A new game by Hosted Games out: Dancing with Demons

I think the word choice in this game tends to be a little awkward, if that makes some sense? The lack of use of contractions doesn’t really seem to fit the atmosphere of the game and makes dialogue seems a bit stuttery. I’ve also noticed places where you don’t start a new paragraph for a new character’s dialogue and that makes me have to keep going back and rereading to understand who’s saying what. I really like the premise though, and it seems really fleshed out.

i got an ending with i kill the demoness with a gun and then go to sleep, she says " thanks for free me" and then i wake up and the game ends… ¿?
is this game finished at all , theres seems to be a lot endings with makes no sense if there is no going to be part2…like the one where you save the sister of S. Mercy…

@TheDarkCynder: I am not a native English speaker and this is why at some places I am bound to fail at choosing the best wording.

Yet, as you noticed, paragraphing is probably the biggest problem right now and it is related to coding. The update I’ve almost prepared aims at solving most (if not all) of those issues.

@anon4518890: You got to the happy end. I will write a more meaningful epilogue for the update. I may even post it here as soon as it is ready :).

Right now, I don’t plan a sequel. I guess I know how you feel about Kyla. It is bad when the writer ‘kills’ a character you like.

@Kungfuboom and @Infel:

Here is a short guideline to achieving the romances:

  • The Goatfather: Protection>55 + Humanity>1 (you gain or lose humanity based on the conversation with the final boss before the battle).

  • Lauren: You need to change her back to her non-vampiric form and generally be nice to her. She is my most favourite romance since that character is more or less based on my wife :slight_smile:

  • Sister Mercy: You need Light>57 and not to have romanced or confessed feelings to Lauren.

  • The mother you meet during the invasion: You need to turn her into a demon and heal her; go to her room; tell her imps will not hurt her daughter so that she leaves the room; seduce her.

  • Razor: You need Protection<50 and to have seduced the mother (he is a perverted type and knowing that you were able to think about making out with somebody you’ve just met in the middle of an apocalyptic invasion seems to turn him on).


Hey, Ivailo. I’ve played through some of DWD and I have some suggestions for you.

1.) You might consider going through and weeding out badly-paragraphed sections because the dialogue is often all lumped together in one stanza, making it difficult to tell who’s doing the talking.
2.) While going through the story, I was often confused about what was going on and why. I feel like the pacing and flow could be better.
3.) Your writing is really good. There are quite a few typos, though, but I know English isn’t your native language so it’s to be expected. Either way, though, you might want to go through and proofread the story at least a couple times.

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I agree with what Samuel is saying especially with point 1. It was sometimes hard to tell who was doing the talking.

@Samuel_H_Young and @LordEdwardBaratheon: I think I improved paragraphing a lot and I am just waiting to get the inspiration to add some meat to the epilogue. I guess I will be able to submit the files this weekend. However, even if Hosted Games act immediately, that will be another week before the update goes live on iTunes.

Another thing I should really try to do is keep the number of variables low. Dancing with Demons has more than 40 of them and that is sheer madness. It gives plenty of room for coding mistakes. In the past, people were able to write decent interactive fiction without using any. I agree that there should be some, but I need to KISS (keep it simple and stupid).

I have 320 variables for Trial of the Demon Hunter, and that’s not including temporary ones.

@Samuel_H_Young, I got headache just trying to comprehend your post :slight_smile:

Here is the updated epilogue:

The demoness crawls in your sleep, dressed as a bride in a gorgeous white dress.

“I want to thank you. You freed me…”

Freed her of what?

She looks away and your eyes behold it. Pitch darkness surrounds her, as if she is the only thing (other than you) in this world.

The only thing that matters.

“I don’t understand, mother,” you say, your voice no more than a whisper.

She cracks a smile. Her expression bears no trace of the wickedness it possessed. “My demons were designed to be a great race, full of power and creativity. But we were
enslaved by something dark, something that changed me into the monster you know. My only way out was to be killed.”

You blink trying to assimilate her words. “Then why didn’t you kill yourself?”

The mother demon laughs sending ripples of joy in the abyss. “I gave you a hard time, didn’t I? That power was taken from me. All I could do was find someone
strong enough to defeat me and I did. But it was risky. I could have conquered you and then you would have to obey the will of the Dark One.”

“Who is the…” you ask, but the demoness interrupts you.

“Don’t even mention him! He is someone you’d better not know.”

You nod. The power of her voice makes you tremble for a second. “What will happen now, mother? Will I see you again?”

Her big eyes engulf you and you feel as if she embraces you. “I am not a prophet. I may need you again, but until the time comes, carry my love with you and know
that you laid the foundation of the freedom of the entire demonic race.”

The dream ends.

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Here is a bit of a bug with Lauren:

What I always loved about you, {name}, is that your soul is as black as mine. You know what, I can’t be with someone pure. Gentle guys are for nerds like that Sister who is into you. Badass guys are for real women like me." <

First, it doesn’t list the name. Second, I was playing as a female, but mentions ‘guys’

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I submitted the updated code to Hosted Games, so now all I could do is wait for the game to get better :).

Achievements are not working in the iOs version for some reason. In the Android one they are working, but the number of points you get is bugged. But, I hope the update will sort these issues out.

The Android update is live. The guys from Hosted Games are amazing as ever, submitting updates the very day they receive the text files.

The iTunes guys will probably wait for a week, cause they have to keep up with their reputation :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am feeling much better about the whole experience, even though there are probably still typos here and there.


What does the update include?

Fewer bugs and typos + the epilogue I posted above.

By the way, I don’t see you review on Google Play. Is it a review or just a rating?

It’s just a rating, not a written review.

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How do you make Lauren human I have tried but it I can’t figure it out

I think you have to have a high premonition? (I cant remember what its called but its the ability to sorta see in the future)

@connor_foster When you first meet the Mother Demon, she offers you a variety of benefits in exchange for binding your soul to her. Amanda’s soul is one of them.

You can save her even if you don’t have it. You need to ask Sister Mercy to pray for her, join her prayer and have more than 57 % Light.

I’ve completed my review of Dancing With Demons.