The Caged Songbird

S-so I’ve finally decided to post this…

After being inspired by many people/shows/things and spending the last 2 hours agonizing on whether I should post this or not, I’ve finally built up the courage to make my own game. I’m super nervous to put this out there and I know it’s not very good right now(there’s probably a ton of punctuation and grammar mistakes…I might have rushed things too) but I’ll work hard to hopefully make this at least enjoyable to someone out there…lol. The project right now is in the VERY early stages. I’m still working things out and learning how to code, stats are also probably all over the place. I may end up rewriting what I have or maybe even adding more choices.


After being left alone for most of your life, thanks to some strange powers that have deemed you a monster, you’re suddenly thrown into a prison facility, known as the Foxglove Institute, for a crime you committed and it seems that your only way out, is to trust a group of strangers who each have their own problems to deal with.

The Caged Songbird will hopefully be a series of interactive fiction books. The main focus will be romance, friendships and family.

Possible Warnings:

None of these will be too extreme, I just wanted to put a warning just in case anyone might be uncomfortable reading about any of these.

  • Physical abuse

  • Addiction

  • Death

General Features:
  • Play as male, female, or non-binary-- with the option to be straight, gay, or bi.
  • Customize your own appearance, personality, values, traits, and skills.
  • Build everlasting friendships, discover what the word family means to you, and find true love.
  • Learn the secrets of the Foxglove Institute and the people behind it, decide whether to try and take them down or to run free.

The game is planned to be around 15-17 chapters long and will have about 4(?) romance options to chose from.

Character Profiles:

Theo/Tera: | Gender depends on player | Romance Option | A prisoner in the Foxglove Institute who seems to always be wearing a mask.

Elias/Ebony: | Gender depends on player | Romance Option | A quiet man/woman. Doesn’t like saying much and tries their hardest to keep their emotions under control.

Amos/Anya: | Gender depends on player | Romance Option | May seem grumpy and uncaring at times but they just tend to hold their true feelings in. They don’t trust anyone that works in the Foxglove Institute.

Noah/Nadia: | Gender depends on player | Romance Option | A carefree type of person, they chose to live in the moment and they appear to not take anything too seriously.

Westley: | Male | A kind and noble prison guard. He doesn’t seem to think the prisoners are bad people despite their crimes and unusual differences.

Captain Moore: | Male | A ruthless and harsh man who is the captain prison guard at the Foxglove Institute. Believes all prisoners are monsters.

Dr. Hemlock: | Female | The MC’s main “caretaker.” She is in charge of making sure the MC is healthy and their powers stay under control.

Jace: | Male | A rough man who likes messing around with Theo/Tera’s group.

Penelope: | Female | A bright and bubbly young woman.She’s been in the facility for a long time but still manages to stay optimistic.

Eden: | Non-binary | A calm person, who is constantly worrying about others. They are close friends with Amos/Anya, thinking of them as an older sibling.

Dr. Wisteria: | Male | An exhausted yet caring soul. He’s in charge of making sure all prisoners stay mentally happy and healthy.

–and many more characters you’ll meet throughout the story.

The demo is probably a mess just like my life… ha ha ha…
ANYWAYS here’s the link to the demo(It’s not that long, only covers the prologue, chapter 1, and very little bit of chapter 2): Demo

A-and here’s my tumblr if you want to ask anything or maybe just be friends idk… Tumblr


Its good so far


Ah thank you! I’m really glad you think so! I was so nervous posting this so seeing your comment made me tear up (out of happiness) a bit. :smiley:


The story is amazing especially with so many interesting ROs…
Ebory looks like a damsel in distress , so she will needs our protection the most right ? :-):laughing:
The other Interesting RO is Tera , which should be strongest of them all and perhaps the most loyal ??

As for Nadia, she is going to hurt our heart in future right :slight_smile:


I hope u counties this amazing book in reading it over right

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So far, it’s really good! It got me hooked!

Small Error (??)

As was playing, I found this:

I restarted to ser and, at the beginning, our number is 378, but in this part it is 387.

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Ahhh I’m really really glad you think they’re interesting!
Out of the 4, Ebony/Elias is definitely the one that probably needs the most help.

Hahaha yeah… don’t want to say too much but anyone romancing Nadia/Noah should uh be prepared…

I’ll work hard to finish it!

Ahhh I knew I would mess it up somewhere. Thanks for catching that! And I’m glad you enjoyed it :smiley:


Some typos, misuse of pronouns and apostrophes: (nothing major though)


This text will be hidden

her (the choice is referring to anya right?)




