The Passenger’s Guide is Here!

Hey gang :grin: with The Passenger out, I’ve decided to put together a few guides to help you get your preferred ending.

You can also use this thread to discuss the game if you want, but please remember to use spoilers when discussing anything outside of the demo, thanks :v:

First of all, I would really recommend getting your Newman’s personality as defined as you possibly can to have a better chance at getting the *best* ending.

Building a defined personality:

First choice
#This whole place is horrid. I’m out of here (raises rash)
#This place is a nightmare, but I should wait until I’m sure I can survive leaving the casket (lowers rash)
#Instead of taking off, I’ll try to make contact with this creature (raises responsive)
#Instead of taking off, I’ll make sure this creature feels as miserable as I am feeling (lowers responsive)

Second choice
#I won’t heal faster stressing over my lack of energy (raises nonchalant)
#Right now the only thing that matters is healing and escaping this place (lowers nonchalant)

Third choice
#I try to mimic its grin (raises magnetic)
#I glare. I don’t like it sitting so close to me (lowers magnetic)
#I hit it when it least expects it (raises rash)
#I watch its every move. This is a trap (lowers rash)

Fourth choice
#Scaring larvae is very beneath me (raises responsive)
#I’ll raise pandemonium (lowers responsive)

Fifth choice
#I told them I didn’t know why I did that to myself (raises nonchalant)
#I said I knew why I did it, but I kept the answer vague. They didn’t need to know about my goals (lowers nonchalant)
#I acted polite and answered their questions, I even made a couple of them laugh (raises magnetic)
#I stared at them in silence. If they prodded too much I would cover my casket’s ears and scream (lowers magnetic)

Sixth choice
#I killed Livvy’s dad. It wasn’t my intention, but I did it (raises responsive)
#It’s not a big deal; humans have really short lifespans anyway (lowers responsive)
#That wasn’t my plan, then again I seldom plan ahead (raises nonchalant)
#That happened because I got careless. This isn’t how I do things (lowers nonchalant)

Seventh choice
#Free ice-cream! (raises rash)
#How kind of her, almost too kind… (lowers rash)

Eighth choice
#Yes, I happen to be quite popular (raises magnetic)
#Not really. That’s not my sort of thing (lowers magnetic)

Ninth choice
#I ran to the bulletin board and picked the first activity my eyes fell on (raises rash)
#After some consideration, I chose swimming (lowers rash)
#I didn’t pick anything, the teacher signed me in (raises nonchalant)
#There’s no way I’m losing this race (lowers nonchalant)

Tenth choice
#Deep breaths. I can’t let setbacks affect me this way (raises nonchalant)
#I clench my fists and remind myself the goal is still there, and I’m still moving toward it (lowers nonchalant)

Eleventh choice
#I ask what’s on her mind (raises rash)
#I don’t like this. Maybe if I keep quiet, she’ll decide to drop it (lowers rash)
#I’ll keep quiet so she can gather her thoughts (raises responsive)
#I hope she isn’t trying to reach out to me. I find all this mushiness tiring (lowers responsive)

Twelfth choice
#Hermits aren’t the best communicators out there… (raises magnetic)
#Talking doesn’t solve all problems (lowers magnetic)

Thirteenth choice
#That’s what happens when desires run amok. I prefer to go with the flow to avoid that (raises nonchalant)
#The clanspeople didn’t have a backup plan? No wonder these guys fooled them so easily (lowers nonchalant)
#The prospect of infinite wishes making everyone go mad with power? Shocker (raises magnetic)
#Those men lacked discipline, someone to crush the quarreling in a moment (lowers magnetic)

Fourteenth choice
#The best idea is to get in there with a quick attack. That moment of surprise is the difference between winning or losing a battle (raises rash)
#The best way to approach a fight is to wait for your moment. Let them get tired fencing the others, then attack (lowers rash)

Fifteenth choice
#“Moral of the story; crystal cauldrons make for terrible kitchen utensils” (raises magnetic)
#“They destroyed everything and then faced their god’s wrath” (lowers magnetic)
#“The hermit was killed because of senseless, petty people” (raises responsive)
#I shrug. Humans being humans, what’s new? (lowers responsive)

Sixteenth choice
#Sibling. The word makes me a little uncomfortable, but I smile at her (raises responsive)
#Sibling. If only she knew. I smile at her, enjoying my private joke (lowers responsive)

Raising (and lowering) your Newman’s Humanity:

#I killed Livvy’s dad. It wasn’t my intention, but I did it (does nothing)
#It’s not a big deal; humans have really short lifespans anyway (lowers humanity)
#That wasn’t my plan, then again I seldom plan ahead (does nothing)
#That happened because I got careless. This isn’t how I do things (does nothing)

First choice
#Of course they do; what’s human years for a creature like me? (lowers humanity)
#My mind fills up with images of tall counters, the smell of pastries, and underneath it all, the smell of rain (raises humanity)

Second choice/Newman lives with Mom
#Humans are so fragile; how are they still a thing? (lowers humanity)
#I’ve encouraged her to go and see a doctor, but she can be terribly stubborn (raises humanity)

Second choice/Newman lives alone
#I wasn’t her offspring, never had been. I politely but firmly refused (lowers humanity)
#I understood the need to connect with her progeny, but my mind was made (raises humanity)

Third choice
#Alright, enough is enough (does nothing)
#I’m sure I can charm my way out of this rather one-sided argument (does nothing)
#Livvy is just worried about her little sibling (raises humanity)
#By now, she should know not to push my buttons (lowers humanity)

Fourth choice
#I like St. Georges just fine (raises humanity)
#Shrug (does nothing)
#I hated this place when I first arrived, and I still do (lowers humanity)

First choice
#Thinking of me as less real because of what I look like feels a little strange (raises humanity)
#My true form is impressive, this casket is lacking in every way (lowers humanity)

Second choice
#Talking isn’t working. I’m running for the door (does nothing)
#Think about something, I need to think (does nothing)
#I know she’s worried, but I have to go (raises humanity)
#This pitiful display ends now (lowers humanity)

First choice/Newman lives with Mom
#I can hardly wait (lowers humanity)
#I’m not feeling wistful about cutting grass, am I? (raises humanity)
#Until I’m sure this actually works, it doesn’t really matter (does nothing)

First choice/Newman lives alone
#I can hardly wait (lowers humanity)
#I’m not feeling wistful about an old bike, am I? (raises humanity)
#Until I’m sure this actually works, it doesn’t really matter (does nothing)

Second choice (available only if Newman follows Roach into the crack in the cave)
#I hold onto [Roach] until I’m able to catch my breath (does nothing)
#I push away and glare at [Roach] (does nothing)
#I push away and let [Roach] know this is all their fault (does nothing)
#I’ll make sure [Roach] doesn’t try anything like this in the future. Forcefully (lowers humanity)

First choice
#I’ll be casual (does nothing)
#I’ll be commanding (does nothing)
(only available if Trickster) #Roach calls that bluffing? (does nothing)
(only available if Humanity is equal or under 40) #This human’s deity is laughable compared to me (lowers humanity)

Second choice
#“Peace.” No need to scare [Horizon] (raises humanity)
#“Lots of fire and brimstone,” I joke (does nothing)
#“Fire and brimstone,” I say, meaning every word (lowers humanity)
#“You’ll see in time.” I disengage (does nothing)

Third choice
#“Wait, just like that?” What about my job, Livvy and Mom? (raises humanity)
#“Makes sense. There’s no time to waste” (does nothing)
#“We stay, and then what?” (does nothing)

Fourth choice
#“No. Go to sleep” (raises humanity)
#“Yes, you do just that” (lowers humanity)
#I don’t care either way. Let Roach handle this (does nothing)

First choice
#I’ll prod Horizon’s aura until I have them shuddering before me. No need to actually hurt them (raises humanity)
#I’ll try not to hurt them too much, but I’m also curious about my power, and Horizon did offer themself (does nothing)
#[Horizon] wants more proof? I’ll give them something really special (lowers humanity)

Second choice
#I’ll stand in front of the flock (lowers humanity)
#I’ll sit in the middle of the room (raises humanity)
#I’ll follow Horizon’s example, and I’ll do both (does nothing)

