The Hero Project: Open Season Discussion Thread


Well, I did this before and it helpfully narrowed down a lot of fun discussions between people talking about the game and it’s quality (or lack there of, depending), and since it appears we have a brand new game on the horizon fairly soon, it only makes sense to try this again.

I’ll try and keep information about the new title and sequel to Redemption Season updated in this post as best I can. If not, well, the thread can speak for itself. Anyway, here’s the basic notes from the Facebook page.

  • Releasing Early 2018
  • Contains two interval chapters focused on the Original Heroes Rise Trilogy MC.
  • A teaser will be released when one of the following criteria is met; The Heroes Rise Facebook page reaches 6K followers, Zachary Sergi reaches 1.5K Twitter followers, or Zach’s Instagram page reaches 1K followers.

“In Open Season, everyone is a target. Who will be yours?”

Heroes Rise Official Facebook Page

Feel free to discuss based on what little info we’ve acquired so far. At the moment I’m interested in the Original MC Intervals the most.


I’m really looking forward to it! Especially the Original MC Intervals. I believe the tentative release date is March 29th so… Gosh, it’ll be here before we know it!

Also I see my Bae on the cover… This pleases me…


Haha, that’s awesome! Finally played Redemption Season today and it was better than the reception would make me think. I’m fairly excited to keep going with things but getting time with the old MC is AWESOME.

You mean BM right?


That’s Jury on the cover.
Second MC
Old MC
Mechip Prodigal?


Noo, its Jury like @No_This_Is_Patrick said.

I’m just… hoping this means we get more of him in this game.


Ahhh, my bad, can’t remember designs sometimes. I assume this ties in a little to the Original MC stuff. Good news for those pissed about the whole…break up thing.


bitter bitter laughing


Our resident beta tester knows how much this is going to hurt


I don’t like the sound of that. What do you mean?

@MeltingPenguins I have similar questions for you. XD


I was talking about her that’s why she’s bitterly laughing.


Ahhhh…well either way, that’s worrisome.

Heroes Rise as a whole is a fun experience for me, but I have seen her/his/idk their gender’s posts, and the writer in me understands XD. I am curious as to what they’re “laughing” about though, specifically. Lol


Telling you’d get me banned from either the forum or at least further beta testing.
Just this much, and sadly I’m not exaggerating, but OpenSeason does require some serious Content- and Triggerwarnings (unless the entire thing has been rewritten from the ground up, which… is prolly not the case) as the beta alone caused a couple of anxiety attacks.


Is the romances for our original MC at least safe? Cause I’m honestly worried based on the whole Jury thing last book.


Depends how you define “romance”.
Cause… my definition of romance would be getting to know the character, growing into a mutually trusting, supportive and loving relationship.
And that… weeeeell…


I believe if the original MC romanced Lucky, BM, or Jenny they were engaged in Redemption Season.

I think it would be pretty cute to see the original MC and their RO planning their wedding and things like that. Maybe during the Interludes with the original MC?


@Mewsly I feel like planning a wedding with BM, would just be your Mc saying yes to whatever BM wants lol. Well hopefully like the BM who’s rough kinda around the edges.


Hey. BM has been though a lot and they deserve their dream wedding if you ask me.


Lol true, true. But i feel like bill going be hefty, wait didn’t BM change their name?


Well they’re Bright Magic now so… I guess they would still be BM!


Thanks, i forgot what it got change to, keep thinking nlack magic instead of bright magic smh. Im just can’t wait for this to come out. Hero Rise was my very first choice of game that made interested more in choice of games.