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Undercover Agent: Released January 25th. A spy caper!
Fielder’s Choice: Released February 22nd. A baseball pitching sim.
The Hero Project: Open Season: Released April 5th The sequel to The Hero Project: Redemption Season.
Silverworld: Released April 12th. A sophomore effort by the author of Empyrean, in an alternate history where the Byzantine Empire never fell and instead became a colonial empire like the UK, you are inadvertently sent back through time to a time and place with dinosaurs, false gods, and unknown cultures.
The Road to Canterbury: Released April 26th. Join Geoffrey Chaucer, the miller, and the wife of Bath on a pilgrimage to Canterbury!
Rent-a-Vice: Released May 24. In the future, virtual experiences are for sale. For the right price, you can inhabit the body of a feeder and experience anything you want without danger to yourself. Jump from a plane, wrestle a bear, take the ultimate high. In this world of indulgence, you’re a PI who’s been hired to investigate a murder.
I, Cyborg: Copyedit, Released June 27th. Ypsilante Rowe, infamous smuggler and hustler, activated you and then used you–a cyborg–as their doppleganger in order to escape a sticky situation. You look just like Rowe, and have all of their memories from before you were turned on, but in the ten years of separation since, the two of you have become very different people. Of course, once Rowe shows back up in your life, the opportunity for shenanigans and hijinks on starships and planetary colonies abound. By @TracyCanfield.
Blood Money: Copyedit. Call forth ghosts with blood magic, as you navigate mafioso-like family politics in a Venetian fantasy world. By @HannahPS.
Werewolves: Haven Rising: Copyedit. The werewolves lost their uprising, and are now confined to the ruins of New Haven, CT. Twenty years on, a new generation of werewolves chafe at the strictures of the US Army.
Choice of Magics: Continuity. In a postapocalyptic world, magic has been outlawed. When you rediscover its secrets, the fate of the realm will turn on your choices. Another epic tale by @kgold.
Gilded Rails: Draft revision. In the 1880s, you take over the Rochester Railroad, on condition that you find a suitable spouse within the year. Can you dominate both the worlds of business and matchmaking?
Weyrwood: Draft review. The politics of inheritance when a town is bewitched by the fae.
DinoKnights: Draft review. As a ranger for her majesty the Queen of Pascalia, you adventure on dino-back to stop an evil wizard, protect the queen from dangerous threats within the court, and find true love. A sophomore outing from KT Bryski, author of Yeti’s Parole Officer.
Stronghold: In progress. A sophomore effort by Jo Graham and Amy Griswold, authors of The Eagle’s Heir. Here, you carve an outpost from the wilderness and must govern it through threats both internal and external.
The Tower Behind the Moon: In progress. As an archmage in the land of Harpe you work with your very own monster, castellan, angel, mentor, and bard to fight your nemesis, journey into the underworld, and complete your Ascension. By Kyle Marquis, author of Silverworld and Empyrean.
Death Collector: In progress. You play a rookie death collector, harvesting the life-stories (and tongues!) of people just before they die and logging them in a giant oral history archive. Fight corruption within the Ministry, find romance with your co-workers, investigate the mysteries of the invisibility cloak you use when harvesting, and get one of your harvested stories published. By Jordan Reyne, author of Choice of the Cat.
Love at Elevation: Draft revision. A dating sim set in Boulder, CO.
The Mysteries of Baroque: In progress. A Gothic fantasy horror, a story of murder, betrayal, mad science, doomed love, and revenge from beyond the grave. Play a revenant, an aristocrat mutilated and murdered by cultists in a dark ritual, then brought back to life by a mad scientist dabbling in forbidden secrets. By William Brown.
Anglo-Saxon: In progress. A 10th-Century adventure; The X-Files meets The Name of the Rose, as you travel through England solving the mysteries of an ancient tome, and investigating myths while staving off conflict with Vikings. A sophomore outing from @r_davis , author of Broadway: 1849.
Untitled Superlatives Sequel: In progress. Picking up after the conclusion of The Superlatives: Aetherfall, you work for the Conclave, an interplanetary diplomatic force as you hunt down the mysterious assassin who killed your predecessor. By Alice Ripley.
The Darkling Watchers: In progress. The US Government employs the spirits of the dead as spies? Another mindbending outing by Paul Gresty, author of The ORPHEUS Ruse and MetaHuman, inc.
Platinum Package: In progress. In the elite world of high net-worth individuals, someone has to make the impossible happen. By Emily Short.
Demon Lord of the Labyrinth: Draft revision. You are a demon lord, recently escaped to the Material Plane, trying to rehabilitate an old labyrinth.
Merc Life in the Magic City: In progress. As a hacker in a magical sci-fi dystopian future, you must build a team and take down a corporation, while making sure to keep your rent paid!
Exile of the Gods: In progress. A sequel to Champion of the Gods.

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