The Civil Evolution (Title and Game WIP)


More on the Backstory

The Phoenix Project.

The Phoenix Project was started over forty years ago (From the start of the Game), It was a low priority study on how humanity could avoid extinction in the worst case scenario. During the time moral was still quite high, Earth’s fleet had fought and won several pitched battles in nearby systems, and while those systems were lost a year or so later when Machine reinforcements came. The Republic’s leadership was confident that with the time they had that they would come up with a proper response and be able to defeat the Machines. The Leadership of the Phoenix Project thought differently. Going through old data they found a hundred and thirty-year-old predictive algorithm that charted the Machines advance, after a year of fine tuning they successfully charted the war from the very beginning. The algorithm only needed information from the first quarter of the war, and predicted every attack and fleet movement from then on, nearly perfectly. the Algorithm’s data was originally discarded as ridiculous because it charted the Machines fleet strength in the millions, something thought impossible or at least really unlikely in its original time, but recent reports from space telescopes and deep space scanning technology reported that it had been accurate. This had the Phoenix Project leaders worried. the predicted fleet strength was over six million ships for the Machines final attack, and it would happen in around forty-five years from then and Sol would be the last to fall.

They began exploring their options and when the conventional failed they began digging into the unconventional. Meanwhile, the war continued to worsen, as system after system was lost. soon the FTL Comm could only connect to half-dozen colonies. When the discovery of an FTL drive was announced by one of the colonies, Moral rose once again, with an FTL drive the combined fleet of earth could descend on any system that needed help and wipe out the Machines in detail. Testing began immediately and initial tests were promising. But when they tried to scale it up massive problems surfaced, in the end, the project was abandoned, to move a starship would take more energy then the solar system could produce in a year. The Phoenix Project gained control of the prototypes and data believing that should the energy problem be solved it would save humanity.

Around thirty years ago the Project faded from the hierarchy in the Republic’s military, its members dispersing to other jobs and other roles. This was not truly the case. The Phoenix Project created a plan to create the seed ships, the scientists in charge of the FTL project were told to find the energy to launch even one ship, “Blow up the Sun if you have to” were the extract words used, and So they succeeded in creating an engine that would propel the ship into FTL, in fact, the delivery system could be scaled up to send hundreds if not thousands of ships into FTL. The Project leaders realized that for the Project to succeed they needed the resources of the entire Republic and the only way to get it was to take it in secret, one does not simply “Blow up the Sun”, so they Officially disbanded the Project and worked in secret to acquire the resources needed. Eventually, they moved high enough in the Republic to ensure the ships could be built (and paid for) and that the resources were in place to build the Launch device in Mercury’s Darkside.

While the Captains of the Seed ships are informed about the nature of their FTL drives, they were all carefully chosen because they would be able to keep the secret. Sol’s economy would collapse if the public was ever informed that Earth Command knew it was going to lose, even if Humanities extinction was going to be tempory. No one wants to die. They were chosen because their evaluations showed they would pour every available resource into these crafts and then steal more if they had too. They come from all corners of the solar system, and from nearly every space going field, some are Techs and Farmers, some are Generals and Captains of industry, and even if only half answered the call, the Project stood at greater than 73% chance to succeed.

The FTL launch device would be built on time and would be hidden as part of a Steller laser system. A project that has been suggested in the past but discarded time and time again.

All that is left is to inform the “Captains” of their new mission.


Love if they down Science path you should allow then go into grad school get the doctorate etc. So then into scientific field and they roll research and getting published.

With military one if want to be mad man you entire reward system set and campaign ribbons etc.

I promise i do not want make you go more crazy but can pillaged some more ideas from here.


Actually, you can!.The Universities listed cover all the sciences, and Science Ranks indicate the kind of Degrees you hold, Science Rank one, for instance, is a Bachelor’s while Science Rank two is a Masters and so on.

lol, the Campaign ribbons is a nice idea but not for this setting… although after watching that video I kinda wanted to see if I could do a Traveller CoG…


I love it when a pen paper RPG that marry there mechanics with the setting. It awesome. Traveler has really weird setting. Because it was originally made to be very bland and Vanilla then this setting and lore start to grew up around it. It Known for it ungodly attention to detail depending on the edition and character the creation process which one of first life path system. If want to be real madman in the old Traveler if get a wrong roll the military career if could kill them in character creation.


Found a copy of T5 today and tried to create a character and got lost… lol

But I’m sure ill get a lot from it.


Will you have the history and back story you have listed here in the game in a sub tab? It’s nice to have a refrence when playing a game to stay immersed.


