The Caged Songbird



Just in case this not intended
I already met Penelope during N’s scene



Following this
Are we like that girls from rewrite?


Yeah i know, Penelope is a better friend than N :slight_smile:

She even “advice” N of the wrong doings…

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Very captivating game so far. Will MC’s powers develop someway or killing people their only trait?

I very much like this idea!

N is the most intriguing RO for me. Though I dislike angst, I will pursue them nonetheless. :thinking:

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Can the mc have different powers or no

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This is interesting so far! The MC’s power reminds me of the protagonist from the visual novel Code:Realize.


The Caged Songbird is great read hope you keep on working on how you like it

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I’ve played a couple of games that have had scenes that varied depending on certain choices you make and it always made the game feel a bit more personal. So I really wanted to try doing that for this. It’s a bit more hard to code but it’ll pay off to see in the end.

The interactions with each RO will change depending what choice you make but in the end no matter what choice you make you can romance each RO. I don’t want people worrying about making the “wrong choice” to be with an RO, I want everyone to be able to play how they want without thinking if it’s the right choice to woo a certian RO.
Ebony/Elias probably won’t know what to do with a flirty MC but eventually they would open up to one.

I’m glad you enjoyed it😂
Hahaha poor N, I swear they have their reasons for possibly “playing around” They’re not a completely horrible person…

Oh! Thanks for catching that. It was suppose to show that you already knew each other. I’ll fix it once I get on my computer!
I had to look up what Rewrite was but yes I believe the MC is similar to the girl from that game.

Basically yes, MC is immune to all other poisons. So they’re free to chug a bottle of any poison they desire​:joy::joy::joy:

The MCs power is toxic touch. Kind of like Poison Ivy from DCs Batman.

Lmao!! I’m sure Westley would be over the moon to know someone likes him that much.

Thank you! The MCs powers will develop throughout the game. The plan is to have them learn how to control it better.

Ah, don’t worry Ns route won’t be too bad

No, the MC can’t have different powers.

I’d be lying if I said that game wasn’t part of the inspiration. :wink:

Thank you!!:blush::two_hearts:


MC picks up a random poisonous snake from the streets and adopts it as their pet. MC isn’t bothered at all when the snake bites them in the face.



Will we be able to control people by kissing them? :joy:


Is mc’s sweat/saliva toxic ?
Like he cant sneeze aomeones face or the sweat may evaporate and mix with the air…
forgot what ws going for here…


Rewrite anime too
In case u dont know

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No need to kiss them.



10/10 great potential and I love the story so far :+1:

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fun you said that name my mc after one of out people in code realize

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Fun fact : There is actually a manga where the mc has similar abilities, its called
“The Duke of Death and his Black Maid”
And he wears gloves too( ̄ヮ ̄)
I waited so long for a w.i.p like that, feels good( ̄^ ̄)


with you Hamps //_//

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So MC is pretty much human sized poison dart frog
And mixed with some other substances i bet MC would be real poular on acid/rave party


At first I thought MC was like Rouge from the Marvel comics, though after reading both the story and comments, I guess I’m wrong.

But I am loving what you’ve put out so far, and can’t wait to read more!


Aaalright i freaking love it!! The characters and everything else, but i think that could be a little bit more of sadness add to it (i’m a sucker for drama lol). And i really wish we could romance Westley, he’s such a sweetheart, but i don’t know how that would play out with MC’s ability and all.


I know it’s easier said than done, but you have absolutely no reason to be shy about this WIP! It’s really lovely, I don’t think I’ve seen a prison setting before so that’s cool! I love the characters too so far, the romance cast as well as the supporting cast. I thought Jace would rub me the wrong way initially, but I actually like him as well! The MC’s situation is interesting, and I’m curious to see how it all plays out for them.

You definitely hooked me in already! In fact, I was already really interested when Westley tried to help after Moore was a douche so you snatched at least one person up fast! :smile: I’m really looking forward to the rest of the story! So chin up, you did a fantastic job already! :wink: