I sent an email to Hosted Games instead of Heart's Choice

Hello everyone, I am a creative writer with five years of experience in writing and ghostwriting stories, scripts, and novels. I am interested in working for Heart’s Choice, but I am facing a problem. I accidentally sent the email to hosted games instead, and now they are saying I can’t apply for Heart’s Choice games until after 12 months. Is there any way I can make them consider my application?

I feel confident that there is more to this story. I assume you wrote to support AT choiceofgames DOT com to inquire further?

I suppose it may be possible that when you submitted to the Hosted publication queue, there may be some automatic thing that makes you unable to submit elsewhere? However, if you write to the support email above, a simple mistake can be fixed; and if there is more to the story such that they believe a year wait would be appropriate, then I don’t think there’s anything we can do here on the forum to help.

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If it’s a simple misunderstanding, I’d also suggest writing to submissions AT choiceofgames DOT com if you haven’t already as that’s where you’d send your CV and cover letter. Folks on the forum aren’t going to have much insight beyond “contact the publishers”.


Ok thanks for answering my question it really means alot.

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