The Lost Heir Trilogy



Nope. It’s in post production. I think we might see it early September. It’s coming! :slight_smile:


Nice to see your taking your time on it. :sunglasses:


Not me. It’s fully complete and sent in. CoG is very busy right now with so many games so Legacy is in the queue.


Nooo :sob: but in my wait for the update I’m going to save money to become a patron!:grin:


Cocks Shotgun

Well, crap, so are you proud of your work?


my heart and mind were in pieces when i finally “beat” that game. >.>


It’s out!!! The Legacy Advantage is live! Anyone tried it yet?


The legacy advantage is a HG?
I couldn’t found it…


It’s a dlc for the first game that carries to the other 2.


It should be in the Lost Heir. You should find an option to buy it there, and then new things will occur through all 3 games.


Unfortunately it doesn’t actually seem to be working on Steam. I’ve bought it, it says it’s installed, but when I get to the bit in Elmvale it says I don’t have it :confused: I’ve tried reinstalling and everything.


Send an email to the support address for Steam. Sorry for the troubles. These Release Day Bugs are always frustrating. is the other support, not sure what Steam’s support address is.


I couldn’t find the option to buy the dlc. Is it in the first one?


Looked on my iPhone App Store, didn’t see anything new. :frowning:


That’s what he said but I can’t seem to find the option anywhere




I thought you said you would add another romance scene in the dlc


What’s a dlc?


downloadable content

@Lucid :frowning: Shame. Will have trouble waiting a week.


No, there is no additional romance. This is more about the numbers advantage with some additional story thrown in for fun. :slight_smile: