Evolved (Working title) WIP


So I’ve been roaming around the forum for the last 5 months being thoroughly impressed with a number of WIPs and after much thought, I finally decided to start writing one myself. I have gone through multiple drafts and ideas (I’ve even written a few thousand words for them) to finally settle on my favorite one.

The story is set in a cyberpunk-esque future where previously, humans were just beginning to fully merge with technology; a time where disease and human limitations were a thing of the 21st century. However this didn’t come without the bigotry humanity is famous for. Over time, the public was divided between those who welcomed the assisted evolution and all the benefits it presented, and the majority who stuck with the philosophy of human morals and did not want to defile the human body.

While the discrimination was kept to the bare minimum with the government backing this change, eventually “purists” on both sides began to pop up and started ruffling the public opinion, thus the seeds that would eventually grow into the “Transcendence War” was planted.

The civil war lasted for three years and “officially” ended in 2101 with the human purist organization “Cerberus” being dissolved after their leader mysteriously disappeared along with their headquarters when a meteor crashed into it, destroying most of California in the process. The government suppressed the already dwindling support for the purists of both sides and for the next 15 years, and began to rebuild the ruins of California into the now flourishing state of New California relatively quickly with the much needed help of the cyborgs; and in the end, this gratifying act solidified the reality of assisted evolution as a social norm.

Soon after, the Nexus (a device implanted on the wrist and wired to the nervous system which connected everybody to the Network where you can contact anyone, stream anything with just a thought, which in turn, made phones and watches obsolete) was invented by Prometheus Industries (A play on Cerberus’ ideals and name) during these years of cooperation and humanity has truly begun to reach out into the final frontier with a stable colony on Mars and a fully fledged city on the moon, called Luna.

Not long after this golden age, there have been increased reports of people flying higher than ever before, running faster than any cyborg ever could and even those who could withstand the impact of rail gun or even shoot one out of the palm of their hand for that matter.

The age of Biotics has dawned.

The year is 2147 and you are a Biotic on the run from the past along with your robot companion and butler extraordinaire, Sir Rupert. You will venture forth into 22nd century America from your run-down home in Los Francisco (not a typo), New California on a journey of self discovery, and on the way, come to terms with what you are and unravel the past.

Well, that’s the gist of it :smile:

I have been writing and coming up with ideas as I go for about a month now and I have about 5000 words done (excluding code). Since I’m new to coding, I have been taking my sweet time learning what I can and I’ve pretty much nailed the bare basics for now. I do plan to include violence and some drug references, romance scenes and whatnot (although the intensity of these topics are subject to change if some people have an issue with that). However that doesn’t mean I’m going full gorno with this, but I do want this WIP to be a darker take on the “Superhero genre”.

While I do have 5k words, I won’t be posting a link to it yet until I’m happy with the writing, grammar and especially the coding, so it might be a while.

Edit: Some people might be confused with the whole “Biotic and Cyborg” thing, so here:

The cyborgs are people who have enhanced their bodies with artificial body parts and upgrades. Such as increased reaction time, armored skin, enhanced strength and speed, etc.

Biotics however, are people who have been genetically affected by the cataclysmic destruction the meteorite left in it’s wake and have unique, unexplained powers such as energy manipulation, flight, super speed, telepathy, etc.

With that said, I hope to get some feed back and discuss what you think about it :blush:

Short demo link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/n6uiiixisvn6jib/Evolved.html?dl=0


Sounds fun. I love sci-fi stuff that isn’t spaceship based.


Sounds really awesome definitely something to look forward to play through


Cerberus… biotics… I believe I have a fellow Mass Effect lover on here. Looking forward to a demo.


That sounds like one heck of a cool story. Brings to mind a wacky mix of Deus Ex and Borderlands.

Am I the only one who’s confused as to what the difference between Biotics and Cyborgs are?


That name… is genius :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .


Yeah, I thought some people were going to get confused, I’ll get to work right away. Also the robot name is awesome, I know :smile:


This actually reminds me of a couple of games mass effect, black ops 3 (because your integrated with technology), and destiny (because of the golden age).

Also is the difference between cyborgs and biotics that cyborgs are robots(or robots with human parts) and biotics are humans with “robot” parts(I don’t actually mean robot its just the best thing I could think of at 7:36 am)


I just added the description of the two terms now. Check it out :smile:


Ahh so now it reminds me more of mass effect because there was an element zero leak that gave humans biotic powers

Edit: tbh I don’t actually know if this is correct


Yeah, It was inspired by Mass Effect, Deus Ex and various other sci-fi material, as you can tell.


Ok… Wow! i’m really excited by this idea. It sounds ******* amazing!!!
Honestly, I can’t wait to play this. I love it already! :blush:


I tend not to care about mc custimazation, but is there anyway I can convince to make the robot companion custimizable? They are, after all, built by man.


World domination? Or destruction! Either of them is very good for me. Anyway, i want my MC to be a killing machine! :smiling_imp:


I’m already on it.

You’ve read my mind. I’m planning to include some sort of “Insanity” meter (Which corresponds with the MCs lore) and when sh!t hits the fan, you can bathe in your enemies’ blood or maybe just for the heck of it.


awesome! ( + 20 characters )


Wow! this idea sounds awesome, and will the insanity meter give the MC a status boost like putting them in berserk mode or some thing that would be cool with the Biotic going berserk and wrecking everything around them :smiley: wait a minute that wouldn’t work in these type of games :blush:


Currently, the way I have it is if your insanity meter is high enough then you would get some hidden choices unlocked or a scene would play out differently than it normally would.


How hard can be? I just make the most ruthless and evil choices.


Alrighty then, I’ve been extremely busy with some stuff IRL but I’m back.

I was in the middle of an overhaul of my current draft so it is shorter than what it was before but a lot better anyway. I posted a very very short demo so go ahead and try it out and let me know what you think.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the lore or if you didn’t understand or found it confusing. Constructive criticism is much appreciated.

Did I mention it was short? :blush:


welcome back
i was starting to feel a beyond the thunderdome and escape from LA feel meets dues ex and M.E on earth
but without TM stealing feel. (next statement from char perspective) I find the obvious discrimination insulting but not over the top enough to really strike a nerve to want to hit them

i noticed there was a biotics comment in you first post
easiest way to describe biotics in comparison to cybernetics is biotics are a genetic in this case variation to cybernetics accidentally in this case