Average guy with a sharp tongue | 21 | INTP(Ti-Ne-Si-Fe) | Prob Ace | Schizoid, but oh well.
I’m not PC at all, that being said, I’m not rude for rudeness’s sake.
Thanks :v: Discord: Regal Rascal#6271
Favourite WIP right now: Demon: Recollect

A huge fan of meaningful romance plots, three dimensional characters and realistic interactions in general. Oh , and lots of dialogue variants, cuz people aren’t one dimensional much…

Also, I am transmed, cuz if you can’t be treated with depression by ‘‘being kinda sad’’, you can’t be trans ‘‘just cuz’’. And am also a transsexual, which seems relevant on this forum somehow.

–These days I’m into older animes and mangas (2005 and less mostly).
I just am not impressed at all with most of the recent ones.
Plus older show’s humor is more my thing.
I have a MAL/AniList account for those interested “RegalRascal”

Want to write something one day, but I dunno, I’m more of a drawing, poetry and critic typa guy. And those aren’t too linked with writing abilities too much. I’ve ideas, but I might be better if I had a writing partner, I dunno. Not sure where to start with writing so yeah…

My favourite games so far are: Tally Ho!, Dragon Racer and Wayhaven Chronicles (that one is kinda cheesy though).
As for WIPs, I am looking forward Replica, Elementals and The Passenger. Ah, and NNN… Narciss… Necromancer something. Think the user’s been… well, banned.

Peace out~ :v:
(And, well, feel free to ask me my discord and/or PM me ).

My RO ‘‘canon’’ choices (favourites):

Completed games
Tally Ho!: Haze Vermillion
Dragon Racer: Shader Ausley
Wayhaven: Mason… ignoring his advances is pretty funny.
Creme de la creme: Hartmann
Shadow Society: Rheylo
Demon Recollect: Ember
Werewolf 1/2: Jonton

The Passenger: Jonathan
Replica: Asher
NNN: Tanno (User got banned… cool cool)
Triaina Academy: Matthew and Pierce (mainly Pierce)
Supernatural in New York: Greyson
Elementals: Dante
To the Whistling Winds: Alejo

Visual Novels:
Red Embrace Hollywood: Heath
Beyond Eden: Oscar… not a fan of the game, but like the setting

Other games:
Dragon Age 2: Fenris
Dragon Age Inquisition: Solas
Life is Strange 2: Finn