How often do new Hosted Games come out?

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So, I’ve played pretty much all the ones that interest me and ran out a couple weeks ago. Since then, I haven’t seen any new hosted games come out. Am I just not seeing them, or are new ones really that rare?

There about 40 of them over 5 years of CoG being around, but they seem to be coming out more frequently as time goes by and the company grows. As of now, I’d guess we’ll have at least the equivalent of one per month. There are a few HGs very close to being published soon, one of them being my own.

I’ve been having the opposite experience.

I’m trying to get my WiP finished and I keep telling myself, “When I get this done, I’ll be able to catch up with all the Hosted Games and Choice of Games I’ve been missing!”


Seriously, it’s a good thing obviously for the company but my goodness it’s hard to keep track. I’ll bet there are up to 25-30 releases for HG/CoG in 2015 based on the release schedule and the large number of WiPs that appear to be grinding to conclusion.


There is no real relase schedule for either hosted or official games. They tend to be published when they are done/submitted. It’s been picking up a lot lately but there is no time frame for new games.

The best we have is the upcoming 2015 thread which has estimates and nothing official on it.


If you want more Hosted Games play the betas on the forums, offer your support and encouragement. :slight_smile: The WIP on the forums become the future Hosted Games.

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Looking at how the publishing lists have gone over the last couple of years, it does seem that it’s less about the company timing the release and more about when Apple and the lot give the okay and get them on the stores. So basically what WinterHawk stated above.

Sometimes there’s no HG for two months, then suddenly three release at the same time, two because they just got finished and were quick to get to the storefront, one because it was delayed for six months in the abyssal inferno of Apple. That’s what I gather from the bits of information floating around, anyways. But the start of the year seems pretty HG-filled and exciting, [insert shamelss self-promotion here]