The Passenger’s Guide is Here!

Unsure if it would be here for a question,
but in the demo I recall vaguely all three on the sofa (Jonny, Roach, myself) and a different scene played out than Jonny sitting on a chair with Tamara.
Did I misremember that or am I not triggering the right things…?
(Near the beginning)

(Wanted to use the demo to do trial error instead of re starting every time it doesn’t trigger, but seems locked.
And well, since COG has no save feature, it’s getting a bit too repetitive to restart everytime it doesn’t trigger)

What would the trigger for that be? Is it stats or a specific dialog choice I didn’t pick yet? Flirting with both? Neither?


Sigh, Roach called my character pet and still left for good. Traumatizing.

Maybe I messed it up trying for a throuple with Horizon.


Roach has to be interested in your Newman to try and hold their hand. Don’t let them so they get huffy and Jonny has no other option than to be sandwiched between Roach and Newman.

@stsword so sorry! I just realized I was thinking about the alpha version of the epilogue. I just added the correct guide, hope you get the ending you want now.


What triggers the roach bus epilogue? Roach didnt even show up in my epilogue when I did their romance. Does telling them earlier that you’d choose staying in town over going with them lock you out of it?

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Did you ask them to give you some time to sort out your business? Because telling them you choose St.Georges over them is the breakup option so to speak.


Loved every second of reading this story, easily goes into my list of all time favourites.

I assume that bus scene does not happen in roach/horizon/newman route? Although judging by the fact that Roach is still there a month later it is probably safe to assume that it happened in the background

Exactly that. You only get that epilogue if you’re romancing Roach exclusively (and you told them you need some months to sort things out in St.Georges before taking them up on their offer to travel around.


Out if curiosity: how do you get

Roach’s knife? I have seen the choice, but it was greyed out for me in all three of my playthroughs…
Also, congratulations on the release! Passenger easily became my fav HG of 2022!


You get rid of the critter on CH5. Either by “killing” them or telling them to go away after they leave you to fend for yourself against Tzr’nekre. On CH6, I think? you’ll get the option to go through their backpack.

That’s high praise, thank you :heart:


One of the best games I have played! Really fun and man loved Jonny! Thank you for the guide truly appreciate it!


I haven’t even started the game yet (even tho my friend gifted me it), but thanks in advance!

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I must admit, the gameplay in last chapters feels strange.

I chose “search Horizon’s cabin” and then the game not only punished me for choosing the right choice by denied Newman of essence, but forced to search the meditation cabin instead.
But the gang was in Horizon’s cabin! I don’t understand the logic.
It feels artificial, not like «choose your own adventure», but choose «the path that the author thinks right».

Like the game, though. The characters are vibrant and alive. Love the humor and atmosphere and my casket (and all suckers ho ho!). Thank you for the present for winter holidays.


I don’t know if it’s intentional but there are no achievements on the IOS version fun game though

@Flaine1996 @AAChmielewski thank you, gang :blush:

They are in the meditation cabin :sweat_smile:


Umm… I’m kinda confused

Horizon’s office is the back room in the meditation cabin.


Ah, now I get it. So there are Horizon’s office and Horizon’s cabin, but to get to the office, we need to go through the meditation cabin. Ooookay.
This cult needs some better signs or the map. Ugh humans

would it be okay to ask what are the steps to successfully romance roach?

Respect their freedom, don’t try to control them, don’t force them to stay in the cabin they share with Newman when they panic about their mixed feelings about their relationship. I think that’s mostly it unless you’re trying to get a scene in particular?


ahhh so we can’t choose the jealousy options either? if so that’s a good confirmation because i wonder what i was doing wrong to heck it up fkdbsk thank you!