Ultan and Oscar get mixed up during the hunting incident, and I personally really did not like that you had no other option but to coverup for Oscar, as when you chose to expose him, you are killed yourself. Would it not be better for Oscar to survive the torture he endures as a result of his crime but hate you in return? This would gain more points when meeting Medb later on in the narrative.

The scene with the ships and subsequent fights were ok but felt ultimately rushed. This was true too for the love interests, I am intrigued by the RO’s, but found their paths were identical no matter the person you chose, I chose both Diamuid and Caelen and the scenes between them felt no different romance wise. Given that one of the options is to find true love, it’d be nice to get more of a feel for that in the narrative. I also really wanted romance Conchobar but that’s just a bonus personal point haha.

Overall, your writing style is frankly exquisite, I enjoy your detail and it really brings life into your work. I think if By Crom had been given a bit more time to be edited and looked at, it could of been a very very good book. This is my main criticism because your characters have so much potential but they need to fleshed out more alongside your story. Amazing work, just needed more consideration and finessing.


I have given up on what to text about this game but all I can say Irish mythology is strange and this game is no different from the other hosted game the brother’s war, the game had potential but there were some confusion in the story and beside the confusion they were somethings that keep pissing me off

1) The author killed two characters that we had more connection with, the chieftain’s niece or nephew depending on our gender and was a way better RO if they were given the chance but Unfortunately Oscar accidentally killed them and if that is not worst, we are forced to witness our older brother killed by the very person we brought on the ship we so desire to romance or considered a comrade in arms and no matter how the MC goes about it they obviously loved they brother and not even the ruthlessness stat can stop the tears flowing
2) When given the option to accept a bribe for our silence concerning the death of the Chieftain’s relative, my mind is still confused and messed up on how our MC knew Oscar have cattles, and a bull that Oscar simply cannot trade with, we have not spent time with this man and all suddenly we knew he have this livestocks in his possession
3) So let me get this straight the MC is killed for telling the truth on a captain that nobody have respect for by a unknown being which is obviously Crom because I can see no other person in the army willing to stand up for Oscar and so Crom basically said we didn’t do right by Oscar, what kind of shit is Crom killing the MC for, just because they said the truth to avoid a lie which will lead to a war with Medb’s people and this is not the only time our MC died by Crom hands, on a island which is where Medb is located and also where our MC were forced to accompany the chieftain’s brother because of the lie that is told by us which frames Medb as the person that killed the Chieftain’s niece or nephew, during this part of the story our MC escaped and either killed Medb or Muchad or refused to do it but just as the MC and they companion arrived at the gate we were given a option to help our companion which will lead our army invading Medb’s people and if we do it Crom will casually walk up to us and decide to take our life with little effort
4) I am very confused why is it only our MC that is punished by the god Crom, Crom did not attacked Medb who basically burnt a holy forest to the ground but he can take his time with us to kill us for telling the truth, so far the only good thing that comes with Crom is if we save Medb’s people by agreeing to come back to life and forever denying the MC afterlife, we get the chance to join the Fianna knights which still does not make sense and also the option to romance the RO we decided to bring along with us on the ship if the MC does not kill Medb or her son Muchad
So far the game has good replayability if you are looking for a better ending or just want to finish it to the end, the game is ok but it was just mostly the errors in the text and choices that made part of the confusion in the story while the other part is just the story itself but at the end it was nice I only just wish some part of the story were not rushed especially the romance which even the MC confessed they did not knew the ROs that much


I didn’t mean to delete this? Not sure what you wrote but feel free to repost.

Wow, Thanks so much for the feedback, I’m delighted you enjoyed it! You have some really good ideas on what could have been added or improved, and honestly I can’t believe I didn’t think of making Conchobar an RO. Now that would have been an interesting dynamic.
I really appreciate it,


Thanks for the clearly well thought out analysis, it means a lot. I hear you with the involvement of Crom in the story, mythology and deities aren’t for everyone and even so one can have too much of a good thing. I tried not to give the gods too much sway in the storyline, it was an interesting balancing act.


By the way the assassin who kills you for not “doing right by Oscar” was not intended to appear as Crom, I imagined it more as a friend of Oscar( though he wasn’t particularly popular) or someone paid perhaps by Oscar.

Thanks again, you make some very good points that I’ll try to take on board for future projects.
All the best,


The story was still nice and enjoyable which have that special touch to it that make the readers emotional, even if I don’t understand Irish mythology that much, I will gladly play by Crom again, but I still have one question how did Conan ended up with Medb’s people that one is still the only mystery in the game that I can’t solve @Fionn


I enjoyed the story however I agree with the feedback given by the others.

The strongest part of the story was how descriptive you were. I also enjoyed the lore.

You are a very talented writer and have a way with pulling the reader in and making them feel like they are really there. And I know your stories are going to keep getting better.

I look forward to reading more of your stories.


Thanks so much for your kind words,
I’ll do my best😊

I’m rather enjoying the story itself, but I am disappointed by the lack of polish. Your descriptions are fantastic however I am struggling to read it. Large paragraphs that don’t change with different speakers make it confusing, and often I find " missing in places where the narrative returns. I usually don’t mind a typo or two but more than once my female PC has been referred to as male. There was a section with Oscar telling a story where the sentence cut off abruptly and Diarmund started talking.

I think there’s a lot of great potential, but the grammatical issues are making it difficult to read.