I think on isn’t really needed for the sentence.


him, he my mc is a male :sweat_smile:


you’re and witch’s forgot to highlight the your at the start of the sentence.

Really great progress so far. The ROs are great especially because of the diversity and the character development especially for Anya and Ebony.

A question though: Is Penelope not a RO?

PS: Anya is the best gril here, you can’t deny the charms of a tsundere :wink:.


This is really good so far! Sure there’s a few grammar mistakes here and there, but what WIP doesn’t have them. Otherwise I really have a great first impression. I can tell this will be a story to watch closely!

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Hi, I played through the demo two times as of now and I really liked it! The RO’s are really interesting. I usually only have one playthrough but I may try it with all of them… To be honest I’m not sure if I even have a favourite yet haha. Though I gotta say I am SCARED of what will happen if I go down Noah’s route haha… I can’t handle angst.

My favorite thing is probably the choices you’ve made for the MC. I also really like the stats you’ve chosen. Though I do feel that they’re maybe a bit slow to lean one way or the other? It’s probably fine though, especially if you plan on making this a longer story. I was also wondering, how do you plan on handling stats (not skills)? Will our MC have different reactions to things when they’re high enough?

Anyway, wishing you good luck! I can’t wait for the next update :-)!


@Mad_Man Lol thank you! I’ll fix them right away. :slight_smile: I’m laughing at some of the typos I made like lung :laughing:

Ahhh and I’m so glad you like the ROs I was a bit worried at first. I kept wondering if I made them too bland or too out there but I’m really happy that people like them.

No Penelope is not a RO. Although as I was writing her scenes I kind of ended up falling for her and wondering why I didn’t make her an RO :sweat_smile:

lol gril! I wasn’t sure whether I should (or even could) write a tsundere kind of character but I couldn’t help it. I love them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for the kind words! They really mean a lot to me. :blush:

Ah everyone is so kind! I’m super happy you enjoyed it :smiley:

Hahaha yeah I don’t recommend Noah/Nadia if you want an angst free romance

Yeah, I wasn’t too sure whether I should have the stats go up faster, I’m still working that out.
I’m planning to have the MC and people around them react differently depending on their stats. For example, lets say the MC had to give a public speech of some sort, a shy MC probably wouldn’t be able to do it while a bold one would have no problem. I don’t know if I’m explaining it well but basically I’m planning to do different variations of scenes depending on the MC personality stats.


GREAT IDEA! This feature is what most CYOA games lack to be honest. Not saying that I didn’t enjoy the other HG and CoG games without the scene variation but it made me feel like stats only exist to determine if you’ll have a good or bad outcomes and not allow you to fully immerse yourself as a character within the game.


Will MC personality affect a romance interaction? I think it will be great if RO will attract on MC based on our traits

Example Nadia might like a flirty MC, but i think they will “love” everyone , but flirty MC might scare Ebory away or invite distrust by Tera ? :slight_smile:


This great.



This interesting but some people might complain…
What about Maybe like samuel did with magicians burden i guess… flirty would give higher affection. I was a bit pissed cuz you would only benefit of some choices if you had high charisma but this a good example too
I think

But your idea preety cool.
Me like it
Just saying some might not :man_shrugging:


@Fay -dono
I summon thee


Hahaha… my first impression was that Ebory is sort of Introvert person, i would believe if one approach an introvert person with flirty remark or interaction will only scare them away…

But i could be wrong :slight_smile:

One question … how would your MC feel if N play you around ?? :wink:


Who dare summon me?

Oh, hello Hearts my dear friend!

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┬┴┬┴┤^ ͜ ^) / ├┬┴┬┴


I go for the shy answer. Mostly cuz if it was me iwould almost surely narrow my eyes and glare.
“What do you want?”

If she plays with my mc.
There wont be N after that.

But like i said people get bitchy for less. Its up to the aithor really.

Maybe add that. And , in case of a bad reaction, a chance to make amends later or immediatelly after?
man i hate tipping on ths fcking cel

Anyway as much as dislike this whole chrstmas newyear bull i dare say 2019 looking prety good with titles like this.



If Fae is here, we’re safe (=^・ェ・^=)

This seems awsome what powers do we have through

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:sparkles: It’s me, your Faerie godmother :sparkles:

By the way, @Mint are we completely immune to other poisons? Can we chug a bottle of poison like a can of Redbull??