So, You're Possessed! Discussion

It was a relatively short game and I usually don’t find myself getting attached to short games but I really enjoyed this game. At some points the choices felt small but there’s a lot of potential. I really like Sidney and Vex and somehow found myself getting rather invested in the romance with Sidney. I’m looking forward to the sequel, I can’t wait to see where this goes.


Just another quick question! Sorry for bothering you so much :no_mouth:

I’ve noticed that a save option isn’t at the end of the game. How might we carry about our stats for the next part of the trilogy/game? Is the game going to updated and sold as another purchase in the same app? :open_mouth:

Save games aren’t made until the sequel is well underway or finished.

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Thank you, I wasn’t 100% sure of the answer myself!

Edit: @orkwut You are NOT a bother! If anything, I’m touched by your interest. Glad there was an expert on hand to field your question. :grin:

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I bought this yesterday and did 2 playthroughs.
The good,
Good writing, interesting characters and entertaining.
The bad,
A bit short, not enough choices, allot of the choices did nothing for the outcome.
Can’t say this is my favorite game, it is not bad nor is it something to write home about. I guess 3*’s.

just finished my first play through and it was fun and enjoyable great part was being able to name my cat Sir Patrick Stewart.

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Just finished the game today and I really liked it :slight_smile: I’ve always liked games with demonic and angelic characters and adding possession to the plot is very interesting.
So far Elysian is my favorite character, I suspected that they were more than they let on from the beginning but I didn’t expect them to induce so many warm fuzzies. The possession scene with Elysian made me go ‘aww’ and I really wanted their interaction with the MC to last longer.
Also, the loss of my cat made me almost cry. I want her back :crying_cat_face:

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I got curious. if I kiss Sydney, but then later apologize and ask to stay as friends, would that lock me out of Sydney’s romance forever?

Dang it I spent my whole weekend reading this. XD I reread it so many times I nearly fergot to finish writing my paper for AFA (It’s a cute college class that focuses mainly on exsploring a culture through it’s music and game songs, but stil!) It took a lot of effort but I fianlly pulled myself away from it…and I might have it open again on my ipod at this very moment before class so I can do my officaly sixth playthrough now? (probably more then that that if I think really hard about it.)

This story was very, very endearing i must say, I loved the wit, and I loved the characters, I’m so happy to see that all these characters are very their own people, even the ones that usually flip thier gender depending on the MC’s interests. (always have to test it to see who is who and such.) I got to say I was a little surprised how quickly Vex grew on me. XD He’s sort of that trolling friend of yours that you just can’t help but love cause you know he’s the one that once you get him to like you he’s going to pull your but straight out of that fire and kick you ex in the shin and deny he did it when he’s told on. Eli I wasn’t expecting to like as much as I did, and I loved the MC’s reaction. I know if I was my Mc I would have been in a sitting fetal position in a chair pouting and sulking too when I found out a guy I thought was absolutely cute and actually liked me back was just using me for info. Though I was surprise how quickly Elysian grew on me as well. Let alone Sid, goodness. XD I adored Sid, that is literally that snarky little dork that you love (platonic or not) and know they will be the first to try to pull you up if you fell off a flipping cliff or something or be the one to pull the meanest prank of someone that utterly breaks your heart… I mean you get possessed and turn all demoney? First instinct is to attack something that took out a wall to try and protect/help you.

I personally loved how the reader wasn’t overpowered right at the start, that this is a story of growth and change. Let alone other characters are trying to help and protect this character (or at least that was how it was like in my play through) because this person IS pretty defenseless at this moment, that they have no control over things and that they don’t know everything. It’s a nice change of pace to what I am used to. Let alone that Nitpick actually did scare me just a teeny-tiny bit, so I did like how Vex is like “Yo, back da hell up! My dumb little flesh bag to harass, not yours.”

I’ll admit in some places it felt a little rush, just a touch and the choice issue I can see what others are saying, but that didn’t take too much away from the story for me since I’m on the edge of my seat waiting anxiously on news for the next installment, and love to see what investing in relationship with others from the first one will do in the future.

