What is the time frame around publishing a Hosted Game?

Hellooo, I’ve got a question. Wasn’t sure whether to post this in Hosted Games or here, but, here it is.

What would the time frame be with publishing a Hosted Game? I’ve looked at the post where I assume a staff type person requested on behalf of CoG that people notify them of their intended works, as they’re busy, but did not see anything there to answer my cries. At least, that was my impression of the topic.

I apologize if this is addressed elsewhere, and I’m missing something blatant, but my question is, in other words: How long would it take to get a game published under the Hosted Games label? (e.g. A month after submission, a week, etc.) For example, if I had a magically finished game, then sent that over as per the directions, with cover art, and all that, what would the process be around that? Would there be back and forth between the author and the company? I’m sorry if the question is confusing, and I can try and clarify if that’s helpful.

Also, minor other question. Does anyone have an idea of what percentage of games sent in get published? The requirements seem relatively lax, don’t be obscene, written in English, that sort of stuff, but I was just wondering.

Thank you.

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If you finish everything and send it too them, it should take about a month for it to be put up for sale. That said though, you should notify the staff after you’ve finished your first draft, as well as send them a date for when you think the game should be released, then they can put it in their schedule in advance.