The Lost Heir Trilogy



The sex of the baby is decided in part 2, regardless of whether you find out through magic. It’s very much 50 50 there.


I always use magic to find out, and it always end with “Its a girl!” I’m wondering if anything else affects the chances of having a boy or a girl?


Nope, it’s always 50%. You are just unlucky.



Since the sex of the baby is determined in the previous episode, your save game has already found the sex of the baby.

So, you’re having a girl, and from THAT saved game, she will continue to be a girl. Congratulations! :slight_smile:


That feeling when you have 71% archery and pretty much nothing else before chapter 3.


Better yet, when you have 97% archery and 96% nature at around the start of chapter 3.


When you can’t d o shut because you focused too much into archery at the beginning


Stat distribution kills. On the other hand, you’ll definitely be able to hit whatever it is you’re aiming at. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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What are the stats to get Elemental Archer?


80 Archery, 30 Magic, 85 Cumari Relationship iirc.


As you know, I’ve just fixed all the known errors from the entire trilogy. (If you know of any bugs that aren’t on those lists, let me know!)

The Map Making Challenge is here now: The Great Daria Map Making Contest: Win Money and a Name!


I was also an archer but later in the 2nd game I focused more on magic cause archery alone isn’t really enough, and got it to around 60%. Later in the 3rd game I maxed magic and was more of a mage-archer hybrid (with very high charm, agility and perception too) rather than a pure archer.


So, about that Legacy Update … :slight_smile:

Remember that old conversation about an IAP to give you a head start? I didn’t want to do it on first release, or it would seem like I handicapped the game, which I obviously didn’t. But now that the end of the Lost Heir is over a year old, I think something interesting could be done.

Regardless of the results of the contest, the Last Wizard will be released this summer (hopefully as a winner!) So that’s another reason why the timing for this is good.

I’ve been working on the Legacy Advantage since finishing the bugfixes. This is more than just a stat bump (although several bumps will come with it.) This is an entire side story which will wind through all 3 games.

Very exciting! :slight_smile:


Don’t suppose we could press you for more details?


Hmmm, I want to share it all because I love how it’s turning out, but I also don’t want to spoil any surprises.

Oh well, I guess I have to say something. :slight_smile: There is a certain powerful wizard from Elmvale who has been serving the royal line for a very long time. They will be making an appearance to give you some help, but with their presence comes a new enemy. :wink:


New enemy? I have to replay my old games and possibly revise my guides for a DLC side story? No!!!

Just kidding- I’m really looking forward to it. Last Wizard too, as a beta tester I’m quite interested in how the final product turned out.


@Lucid the new mission, just for part 1 or a multipart quest? Fine either way, love this world.


It starts in LH1, but a character who starts it will continue it through LH2 and LH3.


So if it’s not just gonna be a bunch of stat buffs what kind of bonuses will the quest give?
More relics?
More chances to class up?
More units for the war sequences?
Chances to change the main story?
Not fishing for specifics this time, just a quick yae/nae.


Would we be playing a seperate charecter within the same story or the same one?