A new game by Hosted Games out: Dancing with Demons

I am proud to announce that Dancing with Demons is out :). I would appreciate any feedback. Here is the link to the demo (and there you can find links to the various platforms there): https://www.choiceofgames.com/user-contributed/dancing-with-demons/#utm_medium=web&utm_source=ourgames

This is my first game fully distributed by Hosted Games, since I used another developer for the Android versions of The Path of Light vol. 1 and vol 2.

I would like to use the opportunity to say that The Path of Light vol. 2 is available as an in-app purchase within the original game (for iOs).

On another note, the creature on the picture is my very own dog. You can find a slightly more hellish version inside :).

Have fun!


Congratulations on your games release! Just bought+downloaded it and can’t wait to start my journey. :blush:
(Been watching the store all week for this game to be released, because I love anything having to do with succubuses or incubuses.)

Hello! I wanted to ask if Lauren is the only love interest in this story and also I was wondering if there are alternate ways to not get killed or taken over by the mother succubus after little trip with the priestess as a dark aligned character?

Thank you, @xNaomi, I hope you enjoy it!

@Infel, there are four romance choices - Lauren, Sister Mercy, the Goatfather and Razor. Each of them requires you to be in a particular position on the Light / Darkness or Protection / Retribution scale and not to have achieved any other romances. There is also another one, but it is just a casual carnal experience :).

The battle with the mother demon is a bit complicated, but it is possible to defeat her. One key to success is having 3 points in multiple stats, not agreeing to bind your soul to her, assembling the dagger, having a high clues score and a bit of health left.

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I haven’t read far, just thought you might want to know though. I think there’s a few bugs where you go see the goatfather. First he calls me son (when I’m female) secondly you tell him youve already gone to have your wounds healed when you go directly to him and then he tells you to rest and heal. Will give more feedback on the story itself when I’ve read further :smile:

Found a typo.

It should be our and I think it would be better to go with energy instead of energies.

Not sure if there’s some coding issues? It jumps a bit in places which has been making me confused and I’m having trouble following the story, unless I’m just missing something. On place in particular, you go to a parallel universe and are outside the church with the reptile thing, then all of a sudden you inside the church and the exact sequence of events happens over again as if you’d made a different choice somewhere, then you’re back on your universe and Lauren is behaving like she wasn’t there even though she was with you a few seconds ago?

Well I bought this and played it 3 times, I just want to say I liked path of light, but this? Well… let’s just say it is not finished. I killed the demon mother at the end but got no epilog or anything. I mean I can’t understand did I finish the story or what. Well good thing it costs $1.


@Mayday Congrats for the release! ^^ I really enjoyed Dancing With Demons, i got all The RO achivments but Razor, i just Cant seem to get it! If its fine with you could you pm me on how too RO him. By the way the Godfather as a RO cracked me up :smiley: i couldent stop laughing. Just great work, pity it wasent longer.

I’ve played about 2 times and I’ve spotted quite a few typos. Would you like me to screenshot them as send them to you?

I didn’t get to finish the game yet because I kept getting cut short. It would’ve been nice if you implemented checkpoints instead of needing to replay the whole game over again. Would also be nice if you were asked to confirm your choice with Kayla because after choosing to save her life I wanted to go back on my choice but couldn’t and the game was cut short again. :confused:

Update: Played it a couple more times and ended up getting cut short again without reaching the full ending. Even though this isn’t the longest game out there or anything, I doubt I’m gonna be spam clicking through the game again to get to the proper ending. Think I’m just gonna wait for someone to put up some spoilers on here.

Congratulations, Ivailo! I’ve bought my copy on Android, left a review, and shared it on Google +. I will also make an announcement about this on the HG FB page shortly.

Needs work. I found a lot of mistakes, and some things were broken. It needs to be bug tested, fixed up and extended a bit. But good so far. :slight_smile:

I just realised, I think this is a continuation of your first book? (Which I haven’t managed to read yet). If that’s the case, maybe put a big “Book 2, read book 1 first” or something similar in the description? Either that or have a glossary or similar with stuff I need to know (Like you’ve done with the “do you want more info on…” sections, they’re good.) Again, it might just help stop negative reviews from popping up. I just ran into Razor in the lab who seems to know me even though I don’t know him and wanted me to take a handle? Sorry just from either the story track I’ve taken or maybe it’s from not reading the first book there’s things here which are confusing to me.

