The Lost Heir Trilogy



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Too be honest, I couldn’t get shadow mage to work even though I met all the requirements. I had 3 levels in assassin, I don’t know if it was because I took Alchemy as my prestige at the end of part 2 or not.


IIRC, you need one lvl on mage too.


It was because you took Alchemist. For Shadow Weaver, you need 1 Level in Wizard, 1 Level in Thief or Assassin, the Cape of Shadows, 80 Stealth, and iirc 50 Magic. Pretty strict requirements.


Ah, I had thought the wizard requirement was optional, like you had to be either a wizard; assassin or thief. Thanks for letting me know, playing as an alchemist was kinda underwhelming, I see why in the in-game world it wasn’t a popular vocation.


I thought the character who became the red mage was the second one you pick to go search info on Zuzak? I picked Jace first, then Theo and Jace ended up becoming the Red Mage


It’s whoever has the lowest relationship value.
The first person you pick gains an extra 5 points, the second loses 5 no matter who you pick.


A game from the same author that takes place in the same world is in development, see Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP). But it won’t use any save data from Lost Heir, so it doesn’t matter that you didn’t save.


Ah ok, so I guess there will be a canon playthrough of the original series then? But why add the save function if no data will be transferred?


No, there is no canon playthrough. All choices make a good and true story.

I have no clue why the save game function is activating at the end of Lost Heir 3. It isn’t supposed to.


I think the lucid verse functions more a long the lines of major events happen but the specifics are left to each player.


That works for me.

“I wish for Alexander Zusak to die.”

“Well, ok, sure. All humans die, so he will too. But not today.”



Is there any point to going max level assassin? Especially with some of the magical items you get like the one that gives bonus to nature early on? I was pretty much capped out in Assassin stats except Devices but took lvl 5 Assassin for RP purposes, but didn’t really see any effect. Are there only enough levels to max one class? I kinda thought I could max one class and still get a prestige class


You can only complete the Final Assassin Subquest in LH3 (with the Rival Assassin) if you are a Max Level 5 Assassin. It earns you the title of Mentor (the game calls it Guildmaster, but I retcon it as an Assassin’s Creed fan- Zusak, Selina, Thuja, Bunta, Eddan, Porter, Master Jett, etc are all Templars).


Assassin in general is a weak class, but yes, the rival assassin quest is for maxssassins.

And “maxing” a class means spending every level you can in that class. For Assassins, that’s all 5 levels - though there aren’t many benefits to said maxing.


It’s not worth getting more than 2 lvl in one class.


How is Master Jett a Templar? He helps you out if your citizen reputation is high enough, or is there a secret quest he’s involved in that you can only access as an assassin?


It’s a joke to give me a reason for killing him besides Evil and Money. That’s it.


I disagree, though it depends on the class. A lot of classes benefit from high or even maxed class (Monk and Druid come to mind, but Thug is also helpful in a lot of places) and others consistently raise a broad range of stats (Epic Bard is actually a strong playthrough and gives you a phenomenally broad skill base).


At least so of the Templars actually have morals and values. Instead of wanting to tear open the Veil between the Demon Realm and the mortal coil.