Third choice
#I will finally be treated the way I deserve: as a Deity (lowers humanity)
#I won’t let it show, but I’m probably just as nervous as Horizon is (raises humanity)
#The energy—that’s the only thing on my mind right now (does nothing)

Fourth choice (only available if you choose to “take the bull by the horns” when Tzr’nekre shows up by the lake)
#This is my chance; I’ll blast it back to whatever shoddy dimension it keeps crawling out of (does nothing)
#Nobody touches what’s mine (lowers humanity)
#Nobody touches my friends/Roach (raises humanity)

This choice is only available if Newman goes to find the rift and takes Horizon with
#“…strange. Cozy?” (raises humanity)
#“…disgusting” (lowers humanity)
#“…like this question is a waste of time” (does nothing)

This choice is only available if Newman goes to find the rift and leaves Horizon in the ranch
#And knowing that makes me uncomfortable; I’m not a deity and I don’t care to be one (raises humanity)
#Not that I care that much; I’m not Sadalsuud, I’m something so much greater (lowers humanity)
#What’s done is done; Horizon’s feelings on the matter aren’t my problem, anyway (does nothing)

This choice is only available if Roach fights you over your reliance on the book/cult
#“I don’t care if I’m not exactly what I used to be, I can take care of this” (raises humanity)
#“I don’t need the flock and I don’t need you; I’m practically a deity now” (lowers humanity)
#I can’t speak. I can only watch as [Roach] rants on (does nothing)

This choice is only available if Roach hasn’t been in the picture since CH5
#I would hang around on Earth for a while. I could do that (raises humanity)
#I would be able to invest all my energy in getting out of Earth (lowers humanity)
#I have no idea what I would do, but it would be a nice change of pace (does nothing)

Second choice
#“Don’t touch my sister!” (raises humanity)
#“Stop wasting your time with her! She holds no power!” (lowers humanity)
#“Coward. Sad excuse of a hunter” (does nothing)
#I say nothing, the less it pays attention to me the better (does nothing)

First choice
#“I am your sibling” (raises humanity)
#“Your sibling is gone. It’s always been me in here” (lowers humanity)
#I can’t answer that. I don’t want to answer that (does nothing)

Getting the worst ending possible:
  1. When building your Newman’s personality keep it as balanced as you can: this will make stat checks in the final battle against Tzr’nekre impossible to win.
  2. Deplete your essence: the fastest way to do this is by “killing” Roach back in CH5, then trying to destroy them when you see them again on CH8 by picking the choice that says #I blast [Roach] with energy, after speaking with the rut dweller.
  3. Try to keep your party small so you don’t get a lot of essence from them (I recommend not befriending Jonny, killing Roach, saving—yes, saving—Horizon, and not saving Fiama and Bruno)

Note: to attempt to kill Roach on CH5, you need to treat them horribly—hit them, be controlling—have low humanity (40 or lower) and a low responsive stat (also 40 or lower). I don’t think the responsive stat is checked on that final fight, so you can lower it as much as you can.

After that, battle the hunter. You will get an… interesting ending :smiling_imp:

Fiama isn’t open to dating your Newman?

Newman must be a parental figure to Bruno. Her kid and her are in it together, no buts and no ifs.

Roach doesn't get off the bus?

So, it turns out I have a variable tracking whether Roach stays or goes in the epilogue and you have to pick a set of choices to make them second guess themself.

First choice
#And from me. I wish their departure didn’t bother me this much (+1)
#Same old Roach.

Second choice
#I feel like I owe Roach an apology… for what it’s worth.
#I’ve changed my mind.
Pick the first option to get to this branch:
#Wait, that’s it? (+1)
#I’m not going to press the subject. They’ve already accepted my apology.
Picking the first option will branch into:
#“They were important enough for you to try to kill me in retribution.” (+1)
#They are probably right. If they don’t mind, then I shouldn’t mind either.

You need 2 points for them to get off the bus.

Having problems romancing the Domini?

Horizon will comment that an entanglement with Newman would be “an experience” (read: entirely physical) if Newman’s humanity is lower than 50. To get them to be open to a romantic relationship, Newman’s responsive stat must be higher than 50. They like their Newmen with high humanity (or at least) a high responsive stat.

Getting Newman’s Essence to 100%

So, to be able to do this you need one of these things to be true at the end of chapter 10:

  1. You got Newman’s essence to be higher than 55.
  2. You got Newman’s essence to be between 55 and 46, and chose to “let go” while having the back and forth with Newman’s shadow (otherworldly shadow for high humanity Newmans, human shadow for high otherworldly Newmans)
    [Note: you can pick to let go only if your essence is 30 or higher]

Time to get that essence as high as we can:
Having a full party will help your Newman collect a bunch of essence, so befriend Jonny, gain Roach’s loyalty, make sure Horizon protects themself against evil spirits, and run into Fiama and Bruno on chapter 9.

On chapter 2, you get ambushed by Tzr’nekre at the gas station, and if you don’t pick the right option for your Newman you’ll lose 3 points of essence.
The options are:
#I’ll attack so fast they won’t know what hit them (pick this one if you “possess an almost uncanny speed”)
#I know I can throw them off me (pick this one if “overwhelming strength is your best asset”)
#I just need a second of confusion that’s all (pick this one if “you’re a trickster”)

On chapter 8, you get a bunch of opportunities to raise your essence while in the alter-woods.
First choice
#I wonder if the metaphysical realm was altered by Tzr’nekre and its pocket dimension.
#There’s something that’s been bothering me… something about the whole Tzr’nekre fight.
Ignore the first choice and pick the second one. You’ll get this branch next:
#It had to do with Tzr’nekre.
#It had to do with Livvy.
#It had to do with the Yellow Scrubs.
Pick the Yellow Scrubs. You’ll get this branch next:
#…Earth’s reality.
#…Tzr’nekre’s eyes.
#…the meditation cabin.
Pick Tzr’nekre’s eyes.

Second choice
#…uses its eyes like some sort of key?"
#…creates pocket realities out of its eyes?"
#…can see the rifts?"
Pick the last one.

Third choice
#There’s something wrong here (pick this one)
#I keep myself very still.

Fourth choice
#I’m fighting the sentry.
#I’m using the rifts to lose the sentry (pick this one)

Fifth choice
#…Horizon’s cabin.
#…my cabin.
#…the meditation cabin (pick this one)

#Why fix what isn’t broken? I go with the same plan (don’t pick this one or you’ll lose essence)
#I’m shaking things up a bit.

#…I’m wrong and this has nothing to do with Tzr’nekre’s eye.
#…something is keeping the eye from vanishing (pick this one)
#…this is all a dream and I should try harder to wake up.
You’ll get this branch next:
#…Tzr’nekre did something that prevents it from going away (pick this one)
#…I’m dreaming.
#…it fused with me…somehow.

Don’t destroy your shadow, choose to “let go” instead.

Oof, hope that helps!


oh this is such a delicious meal for the readers… out of curiosity, as far as getting the Worst Ending, would intentionally making choices counter to your stats during the final chapters have the same or comparable effect as intentionally keeping everything balanced right from the start?


I’m surprisingly fond of this game—I’d been hoping for one about an interdimensional being in the life of a human in a story world for a while. Well done! I’m rather fond of this game, and of Jonny.


Out of curiousity

is it possible to get through the game without Livvy being blinded?


Without being blinded? I don’t think so, but in the playtest it was possible to undo her blinding.

Which I failed to do last time, so I don’t know what the trick is.


The game description mentioned something about a polyamorous route, and I’m not sure how exactly you are supposed to achieve that. I started playing the game again and tried to romance every character I met, and that one dude is asking me who I like the most because he isn’t gonna share me with anyone else. Am I supposed to say to everyone I like them the most or are there for example two characters who don’t mind each other or something?


Yes! I just got that on my third playthrough.

I think it may have something to do with her relationship checks and your humanity? Saying I’m her sister seemed important, but definitely looking for additional info…


You can be with both Roach and Horizon


The polyamorous route is between Newman, Roach and Horizon, the rest of the characters are not open to that. If you want to enter the polyamorous route you have to romance Roach, then when you meet Horizon you choose the flirty options and later there will be options for both. But Horizon only accepts if your Newman’s humanity is high.
If you want to romance one of the other two, flirt only with the one you want, I’m not sure about Fiama because I didn’t play her route yet but if you flirt with Roach Jonny won’t like it .


Thanks for the info. In my last game, I played kinda wild. I broke up with Fiama because you know interdimensional horror is not very good step-parent material and I wanted to break free from the body. But alas, I was stuck on the Earth, so I hooked up with Horizon despite my low humanity score. All in all, I wanted to say you can kinda jump the romances at the end, but I was interested about dating multiple people at the same time. Well there is no harem route for interdimensional horror it seems.


From what I’ve seen, I don’t think it’s possible to stop her initial blinding? However if you reach 100% essence and manage to leave the planet, you can restore her sight as a parting gift.


I did so after I chose to stay.


You can restore her sight after choosing to stay, too! The thing is you can’t be fully human, I believe. And you have to have enough essence to be able to jump (100%), even if you don’t utilize it.


Also, is it possible to get Ara to like us?


Roach can’t stay away for six months .God, they’re a simp. God, I love them so much. Also LIVVY BEST NEWMAN SISTER OF ALL TIME.


Does anyone understand the choice at the end where your MC can let I the entity (is it us, is it the hunter because of the eye)? You either eat them and have your stats, or you let them in and you merge and you become “I AM”. As I could see I could help remove the blindness from Livvy, and thats all?


Anyone know how to get my essence to a hundred? Or at least enough to let MC leave earth?


There’s a couple of methods I’ve found that help with this. First of all, choosing correct answers in the last few chapters, to figure out what’s happening. This includes identifying that Tzr’nekre’s eyes are important, realising they can see the rifts, looking for Livvy in the meditation room, and trying to ‘mix it up’ when fleeing from the cultists.

Secondly, get as many people as possible to join your final group. Roach, Jonny, and Fiama are all optional depending on whether you chose to befriend or alienate them (but you don’t need an especially nice, charismatic Newman for this, I played up being creepy and Otherworldly and still managed it). The more allies, the more essence.

According to a quick code dive, if you have at least 55 before the final battle, then winning and feeding on Tzr’nekre will boost you all the way to 100. Not sure what happens if you don’t feed on them, since that option is always greyed out for me!


Greatly enjoyable. Loved the developing relationship updates with the different characters and can’t wait to see the romance variations for every single one of them. For my first playthrough, I went after Jonny because he’s exactly the type of grumpy loner I always turn feral for.

Really liked the way Jonny opened up to my character and the epilogue scene with him was truly sweet (getting to wear his jacket, him liking to be called pretty (!!!), him acknowledging that his dating life was pretty straight before my MC came along). Didn’t expect him to show such nuance behind his gruff exterior, so now I’m definitely curious about what the other characters will have in store for me, especially Roach.

Honestly not sure if I will ever do a playthrough in which I’m mean to Livvy or entirely spiteful of humanity because, after all the drama and high emotions, I really enjoyed the pretty fluffy ending I got.

I think the only thing I was missing a bit was getting some achievements as it sometimes helps to put my playstyle into context. Did I do well? Or not? Not to mention the fact that punny achievements or achievements for silly stuff always make me chuckle (e.g. the pickle achievement in Choice of Robots). To be clear, this is not meant as a criticism, I merely found myself wondering what NPC-/plot-centric achievements for this game could have looked like.

Last but not least: What exactly does “partnered aro” mean in the game description and how do I play such a character (maybe I overlooked the option)? I’m mainly asking because, as an ace/maybe-aro, it’s my first time seeing the term pop up anywhere.


Oh yes, if you intentionally pick the wrong choices, things will get hairy.

Exactly what @Elysian said, tho leaving earth isn’t necessary

No :sweat_smile:

They totally are.

@Snowflower and @feurio thanks for the nice words and I’m glad you enjoyed the game and spending time with St.Georges gang :grin:

To be honest, I wrote the entire game without thinking about achivements, and when i finished, i completely forgot about them :sweat_smile:

Prefacing my answer by saying i’m not aro or ace so I might not get the definition 100% right; a partnering aro is an aromantic person that likes to be part of queerplatonic relationships. They are fine with having partners, and with alloromantic expressions of love. Roach is a partnering aro, and you can have that type of dynamic with them and also with Horizon.

So, I added another guide, gang. Following Elysian’s steps will get your essence to 100%, but I also made mine because why not.