Betas Required Double/Cross


First, I must say, if you stay professional you (so far) miss out a lot of the things that can happen, although it is fun to be all business too. :grin:

As for favourite, oooh, I don’t know – Alex, possibly. Tried most all, most, ah, interesting is Chris, and that is all I will say there for now. :wink:

Oh, only played as (straight) female so far, so I don’t know what else might be out there.

Noticed a few typos that a spell checker will fix easily enough, nothing else really. Must say when going away from ‘business only’ is when your writing shines best (simply because you get more development from other characters). Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:


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Sorry yall didn’t see anything wrong with hot game so far keep up the great work


On the page where you meet Rebecca, “confused” is spelled wrong. It’s a really minor error but just saying.


Amazing story though, it’s really good.


I can’t seem to access the demo on my iPad, it just gives me the option to download the linked html file


I like the game so far, the idea of a bodyguard seems pretty cool though i saw some typos such as:
“a big oppertion with ten staff” i think you mean operation.
"All you can do at the moment is anticipate the extra guest and prepare the safety appropriatley."
should be appropriately.
also “arn’t” instead of aren’t.

So i suggest you too, to use a spell checker.

Hey i just realised, this is my first post :smiley: YAY, okay enough of that, keep up the good work.


'ello, Red, and welcome to the forum! :smiley:


Thanks guys, I appreciate the help with the typos and things. I struggle quite a bit editing in a .txt document so having all the extra eyes really helps. Now the game is looking at wrapping up in the next several weeks I have my friend @jethril helping me out with all the editing (I say helping, I basically mean doing because she’s much better at it than me), so don’t worry about mistakes and such in the finished game.

@TheWoodSprite I have never owned an IPad myself, so I’m a bit unsure of how to deal with the problem. I run the program off the html file on my computer so if you’re happy downloading it I’m sure the demo will open up for you. Else I’m not sure, sorry I can’t help much, I’ve been learning all the tech as I go along, I had a quick look around the forum but I can’t seem to find a solution.

@Red You couldn’t have used your first post on a better thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Did u post the link by copying the public link from the Dropbox public folder?


I shared it, changed the settings so everyone with the link could see it and then took the link the site spat out. I don’t know of another way to share it.


Don’t worry guys, I am weeding out all the typos I find :wink: I am basically a human spellcheck at the moment haha! Really excited that @Azura is getting so much positive feedback though! I personally think the game’s pretty cool so I’m happy that you all think so too!


@TheWoodSprite I hope the link above works for you. I’ve done my best with my very modest computer skills. It works on my laptop so I hope it works for you

@Frazer77 Thanks for the tip, I wouldn’t have known where to look otherwise.


Thanks it worked great. Great game too! Keep up the good work.


No problem mate. But put the http in front to make it a link like this


Greetings programs!
I was just thinking how cool it would be in this game where u have a rival security firm also helping out and the person in charge tries to romance you by either falling in love with you or just plain wanting a fling. Just an idea…
End of Line


@JTAL Thanks i’m already feeling welcomed :smile:

@Azura i’m glad we agree on that one. And by the way i support StarWarsMaster idea. I think having a rival seems fitting and challenging, i mean that you wouldn’t look out just for the kidnapper but also for another bodyguard wanting to take the job from you.


Found a spelling error You glance at hime and realize he’s smiling at you, his free hand traces a quick line down your face, “I’m glad you’re awake.” you glance at him.


And another error this time grammar Although perhaps you should go I’ve found restraint, but I’m can’t promise more than a few minutes of it." you should know ive.


@StarWarsMaster @Red Yes, that is a good idea thanks. It’s too late to add it in as another romance option. I’ve already had to rein in the romance options and cut the hidden character, because the whole thing was sprawling out of control. But It is a good idea to have asides from the rival throughout and it would also add another dynamic to some of the endings so I will add something like that in.

@Frazer77 Thanks for the help