Heroes Guard launches and is in the top 100!


Super excited to share that Heroes Guard: The Journal, a gamebook I’ve been working on for nearly 2 years, is now available in the app stores!

What makes it even more exciting? Folks seem to be enjoying it as it is currently

  • #21 in Top New Paid Games on Google Play and
  • #120 on Top Paid RPGs for the US App store
  • #108 on Top Paid Strategy games for the US App store

I think folks really like the idea of mixing interactive fiction with a card game! :slight_smile:


I remember seeing this during testing and enjoying it! I’m glad I can finally buy it in support.



I am hoping it only gets better from here. By the way, I noticed something that I feel I should bring to your attention. May I PM you?


Absolutely! You can PM me through the site or email me directly through support@underbytestudios.com whichever you prefer.

There is also a feedback button in the apps menu :slight_smile:


how long is the game? in your opinion. I finish most choice games in a few hours


So the game is designed for replayability and not for a single long session. Some folks on Touch Arcade mentioned that one run-through takes about an hour… it all depends on how quickly you read and strategize (the card game for instance). I would say 40 minutes is probably a good average to go by.

The idea is that you’ll want to replay to try new strategies, experience new content, and attempt to get a better score. Ultimately giving hours of replay with the pre-existing content.

I’m currently working with 2 additional writers now to help with post-release content that will be free. Again, this content will not lengthen a single play session - but provide more replayability.

Although I do have plans for several game modes - one of which will lengthen it a bit, but that’s several months away from release.

All this content and additional modes are planned free updates by the way!


Oh okay, interesting. I like it better than the lack of different endings in most choice games.


I choose Nature Magic, but when I touch the medallion, it says Ice Magic.


Thanks @Urban! I’ve added that to be included in the first patch! Are you enjoying the game OK? Any suggestions for future stories and foes? :slight_smile:


The Difficult spike make it hard to win the battles, couldn’t defeat the spider even when I won 2 rolls (I think if you win the roll, the enemy card shouldn’t trigger too).
I raised my Int at the beginning and now have to count on rng when I use the other attributes and I’m always loosing now.


Ouch! The spider can be a pain. Each opponent you go up against has a 5 card deck. There is 1 nasty card in each deck - you may also be getting unlucky that 1 of the 3 cards that the spider plays just so happens to be his more powerful card.

I’ll keep watching analytics and adjust the difficulty for some of the encounters! Perhaps when I add “advanced” difficulty option, I’ll also make the base difficulty a little easier.

Also, I may lower the replay cost from 100g to 50g or even 25g to help with any bogus dice rolls or card draws!