Considering starting a game, need advice

It’s pretty simple really. I’m already a writer, it’s what I do for my job, and I have a self-published book with another on the way once it’s been edited. I’ve played several games on both labels and I’m wondering what you, the community, would recommend: waiting to see if I get lucky and chosen to write for the Choice of label, or go the Hosted Games route?

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I’d suggest trying Hosted Games, first. Fewer restrictions and guidelines. You’ll get to make the game you want.

Basically, you’ll have more freedom. It would therefore be easier for a new author like you and allow you to experiment a little. Plus, its less pressure on you, too.


Doesn’t hurt to send in your CV and blurb to be considered for the CoG label, though. It doesn’t take long. You’ll need to write a detailed outline, but you’d probably want to do that anyhow.


I did send my CV in the other day with a bit of intro info. It has links to published articles and my books as well as my portfolio. Do they take long to get back to people regardless of if you’re being picked or not?

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That’s what I was thinking. I get to go at my own pace too.

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@assassinslover Precisely. Good luck to you. May you craft a rich tale full of…whatever you want. :laughing:

When I wrote my email expressing interest, I heard back within the day.

How prompt. I only emailed yesterday evening and it’s 2 30PM here now. I’ll keep an eye on my email then. :slight_smile:

(looks around for a link to that self-published book…)
(waits to see if one magically appears…)

As we’ve grown as a company we’ve constantly streamlined our process, so some of our authors have had a different experience than our current process.

Currently we now take a little longer, but still usually take less than a week to get back to author CVs.

As for the original question: Pros to writing for CoG as opposed to HG include editorial support, copy editing, art, and of course an advance on royalties, in addition to the general bits of support that comes along with writing for our main brand, so I’d generally recommend taking the week out to gather thoughts and ideas rather than starting an HG.


Haha, here you are friend

Thank you. I have an idea rolling around in my brain but I’m learning how to use the software at the moment so I’m going to be thinking whether I want to or not, and knowing I’ll get a reply within a decent time will stay my hand. :slight_smile: And let me expand on my idea some.