I love and hate Traveller 5 character creation process it’s so bloody rich but they f*** the pooch with the rules because the hardcover Edition has a lot of errors and missing explanations and honestly I feel that book is more of a toolkit than actual setting. It took me like 6 hours and make one character this f****** rules are a pain in the ass because they’re incomplete. If you have the online version and it should be the updated one. But honestly Traveller 5 is Rich of things you can pillage from it so I said pillage it’s like you’re viking on a monastery grab that booty and bring it back to Norway.



If at all possible I intend to have it included as part of a glossary (potentially one that updates based on the lore you’ve uncovered) but I don’t know how to do that yet, and it isn’t a large priority atm.


I’ll probably sit down and swim through all the charts until I see land. :smile: maybe tomorrow or the next day… but the book makes my Organization OCD … Hurt… I may be forced to make a document that makes organizes the materials better so I (and my friends) can get through it quicker (and understand it at all). I’m not sure what version it is off the top of my head it came from Drive-thru RPG. (50% right now)

I also had to remove the other three chapters from the top post… when I tried to update it to the new char generation system I wrote out it said I was over the character limit… agian…
:slight_smile: I’ll repost chapters 2 and 3 once I get Chapter 1 finished and uploaded as a Demo

So in the mean time anyone have any more questions or concerns about what you have already seen?


This is my favorite work in progress game in choice of the game



Thanks! I hope it’s becomes one of your favorites when it’s done too!



It great tool kit if can get through it. Fuck it feels like it covers everything.


Lol it sure does doesn’t it?

I even saw a chart on genetics and determining genetics for clones and children in there…


Would believe there holes in rules still.I own the very flaw physical copy. it’s a God damn brick. Lore is weird interesting there system for land grands nobility what you can literally create a character that is the science fiction version of a homesteader with doctorate in philosophy :stuck_out_tongue: . One of the reason I kinda love it.


Note on careers paths and the difference between civilian and military “trees”

The primary difference is that civilian jobs will only have skill requirements. While military jobs will have either a rank requirement or a previous posting requirement as well as a skill requirement.

For example Pilot leads to junior navigator and squadron leader. (Navigators pilot the big ships, Pilots, pilot small ships) both require pilot as their requirement.

After each 4 year block you can at any time chose to leave or enter the military. Provided you meet the requirements for the job. You also can’t repeat a job. So if you end the pilot 4 year block as a spectacular failure thrn you may not met the requirements for junior navigator or squadron leader. You also may not do the Pilot job over again


Fast forwarding to your species as an organized society, will there be the option to introduce combat styles to the warrior/soldiers? While it would depend on the species body, giving a city state the phalanx would encourage an empire.


It is something I’ve thought about including before, but I never put much thought into it. I was originally against it because it would “Complicate” character creation… but since I’ve gone and complicated it any way I think I can keep this as an option.

I think if I change up my weapon skills to be Guns, Melee, Missle, Armor, and AI Warfare,

I could use the Gun skill to include historical references, like the fire and advance tactic. should the race used manufactured weapons in the Appropriate age.
I could use the Melee skill to include historical references, like to the Phalanx should the race used manufactured weapons in the Appropriate age.
I could use the Missle skill to include the historic uses of bows and crossbows. should the race used manufactured weapons in the Appropriate age.
I could use the Armor skill to include ways the MC can suggest armoring. should the race use manufactured armors (A race with a natural Exoskeleton may not want to)
I intend to use AI warfare as both offense and defense once the Race develops computers and discovers the MC.

Thanks for reminding me!


Player Personality and associated stats.

The player has five stats that are a reflection of their actions. they may unlock some choices, mostly in conversations, and in your interaction with your race.

Chaos Vs Order
This stat shows how willing you are to support a system and work through the system, vs, your desire to ignore the system and tear it down.

Expediency Vs Perfection.
This stat shows how willing you are to do things “right” or to do things “fast”.

Use of Life vs Respect for life
This stat shows how you view life in general, Is the life just another machine to be used and discarded? or does it have it’s on inherent and some would say arbitrary value?

Self Confidence vs Insecurity.
This stat is a measure of how much you believe in yourself, and it is directly affected by success and failures in the career paths, as well as later.

What the Phoenix Project is asking would be difficult for anyone to do, much less comprehend, this stat represents the toll this takes on you.


Is the alien species we make going to have stat screen


Toward the end of your uplifting, will there be a scenario where you judge your species to be a threat to humanity as well? Something poetic about crashing your asteroid/ship into the planet of your creation.

As I was writing this…I realized that is what may have happened to the dinosaurs.



There will be a portion of the stats screen dedicated to your race and its stats although I’m thinking there will be a way to get a more detailed report in game from your Ship AI as well


I never planned for one but I’ll make a note to include one maybe if the races personally end up on the extreme Xenophobic side. It might come up in the space age or the interplanetary age… (since after that point no amount of devastation of their homeworld would end their race, although you may be able to introduce a slow bio-plague that kills them all. with the right modules)