The Hero Project is up on the Play Store

You know, for those who haven’t seen it already, heh.


Its still not out for IOS. I cri


It might be on amazon, though I dunno. Searching for “the hero project” results in dish soap, parachute cord and skin care cream.
there’s a joke about reality show merch in there


The iOS version of this game is going to be released within Choice of games omnibus app, right?

No, Open Season is the last game thats going to be released as its own app

Ah… I misread the fineprint. :persevere:

Seems like the release date of April 5th is the day when it’s available on every platform. Atm it’s only available on Android to my knowledge.

Well, according to Zach’s Twitter is should be released everywhere but Steam…

Seems not:

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i cri…

Oh well, its still going to be here soon! Hopefully it won’t be too much longer for Steam players!


Steams usually a day or two later by default, innit?

Well, we “released” it around noon on iTunes, but it usually takes 6-12 hours for it to turn up in search results.

Then, around 7pm, we received notification that the game had been Rejected, despite it having been Approved over a month ago. Apple has never re-reviewed a game that was previously approved before.

We appealed the Rejection, and they seemed to accept that appeal. We were notified about 45 minutes ago that the game was Approved again, and Processing for Sale.

So…hopefully by morning it will turn up in search results on iTC.


Did it ever go up? Still have not seen it on Apple.

I had a phone call with Apple this morning; they’ve elevated the issue to engineering.


What is legit going on??? Has anything like this ever happened before?

Calm down. Sometimes stuff gets delayed on a platform for whatever reason. It’s happened heaps of times and the delay might be longer than usual as most staff have probably been away for Easter holidays. See the comment by Jason a few posts above as to what happened. It’ll probably be out soon.


I like to think of if this way: Every moment we wait is a moment closer to when it’ll be out! It’ll be here before we know it!

Though I’d be lying if I said that the way Apple is handling this isn’t going to be on my mind next time I get a new phone…





So idk what thread is the discussion one, but having just started this game I was wondering who the RO’s are?

The discussion threads got closed and unlisted due to politics.
But ROs are

weaver, jury, old mc, transfer. I think crystalline too if you get ignite killed, but we’re checking that atm