New Hosted Game! "By Crom" by Fionn Graham

The drums beat, horns blow. It is time for you to dance a warrior’s dance. You were born in poverty and raised by ambition. Now is your chance to write your own legend, will it be a tragedy or a triumph?

It’s 33% off until June 9th!

Travel across oceans and through burning forests. Camp under the stars and find love. Be immersed in a land embellished in religion and customs, but scarred with fire and fury.

Be a scout, an assassin and a warrior. Through wit and muscle become a hero. Debate with chieftains, duel with champions and watch as the gods make their judgment on your people.

By Crom is a 75,000 word historical-fantasy interactive fiction by Fionn Graham, where your choices control the story. It is text based-without graphics or sound effects-and fueled by the vast unstoppable power of your imagination.

• Play as male or female; trans or cis; bi, straight, gay or asexual.
• Find romance with a combat trainer, an advisor and a member of clan royalty.
• Discover betrayals and affairs, find lost family members.
• Devise battle plans, take part in prison escapes, battle storms on the high seas and ride like the wind through forest and hills.
• Accept bribes and be part of deadly conspiracies, assassinations and coverups.
• Be a hero of innocents, or laugh as the world around you burns.


Two releases in ine day!!


Wow I need to checkout!


Just bought it! Now I’m tempted to throw together a playlist of Celtic instrumental music to play it by …


Please do🥳
Hope you enjoy!


Wow, this sounds fascinating! Will save up!


Congratulations on the release @Fionn :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: tbh I already finished reading this…


Thanks, hope you enjoyed!


I’ll close this thread and point everyone to the new thread created by the author for discussion: New Hosted Game: By Crom

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