Betas Required Double/Cross

Christopher Haywood is one of the richest, most influential men in England. But a recent spree of kidnapping attempts has caused him to fear for his safety. That’s where you come in, hired to be his bodyguard his safety is your top priority. Everything is going smoothly until his family come to stay.

Will you choose to stand by your duty or will you decide Mr Haywood is not worth your protection? Perhaps you will find another employer with different interests more worthy of your time or maybe you’ll find the kidnapper closer to home than you first thought? Will you find your soul mate in a pit of vipers or get swept away in their schemes?

An intrigue/romance fiction.

I thought I should finally announce Double/Cross properly as it’s probably going to be completed this side of the new year. This is just basically to get the word out there and to get some idea of reception for the concept. I’m hoping to put up a demo at some point in the next two weeks too, so hopefully you guys will want to play it.


Sounds really cool man defiantly will follow this

This sounds good can’t wait for the demo two question though. Is there just one person you can romance or will there be more? Also will you be have the option to choose your sexuailty?

This sounds very interesting definitely can’t wait to check it out

Why would my interests lie elsewhere? He’s the most powerful man in England and needs to be protected. For that reason, I’m pretty sure he’ll be paying me a hefty fee for his safety. Plus, if I try to leave, I don’t think it would be easy.

Good luck with it though, it sounds like a good idea.

Sounds interesting! Can we expect plenty of twists and turns?

@StarWarsMaster @Zeus - Thank you for the interest - I really appreciate it.

@Zanite - Of course. There’s a lot of crossing over of plot lines, you can legitimately start off on one route and cross over to another, but use the information you picked up in the first half to your benefit. I’m hoping it’s well balanced.

@beyonce I should’ve probably put that up in my first post (I’m doing very well today). There are six possible romances. Four men, two women. There isn’t an outright question as to your preference, but there is a fork with each character where you decide whether to romance them or remain friends, as you can still go after the characters ‘story lines’ without actually having to go after them romantically (except for one). I was going to have the question at the beginning, but since the romances won’t even come up unless you go after the character you want specifically I thought I would simply have the question at crunch time instead.

@Thomas_Nixon Thanks for the luck, I’ll be taking that :stuck_out_tongue: There are a few reasons why your interests might lie elsewhere. From a fiscal perspective there might be a better offer to find. And a few more reasons besides. But I wouldn’t want to rob everyone of the pleasure of digging the skeletons out of the closet for themselves.

this seems pretty cool. the first paragraph on what the game is about is interesting. good luck on the game :smile:

Hey guys.

I originally meant to post this demo on Monday, but some exciting news cropped up and caused my priorities to shift.
Luckily for me a Literary Agent got back to me about the manuscript I sent off to her with my book, so I’ve spent a couple of days re-reading that to double make sure the full script is okay for her to read.

I know no-one asked, but I’m very excited so excuse the rant.

Back on topic here is an initial demo for the game. Just the first two chapters, but I hope to get some feedback from you guys about what you like, don’t like or if anyone (god forbid) finds continuity errors, if you could let me know about all these things it would be much appreciated, and I will continue trying to make a very fun game.


Excellent job so far!! But when u say Finaly it should be Finally two Ls not one and I love how u made it so u could be a man or women it’s more emerrsing that way can’t wait for more or your stuff keep it up!!

oh my gosh, this is amazing! amazing detail of tension and romance, keep it up! :smiley: :arrow_up:

@Flux @StarWarsMaster Thanks for playing the demo guys, much appreciated. Very happy you enjoyed it.

Development is going very well. Finishing up chapter 4 today, which leaves 2 chapters and an epilogue in terms of writing and coding, then it’s just editing to go.

I just finished playing it and I thought it was fantastic! I’m glad the development is going along nicely, I loved the writing and I was sad the demo ended when it did. w/ that being said, you have my full support and I hope to see more in the future! :slight_smile:

I put in that I’m 9999 years old and he said only 10 years younger than me…

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I really enjoyed playing the game and i must say keep up the good work! @Azura and that i cant wait to RO Alex and Rob i mean yay! :smile:

I loved the demo, the description was good as well

Me like. :grin:

Working security make me so suspicious of everyone though, ha! :laughing:

Not that I would, but I wonder what Chris would think if I punched that ‘surprise’. Then again, maybe he want to see a ‘catfight’, so, no… :stuck_out_tongue:

@anon48296871 He’s looking pretty good for that age at least :stuck_out_tongue:

@GloriaRose You like the cute guys then? :wink:

To everyone I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so much, and you’ve taken the time to message, it helps so much to know there are people at the end who are going to enjoy it.

I would be curious to know about favorite characters though? I know Opal doesn’t get much fleshing out in the demo and the hidden character remains very much hidden, but I am curious about who everyone is pursuing.

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@Azura Yeah! :wink: They both are adorable. Right now I am pursuing Alex and Rob because they are my fave, not two timing sins i want to pursue Alex first and later on Rob. And i cant wait to interact with them. ^^

Greetings Program!
Well it has now officially been a day and I thoughtt I would check in to see how your coming along with the chapters I hope everything is ok.
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