My games, Knight of the Fellowship the last that came out


Knight of the Fellowship just came out and I decided to take some time to write a post about all 5 games I have published with Hosted Games. If you managed to like any of them and want to read more of my works, you can use the links below. Also, I am going to provide references to NPCs that appear in more than one game.

The Path of Light is the first one. Its Android version is not even written in Choice Script. The MC is set to male and heterosexual. He is a Priest of the Light and during most of his adventures, he is accompanied by his lovely beloved who is a demonic priestess / bloodthirsty assassin. A little known fact is that it has a sequel than can be unlocked as an IAP in the iOs version and is another app for Android.

Dancing with Demons continues my explorations of the benevolent side of demonic entities. This time, you play a contemporary incubus (or succubus if you choose to be female). Another little known fact - the dog on the picture is my own companion. He is the sole reason there is a Hellweiler in the story.

Twin Flames takes place in a setting that is similar to the one of The Path of Light, whose MC actually briefly appears as a NPC. I am talking about Brother Jacob, which is the default name of the protagonist in my first game. Here, the story is written in 3rd person and you can make choices on behalf of both “flames” a male Abbot and a female witch. Lima, the benevolent but soulless angelic woman from Dancing with Demons, makes a brief reappearance

Spacing Out is my first attempt to write a SF game and it was widely inspired by the work of Billy Meier and his supposed contacts by the Pleiadian off-world humans. You get to play the leader of a small team of soldiers who are sent to a terraformed planet to recover an artifact. Gender and sexual orientation are not fixed.

And finally to Knight of the Fellowship. In this game, you can also be a female knight if you want, women are just as important for the Fellowship as men. It is the story with the most references to my previous works. Note that you don’t need to have played any of the previous games before. Those are just Easter eggs you can have fun with. I certainly did.

It would be hard to guess, but the soul mentor that appears in the beginning is actually Asket, who appears in the epilogue of Twin Flames, and I can clearly see her being a welcome guest to other stories too.

Amy from Twin Flames comes to fight alongside the protagonist and shares her sad story that begins the the aforementioned game. I really liked her and wanted to write more about this warrior woman.

I also missed Lauren from Dancing with Demons very much. You can meet her under the temple and even
help her on her quest. Just don’t be scared by her beautiful fangs :slight_smile:

I am currently working on something that will most likely have the first female gender-locked hero. As I am writing it, I am thinking of Astra from Spacing Out, although she will be barely recognizable in a fantasy setting in which she doesn’t remember much of who she really is. I don’t want to spoil more. Currently, I’ve written about 30 000 words and my goal is to end in the range of 75 000 - 100 000.