The Hero Project: Open Season Discussion Thread


I only want the original MC to be the female Shep to Prodigal’s thane krios


He better be in it :rage: Imma bouta beat his ass into submission for hurting my MC! (Jk I’ll prob be an awkward clutz and materialize a “tripping and falling down a flight of stairs” option when he shows up, even if there isn’t one there)


My MC is gonna punch him in the mouth… with his mouth…

I am weak-willed person and I just want them back together.


My MC really would hit him with his mouth too.

Honestly same. I literally stayed single the entire time just for the hope I could be with him. And look what he does to me!!! He breaks up with me for some woman! I DONT CARE HOW FAMOUS SHE IS I SAVED THE CITY!!! :sob: I really love them too though.


We will get through this… I promise…

Open Season, please don’t hurt us…


Ooooooohhhhhh, right, beta testing is a thing lol. Well I wasn’t asking for details, that’s all I needed to know to get it XD.

Well I don’t get offended or “triggered” easily…usually not at all, but I’ll keep that in mind. Some of my friends do.


didnt prodigal die in the last trilogy? I may not be remembering correctly, but i know my MC ended up alone and I was really pushing for prodigal as RO


I dunno how to explain spoilers, so I’mma just say there’s some sort of explanation.




I’m sorry but is that really nessesary? There’s a lot of people wanting to play this, don’t ruin it for them. If it helps then mute this thread until the games comes out.


Well they did put it in spoiler tabs, thankfully. Although my curiosity got the better of me XD


A spoiler blur is one thing if the game is out but it’s not.


So… that was a thing… think I could have done without clicking on that spoilerific meltdown…


I mean the name contains “melting” so…:upside_down_face:


So can I ask is this the final book of The Hero Project or it’s just the second one?
It’s been a long time since I read the news


I’m curious why does this game mean so much to you? So far it seems this series is the one you judge most harshly and even in threads which aren’t originally about HR whenever this topic comes up or Sergis name is mentioned you are there to share your opinion. I mean if I don’t like a game then I just don’t show interest in any sequels and I avoid threads about it. But you even voluntering beta testing for a series you don’t like… I have the impression that it’s personal for you.


It’s going to be the final book.


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