Question about publish/response times

Hey all!

I submitted my HG about two months ago and haven’t heard anything back. Sent an email to make sure the first email didn’t get chewed up by the junk folder, and didn’t get a response to that either.

Did anyone get any kind of email saying your game was placed in the queue? Or if you heard back on a submitted game, how long did that take?

Thanks! Just making sure my email isn’t sitting in limbo somewhere :wink:


I submitted mine a while ago (probably even before you did by the sound of it). Initially, I got no response, but I did get a response when I wrote in some weeks later to check they’d got the files. I think they’re just super overwhelmed with submissions right now.


Yeah, just be patient. One of mine got an initial response relatively quickly, another took I think about 9 months to be published as they were busy. (I did hear they had it well before that though). All depends. I haven’t submitted anything since they changed the system over from the form submission though, so if any authors have put anything in more recently (or there are staff around) they might be able to shed more light.


I have submitted mine around a month ago or so, and I’ve received a confirmation about it not long after. This is my first submission since the submission system change mentioned by @Jacic has occurred, but I’m sure their workload has increased a lot since then, so I think it’s safe to say they are working through lots of submissions.

Because you’ve written a follow-up email since, maybe get in touch with a staff member on here to make sure your e-mail isn’t sent to junk.


Howdy there!

I try my best to reply to all of our submissions as soon as I receive them, so if you have not heard from me my recommendation is to in the same email thread email me again, so effectively reply to your own email but address it to me.

Publication times can vary greatly because some games need a lot of review, and some need less, and moreover our queue is quite long right now. I cannot give firm estimates on release dates at submission, but I do try my best to get the initial reply in quickly to start the whole process. :slight_smile:


Tracking this because I will submit soon :eyes:


Thanks so much! I just replied and added your name in the subject line. If it doesn’t show up for whatever reason, I can send it again :slight_smile:

And thank you for letting me know! I figured everything was busy, but I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t messed something up on my end.

As for everyone else in the thread - @Myst, @Jacic, @Schliemannsghost, thank you all as well! Best of luck in the HG publishing process :slight_smile: