Æon Sage - Redux

You’re about to take the trip of a lifetime, flying between the planets on an interplanetary cruise, where you’re the only thing standing between a killer and a ship of not quite innocent souls. Your choices decide who lives and who dies. What do you do?

I’m reviving this after so long, not quite as it was, but as how it should have been. The first time I worked on it, it was fun, and I liked playing around with it. This time it’s getting completed. Features:

  • Multiple potential killers: That’s right, it’s not just a case of tracking down the right guy once you’ve played the game once and know who it is, nor is it post hoc decided on who the killer is based on your decisions in game. The killer is decided on from the very start of the game, and it’s really up to you to catch them.
  • Seeded randomization: However, that doesn’t mean it’s always gotta be something different. Perhaps you want a fairer game, or even to know who the killer is from the outset? Well we can seed the randomizer at the very start of the game with your own name, or we can use the ‘true seed’ for a more balanced approach to storytelling.
  • Major decisions that have significant affect on the plot. Do you let the people on the ship know there’s a killer among them? If so, how do you control the ensuing panic? If not, how to you keep it covered up?
  • Four romanceable characters: Two men and two women, all potential love interests for all PCs, all potentiality the very killer you’re hunting.

What do I do?
Wait i’m not the killer?
Cause im pretty sure I’d just start killing in hopes of killing the killer (and just to kill)

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I think I missed this the first time around, if you had it up before as a wip. It looks interesting, so I’ll keep an eye on it.

I now realize why I should have mentioned that the PC is essentially the police in this story.

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Because of people like me who don’t mind making MC’s that kill indiscriminately?


Post deleted by ArcanaCero.

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I found a typo “Even when mankind goes out of its day to fashion clocks and time, there are those that give no heed, working and playing whenever it suits them.” day should be way. It’s on the 1st page chapter one. Unless you were refereeing to the Mars day.

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I’m not paranoid its just that the fastest way to kill the killer is to kill everyone until people stop dying. (A game taught me this)

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@Zach_Ellinger Thanks. Those kind of typos are the ones that kill me.

@ArcanaCero The killer is never spoiled at the beginning, it’s only possible to know who they are through either 1) playing ‘normal’ difficulty (where everything is predefined and carefully balanced) after learning who the killer is there or 2) playing through hardmode with the same ‘seed’ (which is based on your PC’s name). But ultimately the games is designed to be played in Permadeath mode (where it’s the most genuinely random).

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Sounds pretty cool. I like the mystery aspect to this.

Yeah, sometimes spell check hurts as much as helps if you spelled a real word in the wrong place. It happens to me all the time.

Pretty stoked to see this started up again.

Can I ask what your plans are for Eight Thrones?

It’s set aside for the foreseeable future. I really want to start getting projects done, and Æon Sage is a significantly smaller project with less reliance on outside content. It’s also why I’m rewriting a large chunk of the setting, to give it a more streamlined, cohesive identity.

Happy to see its up and running again :slight_smile:
interesting to see the difference of setting. Noting you’ve made it more local (mars) then on and with aliens. Loving mass effect as much as I do, I think I more swing towards the original starting, not to say there’s anything wrong (not enough here to make a fair judgment), just happy to see its alive again. Never was one for going through pages of comments (finding the later of the demo with a good amount of interest already when I found it), but am taken a back by the fact this was about finding a killer. Was this the plot from the beginning or something you’ve added to give the story more direction ?

Regarding the storyline, the core of the storyline never changed (I actually have a plotted line of major events, and the general gist of every possible ending already noted out). Anyone that played my old demo may remember that the basic plot was essentially “you land a job on a space-cruise ship as a security guard”. It’s the same thing here. In fact, most of my notes were pretty copy/paste +/- a few details for setting. The only real difference now is that it’s a little more hard sci-fi. No aliens, no intersteller, no nothing that’s not extrapolatable from current tech.

Which brings me to the mention of the setting. Now I could go on for a long while about the old setting (I started developing that back in high school some years before ME1), but the short is, it’s cutting the fat. The old setting was for exploring concepts of ethnicity and radically different approaches to both society and the process of thinking itself, but those weren’t subjects I was going to cover in Aeon Sage (at least not to any significant degree, well, not both of them at least). Dropping all those little things in favor of a setting that’s more understandable is I think for the better.


Excellent – look forward to playing through this again when I have enough time!

Well, for the moment it’s an eye catch. Current plan is Blackjack, then Guide, then Æon.

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Oh I remember this now. I recall enjoying the last one, so I’d like to see how this will turn out under your “new standard” of coding.

This sounds interesting. I’m busy right now but I’ll have a look soon. I always like a good murder mystery.

So with no aliens this time around is Kist a human or is she being scrapped completely?
And are we still able take cybernetic implants?