New Hosted Game: By Crom

I haven’t played the full-released game yet but I did play the WIP and I have to be honest while I do like the game and did play the WIP a lot I’m shocked to see it released as it didn’t don’t feel that polish and finalized.

Now with that said I am still going to buy it when I can because I did like the WIP and I want to support the game’s author in some way and maybe the full-released game feels different.

Is there any way to prevent the split between your chieftain and his ally in the beginning and any way to save the daughter of the chieftain? I really hope so, because if not, it seems that your MC has got to go along with others’ stupid and/or selfish decisions and be willing to betray people that they care about in order to survive. If there’s any way to do those things I’d like to do, it would also be good to know at least one of the ways to do so, because I’m honestly quite stumped when it comes to finding ways of fixing those things…