I was also a little concerned about the sudden switch in track where one minute you’ve just killed off Merci’s mutilated sister. Then the next minute Merci is discussing how sexy she think your sister is and whether you think it’s a problem she’s going out with another woman. It makes it a bit hard to feel much for her, as you start to wonder what her deal is that one minute she’s beside herself with grief, and the next thinking about discussing the appearance and social life of the sister of the person responsible for killing her own sister (even though it was done as a mercy killing). Personally I’d be feeling too traumatized for that. Maybe there’s a way to organise the choices so you have to find your sister first then find Merci’s sister second to try and make it less jarring? There’s some typos I’ve run into but haven’t been keeping track of those at the moment.

It’s a shame because the story itself sounds quite interesting, and playing a conflicted character like that could really get you into some great story lines. I really wanted to like it, but to be honest I haven’t bought more than the demo though since I’ve been finding it hard to follow in places. I really want this to do well, which is why I’m leaving the feedback, please don’t take it he wrong way. With a few typo/coding clean ups and maybe an extra explanation or two (or just tell me to read your first book if that’s the case- It seems to be sold under a different company on android? Had to go looking for it) I think it could be an excellent book.

I won’t leave any further feedback unless it’s asked for. (By the way, I haven’t left any negative reviews on the purchasing platforms and am not going to either, this is the only place I’ve left this feedback).


Sorry for the late reply, guys, but I’ve been away for the weekend. Thank you for taking the time to comment on Dancing with demons.

This weekend, I plan to prepare a major update, so I would appreciate pinpointing any bugs you encounter (and big thanks to those who already did so).

@Jacic: There is a bug that appears if you choose to visit the Goatfather first. However, the scene in the invasion you mention is (supposed to be) ok. In the parallel world, you get a vision of what would happen to Lauren in the cathedral. You stop her from doing so and that changes her version in your world. Sorry if that is not well explained :(.

Dancing with Demons is not a continuation of another story, even though you may find some similarities with Dating a Witch.

I believe you meet the imp master Razor during the invasion, which comes before the lab. I should check if he was referred to as Razor when you first meet him.

It hasn’t occurred to me that the sudden change of emotions of Sister Mercy would be that awkward. Thanks for pointing that out.

I would appreciate any other feedback since I really must make this game working as intended.
@Lamia: Thank you!

@jcury: I am glad that you liked The Path of Light. I will add some more meat to the epilogue this weekend.

@GloriaRose: Thank you very much for the kind words. It is readers like you who make me continue writing interactive fiction. Unfortunately, Razor seems unable to be romanced because of a bug. After next update, he will be under the following conditions (both should be met):

  1. Protection < 50
  2. Another romance achieved (including the mother from the invasion)

@orkwut: I would appreciate any way of showing me typos. Screenshots or copy-paste of line would be ok. I considered the adventure too short to require a save and I regret that you don’t agree.

@Samuel_H_Young: Thank you. I still haven’t seen your review (maybe I should wait a little while). It is nice to receive support from the one who brought me here :).

@Zakkarian: I agree and I hope it will be much better after the update. I think I came up with interesting characters (like Lima and Shikishi) but the bugs and typos may prevent you from enjoying them.


Dancing with the Demons was really good! I hope that you write more stories however I wish that they would be a bit longer. Overall I loved it and great job :grinning:

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For some reason I’ve tried to seduce all of the other characters aside from Lauren (while not being attached to anyone else) and though I managed to get my character to do the do with Razor in the lab, I don’t know if that’s considered an actual romance because for some reason none of the achievements are activating in the iOS version.

Would you be comfortable giving hints for romancing each characters? As well as how to assemble the dagger? Because I also managed to have all the other conditions except that and the battle still went awry haha…I apologize for asking all these help.

@Infel: Thanks for reporting broken achievement in the iOs version. In the Android one they are working but the number of points they award is bugged.

Yes, I would be comfortable giving the exact requirements for each romance but I need to be able to concentrate a little better so that I don’t give you wrong information.

Yeah, you seem to be able to romance Razor even now if protection is less that 50 and you’ve seduced the pretty mom.

Is the part where u save the clone of sister mercy that is ripped in half an actual ending or what? Because it seemed pretty short

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@SheaMcD: Yes, it is a sad end, as the achievement implies. It is a cliffhanger, but I guessed the name of the achievement would suggest that.

Hm, maybe it is a bad idea to use such endings :frowning:

Mm question how exactly do you romance mother I’ve tried a lot of options but no dice XD. Also I want to say what I have read so far from a dance with demons I’ve liked a lot keep up the good work and the updates ^^