New Hosted Game! “Double/Cross” by Toni Owen-Blue

There’s a new game in our Hosted Games program ready for you to play!

In Double/Cross, you are the head bodyguard assigned to protect the richest, most powerful man in England. Enter a house filled with secrets and intrigue, and see if you can uncover the truth about the colourful cast that inhabits it. Choose between a host of romanceable characters, both male and female, but don’t forget to protect your own interests too. Will you abide by your contract or will you discard your morals for something more inviting?

  • 85,000 word romantic drama.
  • Make friends and business partners and decide who keeps your loyalty and who you’ll double cross as you protect the richest man in England, or just look out for yourself.
  • Schmooze, sneak, backstab, fight or work your way to the top.
  • Piece together the truth about the colorful cast that surround you, uncover the secret of the kidnapper and covet favors to play a pivotal role in this sordid affair.
  • Play male or female, gay or straight.

Toni developed this game using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own game and we’ll publish it for you, giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.


It’s kinda funny how you put the sex/gender/sexual preference choice in the feature list for every game when it’s basically a core feature of the website. :stuck_out_tongue: I seem to remember playing a demo of this game before, like not a beta version, but a demo… So I’m kinda confused now… Was a demo already released but it’s only now been made available for purchase?


It isn’t a core feature for Hosted Games though so it’s good to see it listed when it is. There’s Hosted Games where you can only play as straight, and only male, so it’s nice to see that this isn’t one of those.

And it’s important to see it listed for the official games too, so we don’t take it for granted. And for newcomers to choice of games to know that the games are inclusive.


Good points. 20 character minimum

Good points.


You broke the minimum character rule?

Everybody! Arrest @packet!


Very clever! But that’s what the Like button is for. :wink:


The Rob ending is bugged. It keeps looping. I think there may be a scene out of order somewhere…

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Uh oh, it’s that time again!

Time to hand out some Likes! :heartpulse:

I went ahead and purchased my copy on Android, shared it on Google +, left a review, and made an announcement about this on the HG FB page.


Played this game in beta, and I’m going to buy it as soon as I can! Probably one of my favorite games in CS ever! There’s nothing unnecessary, every path feels as high quality as the others, the intrigue remains even after you’ve beaten the game because there are so many sides to the story. I just, really, really loved it. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good game to play!


Hi Guys,

Just want to say a quick thanks to everyone buying the game.

Special thanks for @Samuel_H_Young your FB post looks great.

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I did like this game, but there is a lot of spelling/grammar/punctuation errors, so don’t be surprised if you get flooded with some reports of it.

I just bought the game on Android and I must say that it’s freaking awesome! I love the setting and aesthetic of the game. I hope to see more projects from the author! :smile:

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I’m around halfway through and so far it’s pretty good. The characters seem to have decent development, and the writing is good. Still, the choices don’t seem to matter very much, and there are quite a few grammar errors and typos. Those are inevitable and fixable with updates, but I just thought I’d let you know.

Good game indeed and I can confirm that the Rob ending loops:

From “the next month falls into a routine…” to the choice where you decide who to give the testament to, unless you decide to give it to Christopher

@Shoelip @FairyGodfeather It’s nice indeed to see it listed and it’s the first thing I check in a Hosted Game. I’m a bit annoyed to have to play white straight male characters almost all the time, so I personally would not have given this game a try if not for the possibility to play as a female.


For myself, I don’t really care about racial identity much at all, until people start making a big deal about it. Maybe it’s because insisting that my my specific collection of geographic adaptations be represented seems like a totally unreasonable expectation when people can’t even seem to grasp the concept of its’ existence in the first place. But I guess that’s more of a discussion for the race in video games thread. I do appreciate the inclusion of diverse choices for a character’s appearance (and other traits) if just for the sake of variety and empathy with people who this is actually important to. However, I don’t think it should trump artistic vision, so I’m glad it’s not a requirement for hosted games because homogeneity does not equal diversity.

Ya, I also get Rob’s ending to loop for some reason and i hope that it gets fixed quick.

I just bought it on IOS and played it.

Numerous spelling and grammatical errors. Choices have no or little impact. No stats to check to know what action to take based on your stats. Game feels incomplete. Especially the ending. I mean it is rushed or none existent.

On the plus side the writing was not bad and the story is ok.

I am sorry but I can’t force my self to give it more than 2*’s.

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Thanks for all the info guys.

I’m currently working on the first patch. I’m trying to fix the rob issue but I’m also struggling to find where the loop is. Can I just ask what choice caused the loop? And if you can remember if you were also going down Rebecca’s route at the same time.

Anymore info would be much appreciated.