The Lost Heir Trilogy



It’s not worth getting more than 2 lvl in one class.


How is Master Jett a Templar? He helps you out if your citizen reputation is high enough, or is there a secret quest he’s involved in that you can only access as an assassin?


It’s a joke to give me a reason for killing him besides Evil and Money. That’s it.


I disagree, though it depends on the class. A lot of classes benefit from high or even maxed class (Monk and Druid come to mind, but Thug is also helpful in a lot of places) and others consistently raise a broad range of stats (Epic Bard is actually a strong playthrough and gives you a phenomenally broad skill base).


At least so of the Templars actually have morals and values. Instead of wanting to tear open the Veil between the Demon Realm and the mortal coil.


And then there are those like Cesare Borgia who just want personal power and greed.


I disagree with your disagreement. Monk is one of the weakest classes, having 5 lvl in Monk to achieve nirvana is not going to change it.
Bard lvl 5 gives you Magic, Charm, Perception, History, Agility and Perception, all of those can be pretty high already, there is no need for going lvl 5. And the bard quest can be completed by a lvl1 bard.


Yeah, but a Level 3 Bard can Summon Whales for Food during the Sea Voyage and do other awesome things. Level 5 Bards can use their music to put the Kraken to sleep and injure K’Girr. You feel the difference.

And I personally happen to like Monk- remember Class Levels aren’t the only thing that give you Stats.


You can get enough food with the others options, and there are better ways to injure K’Girr, especially with the Rune Warrior or Blademaster.


Yes, but these games are not about a “one true way to play to completion”. They’re about multiple paths to having fun and the vast unstoppable power of your imagination (waves hands like SpongeBob on last word for emphasis). There’s also some challenge and replayability in getting every ending with every Class’s Top Level(which I’ve done).


The true challenge is raising several stats to 100.


Pick which ones. :wink: I may or may not answer here depending on my time.


Is it bad that I actually managed to play a thug that somehow got every single core stat (except Willpower), Archery, and Blades all to 100 in a single playthrough?

…That guy was a beast.


That is a feat I would have trouble completing even with a walkthrough like the one I made. Kudos, Excalibur! :slight_smile: Was it a level 5 Thug?


I can’t really remember how I did it. I wasn’t even doing it on purpose. But that was definitely one of my best characters.

Yeah, it was max level thug.


:joy: Hard to call him a thug if he is duel wielding swords, shooting arrows and god-knows what else


Psshhh… More like he’s the coolest thug ever. :sunglasses:


My child is always a girl in my playthroughs, and I’m wondering if it’s ever possible to get a boy? My partners have always been jess and Brinn, so I’m wondering if it had to do with the partner I have?


The sex of the baby is decided in part 2, regardless of whether you find out through magic. It’s very much 50 50 there.


I always use magic to find out, and it always end with “Its a girl!” I’m wondering if anything else affects the chances of having a boy or a girl?