The Lost Heir Trilogy



that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in years. Does it give job classes? Items?


What happened to the other races in the lucidverse by the time of Life of a Mobster? did they die out or is it just set primarily in a human settlement?


The Advantage gives a powerful artifact, but no extra levels. Instead, it sprinkles you with advantages (10 in total) through all three games.

We don’t know! There is a story there, which has never been told.

I’m waiting for the iOS release. I hope it shows up soon!


Any idea when exactly the Legacy Advantage is coming to the play store?


It’s already on it. You have to update the first game.


The problem was with the iOS store. It glitched and CoG had to push an update. I’m just waiting on that update. All other platforms should be working, I’m told.


Maybe the mc in life of a mobster is another descent of the great wizard?:thinking:


Does auriel’s grief help in anything in the lost heir 3?


So, is update playable here, on site version then? i"m asking since I don’t see option to buy dlc, game immediately transport me to

Begin playing **The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria**
Check out **The Last Wizard** by Mike Walter
Check out **Life of a Mobster** by Mike Walter
Check out **Life of a Wizard** by Mike Walter
Check out **Paradox Factor** by Mike Walter
How can I get a short, free game and hear more about **Lucid's Games** ?

And if Legacy content working on site, can comeone tell where first DLC-related scene supposed to happen, so I could easily check? Maybe it’s already unlocked for me for some reason.

Okay, nevermind. I found in code that it should check your dlc status on the first scene, and judging by how it plays in the game it stil not implemented here. Or there is some bug.


the last i check, the Legacy advantage had been delay to 27th September, so i am not sure what happen to those who had already install it… :slight_smile:


It’s already out for android


27? I thought a week, so I thought maybe today. More waiting.


I check the announcement on HG release, saw it was 27th…


[cues up a certain Tom Petty song and rocks out]


Ahhh love the Legendary Advantage!


Are you able to get level 90 in demon summoning with the legendary advantage


Will the advantage be an on/off switching feature, or will we be locked into it once the purchase is made?


There’s an option to not use it if you want.


there is an option to not use it if you want


Totally amazing but near the end of LH2 and 3 some actions require class levels, not specific stats but still a great way to power through the demon realm.