Submission of games


Sorry but I have to ask this. What’s the general procedure of game submission like? I’ve submitted my game nine days ago but I haven’t gotten any word about my submission yet so I’m just sitting here wringing my hands impotently and the worrying is driving me nuts. Should I just assume the worst at this point?


Usually the process is just very slow. Although, I admit, there have been complications with my two HGs, Trial of the Demon Hunter took 5 months to get published and Captive of Fortune will have taken a year or more by the time it’s finally released. Inquiries may be answered in days, or not at all. They’re just very busy, I’m assuming. Don’t worry, though. A HG hasn’t been rejected yet, so I’m certain yours will get be accepted and put in queue soon.


A year? Does it really take that long for a release? dang


I think Sam’s experience was unique because of the music files (he can correct me if I’m wrong).

I submitted my files in September and anticipate a December release. I think a lot depends on CoG’s workload at a given time and their schedule of official games. I’m not sure anyone, even the CoG folks, could say what a standard wait time should be.

@Grapefruit, did you send in everything listed on the HG Requirements sheet? If so, I’d just follow up maybe after Thanksgiving to see if they need anything else from you. Jason is very responsive, especially if you keep your messages short and to the point. (I’ve learned to try to do that)


Yeah, @HornHeadFan has it pretty much covered. It took so long for both of my titles because of the music and then the IAP for CoF, but it’s still agonizing.

I think, in general, it takes about 3 months to get published, though it may vary between titles, but CoGs definitely get priority over HGs.


@HornHeadFan Let’s see…I’ve sent the cover art pictures and the mygame folder. There’s no music files or other images inside the game. Is there anything else that I’m missing?


Yeah there’s more stuff. Do you have the list for Hosted Games Requirements? If you want to send me your email via PM, I can try to find it real quick.


@Grapefruit I submitted mine a month ago. I think they’re just busy at the moment. I wouldn’t assume the worst yet.


December does indeed appear to their busiest month by far…

In 2014, they released 24 game, with 7 (29%) being December releases.
In 2015, they are scheduled to release 31 games, with 6 (19%) being December releases.

I’d be patient (trust me, I know it’s difficult) and maybe follow up after New Years if you haven’t heard anything by then.