Ps, just one sort of random question. Does sincere or Sarcasm effect anything, I honestly never saw anything really other then what you were saying at that moment? Since even when I had sincere at 64% It seems to stay a very sarcastic sort of character. Which I don’t really mind. I love the dry wit, I was just wondering. ^.^;

Thank you for taking time to read my super long ramble.


Without giving too much away, choosing that does lock you out of any more romantic dialogue with Sid for the rest of this game. But, to pretend something like that would happen between good friends and it would NEVER be brought up again or referenced, like in real life, is unlikely. When the MC takes that path, you never do get the full picture of how Sidney felt about it, after all… :wink:

First of all, OMG I LOVE your super long ramble, it made my Monday morning! I’m thrilled you feel like you got so much from this story and that you picked up on so many details we hoped would translate this well. :blush: I just hope that it hasn’t upset your homework and/or sleep cycle too much! :sweat_smile:

As for your question, the effect Sarcastic vs. Sincere has on the game and character was meant to be subtle. MC starts the game already at 50% or 52% smart aleck, depending on your choices. The higher your sarcasm, the more sarcastic remarks are sprinkled randomly into your dialogue throughout the game. Lower means many of the same statements or thoughts are worded softer or less cutting. As you have already noticed, we didn’t want the MC to seem like they completely changed overnight, but those differences will continue to feel more exaggerated as the series progresses. Edit to add: If your sarcasm AND aloof stats are high, that’s when you see the “meanest” dialogue!

Hope that makes sense! And thanks again!!!

Okay, I finished my first playthrough! I definitely think this is in my top 10 CoGs (which is saying something, since there are like 80 total) and I really like the characters. Candee grew on me and Sidney is just awesome. Can’t wait to see the sequels. :slight_smile:


Absolutely adored this CoG, felt like a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the recent releases. The writing is slick and accessible, everything is straightforward, and the story is character-driven.

Which brings me to why I liked this CoG so much, the friendships and romance paths are fantastic. Especially Sidney! It was so refreshing to see a character that actually goofed off and acted like a slob around you, the way that a real friend might. And even more refreshing to not have the whole “ARE YOU ATTRACTED TO CHARACTER Y/N” shoved down the MC’s throat before the narrative gave you a decent chance to know what they were like as a character.

Fun and humour without being obnoxious is a pretty hard thing to accomplish in CoG, but I felt it was spot on here, especially with the protagonists personality stats. Having other characters react accordingly to that and not be over-the-top about it was a nice touch. Really looking forward to any sequels


I can’t wait to unleash the entity inside my MC! Because i hate them all! I hope i will be able to kill Elyse! :rage:

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Does anybody know how to unlock or what are the hidden achievments?

Some hints and guides are already up on, and we will be releasing more soon! The hidden achievements tend to be surprise rewards for making seemingly random or extreme choices. :wink:

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Really enjoyed the game, but I do have one question. On my first play through, at the end, I had a 60% sarcastic stat and Sydney told me I was bitter and hard on myself. On my second play through I had a 48% sarcastic stat, but she said the same things mixed with some good ones. Will Sydney always say that or is my sarcastic stat too high?

I don’t know of any comment about being “bitter” specifically, but the general “being hard on yourself” Sidney is referring to has to do with the MC always starting the game out with low confidence (think back to the first conversation you both have in the car in Chapter 1).
Since Sidney actually enjoys a sarcastic sense of humor as well as a kind heart, you can go either way as long you aren’t straight up mean and it won’t impact your friendship. It is actually your total end relationship percentage with Sid, whether or not you romanced them, whether you ever apologized to them, and how high your confidence stat is that,
all combined, directly impact your closing conversation together. Hope that helps!

Edited to hide possible spoilers for anyone else. :wink:

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Thanks that was really helpful!:grinning:

I just created this account to say that I absolutely loved this game! Seriously though, I’ve been sick and I found it like last night, didn’t stop till it was 2am lol. I really really liked the MC (sarcastic AND awkward? That’s me!) Sid was hilarious and don’t get me started on Eli! Well, just wanted to sing your praises and would love a sequel! (I’m uh, also making some fan art too…so, yeah…)