The Lost Heir Trilogy



maybe you can add a bit more of dialogue for Ros in Lh 2 and 3, that will make it even more worth, id really love some new scenes with the ros :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually, the Legacy Advantage can only be applied to brand new characters. So, you’ll get to (have to) experience the story from the beginning once again. :slight_smile:

It’s still the same game and the same story. You will still be the lost heir and all of the same events will still occur. But this time, you will have an ally from the past.

  • One new relic.
  • No extra classes or level up, but some bumps to the stats, including Willpower. Some general all skill
  • Yes, one army bump of your choice: size, power, morale, reduced delays, food
  • Change to the main story? That’s a matter of interpretation, perhaps. In some ways, no, since the IAP is optional. But in other ways, yes, since a few new things happen.

This comment makes me nervous and excited at the same time. :slight_smile: The IAP will be an optional add-on, so it won’t be required in order to experience the entire story. But at the same time, I would like it to be more than just a stat bump, which is why I wrote a cool story around it too.

With that said, I think a brief extra scene with our RO (or a good friend, if you aren’t romantically inclined) would be very nice. :slight_smile:


What would you say you’re most excited for in the Legacy DLC?


I’m not sure if you’re asking me or others. :slight_smile: The stat bumps are nice and will be greatly appreciated, since people will enjoy being a little extra powerful and seeing those scenes which are harder to reach. But for me, I like the new storyline that I get to write. :slight_smile: Seeing the famous Elmvale Wizard showing up throughout the story is very exciting, especially when it’s revealed how they got there. :slight_smile:


I’m excited for the new storyline too. Stat upgrades are ok, but the beauty of these games is in the writing. You can get success with many of the multiple stats. Now I just am left to wonder which of the famous Wizards it’s going to be. The archmage? The archdruid? The angel lich? I’ve played Life of a Wizard as all these and more!


I’d like to ask for some added content for Good characters. So far, almost all the benefits come from being bad.


Agreed on more benefits for Good characters although I do like the bonuses that are there (sparing Jett, Paladin class, high citizen rep bonuses, forgiving Zusak, healing Suno/a, cant think of more offhand).


Well, the thing is, sparing Jett and getting citizen rep are orthogonal to your actual alignment. Suna, the Paladin and Zusak are the only things gated off by good. Evil gates off a lot more. (Necromancer and Druid of Decay mishandle this particularly badly, IMO. Being classed as a Necro or DD doesn’t make you do evil, but you have to be evil to take the classes in the first place.)


I’ve seen on this forum that the MC can actually forgive Zusak? Why?


Mostly because they are super turbo angels that forgive anyone but partly because they sympathise with the fact that everything he’s done are the actions of a broken man desperately trying to find a way to be with his wife and son again regardless of the cost.


So the MC should forgive him for killing their family so he could be with his?


Could: yes
Whether they should or not is entirely up to the player, I won’t look down on or belittle anyone that chooses to forgive and spare Zusak nor will I do the same for anyone that kills him out of vengeance.
That’s why it’s called a Choose Your Own Adventure, he says hypocritically while still holding on to Neo’s best ending guides from years ago.


That’s often the case. The bad option stands out as different. Others would claim that most options are for good MCs. But yes, I’ll try to add a bit of both. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to give lots of big choices. :slight_smile:

It’s a challenge on my end, since I want all choices made to be valid. It often means not mentioning specifics. :slight_smile:


Forgiving Zusak- my first character that did it was a Paladin of Auriel. Suno planted the seed of her as a forgiving Goddess in LH1 when the Paladin was a simple squire/Priest… mostly I did it to explore the option and emulate my Goddess. You kind of have to work into it from a roundabout route, if you attack him at all in the final fight you won’t get the option. I focused on and entirely took out K’Girr, then saw a new option for dialogue with Zusak I hadn’t seen before. I picked it, then got the option to forgive him. I like to role play my characters so I picked it and it worked (I needed 100 Charm & 100 Good to make it work btw, otherwise he forces you to kill him by refusing negotiating). I felt it was awesome at the time. But yeah, going the other way is equally valid and fun too.



I believe this voices my aticipation, Love-The Nice Orc Necromancer.


Is it the same universe though? The kingdom in both is called Daria


Oh yes.

Life of a Wizard comes first.

A few hundred years pass, then the Lost Heir trilogy occurs.

A shorter time after that and the Last Wizard occurs.

Many years after that and we see Life of a Mobster.

A few years after that and we see Paradox Factor.

Welcome to the Lucidverse! :slight_smile:


Phew, dodged that bullet; almost bought it. Thanks a lot for that list too, you didnt have to, but I very much appreciate you did


What @Lucid said. Just assume I would have said it much better.


Has the Legacy, been updated?