The Lost Heir Trilogy



“Okay, so apparently there’s a major bug that is causing Apple to fail to recognize the purchase IAP, and Apple has to approve the update, so we’ll have to hold the until at least next week.”
Okay well I can wait a week


Very frustrating. Sorry, everyone.


It’s okay, it isn’t your fault that apple takes a week to update


Will the price go up?


I just started a new game recently, when I stumbled across this little tidbit during Harmond’s lesson. Has anyone else seen this?


“So, that’s your teacher,” the disembodied voice from your dream says.

You look around, but you don’t see the speaker. Harmond doesn’t seem to notice that you’re distracted.

“I know that book,” the voice says, referring to the tome in front of you. “Turn to the last page. There’s map from the skilled cartographer Roxas. Tear it out and put it in your pocket. The map isn’t entirely accurate, but it’s close enough and it’s beautiful. It will help you on your journeys.”

The voice vanishes. You open the book, and sure enough, you see a gorgeous map of Daria.

Tear out the page and put it in your pocket.

Leave the map where it is.


Something to add to my last post, I took the page and got this :slight_smile:


That’s some of the new, free stuff. :slight_smile:


Just finished my first playthrough of the trilogy, and man it was good. I’ll have to do it without TLA some time just to show I can, but even with it it’s probably the hardest HG on the site.

Additionally, there were a surprising amount of options that let me keep my demifiend build going through the entire trilogy, so thanks for that.


The original goal of the Advantage was to bump stats, but I ended up having a lot of fun writing a cool story to explain the advantage.

It was suggested that an IAP for each story might be good, but I think a single IAP that carried through the whole thing was much better.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile: Hopefully iOS users will get their chance to play soon. Next week, I’m told.


Would there be plans to add in a legacy advantage type thing for life of a wizard where we play through there perspective where we have to find artificats to give them and create the amulet and help the jilal empire


No, I don’t think so. :slight_smile: I have no plans to add to any of the games, although we may see some more crossover since they belong to the same world. Time travel and magic certainly allow even more. :slight_smile:


Will there be a Legacy Advantage for Mobster? :smiley:


So quick question about something the Wizard says in the new DLC. They mention that they served mad kind Gareth’s son during their time as royal wizard. Does this mean that Princess Emily’s kid is the one killed in LoaW?


King Norbert had King Gareth, the mad king. Someone ruled after him (nephew or son, the records are unclear). Then came King Kyle.

The exact details are lost in history. :slight_smile:


Ok that makes sense, thanks. And I supposed this also means that it’s still possible to have the Wizard be the Heir’s ancestor.


So I’m trying to get the legacy advantage but can’t find an option for it anywhere. Anyone mind pointing out where I can get it? I’m playing on the iPhone app.


There is a glitch that stops you from buying it,it’s been fixed but it will be released in a couple days since apple has to approve it.


Thanks for the info and looking forward to the fix!


With the legacy advantage.Our MC skills can actually reach 100 percent in every skills,knowledge and abilities except for willpower but willpower still can reach 70 percent


That’s… a bit overkill. I honestly more enjoy playing imperfect characters and/or strange builds.