Ilyaaren: Citadel



Okay. It was short indeed, but I do love the idea you got. I do have two questions. One, it’s not modern times, right? Maybe it was obvious, but I’m kind of sleepy. And question number two, the twin will be of the same sex? I know you said “identical” but it’s that set in stone?

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Identical twins are always of the same gender. If they aren’t, then they’re technically not identical. Considering the author specifically said ‘identical’ and not ‘fraternal’ or just ‘twin’, I think it’s safe to say that the twin is the same gender/lack thereof as the MC.


Is it just me or did we have describe our character 3 times?


They always have the same genitalia and stuff, but not the same gender. There’s quite a lot of identical twins with one of them being transgender.
Buy yeah, I’d like to know if they’re fraternal or identic just to imagine their faces and stuff better.

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It be nice to have the option of deciding the gender, or making it random each time,

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We do have the option to choose the appearence of both of them, so if they’re identical or fraternal I think depend on us to decide using the imagination, I suppose. For me it’s good enough.

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Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t read the spoiler part. Please, ignore my question about the twins.

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Yes, your twin is identical and of the same gender as you. There are several plot reasons for this, as well as the fact that I, frankly, don’t feel like coding in a RNG to decide your sibling’s gender/appearance.

@Jinx_the_Atomic_Cat could you explain to me the error you’re having in more detail, please?

Think the idea is really cool. Though we as to do character creation 3 times? Is it because we were in the dream… or something else? Also I think it would be cool if you and your twin were opposites in terms of good and evil. You could be the manipulative, ruthless twin always saving you naive, kind and trusting twin. Keep up good work! I hope for the best! :+1:


It sent you to character creation three times? Probably something to do with how I set up the placeholders. I’ll fix that as soon as I get off work today. Thanks for reporting that! :slight_smile:

This game is not set in modern times. It is a fantasy setting, based in a world I have spent over a year of my life building.

I only got there two times…

Other than that, it looks pretty nice, although it’s too early to say much beyond that.

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Brilliant. The best new WIP I’ve seen in months ( imo, probably biased due to my love of Fantasy CoG’s ).

I made a grey eyed, shaven headed, skinny pale kid of average height for my MC. Going for the Eleven from Stranger Things look. Very excited for this and the concept is super intriguing. I wonder if our twin will be an ass or someone who will become a lifelong friend.

Excited to see how this develops.

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That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my writing. You’re my new best friend, hi :heart:

That means so much.

Now I do have a question for everyone who is interested –

would you prefer tiny, regular updates or long, irregular updates. I may be able to update by about 2-3 scenes per week, depending on my homework and work load for that week (full-time student and employee).

Basically, I’m thinking…1 short update every 2-3 days, 1 medium update every 2 weeks, or 1 large update every month, with some wiggle room around March and May, due to midterms and final exams.

Okay, that’s creepy then but again it does make sense, if they looked much different my mc would never suspect them of being his long-lost “twin” and just treat them like any other stranger. Of course that would have given better odds of him befriending his brother because befriending the guy before my mc knows he’s family would have been the easiest way to let him into his life. Though not his birth mother and father, they’re dead to him regardless.
Whether my mc will want anything to with them once he finds out about the “family” thing would be a different question,particularly if they’ve not had time to become friends before the reveal. I mean the mc’s “family” did cast him out for some ridiculous reason, so why would he want to let them back in his life now, on their terms no less?
As you may or may not know from some of the other CoG wip’s I’m no great fan of deadbeat dads. :unamused:

Your writing though seems very good and the story is promising enough.

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Well, Tyran isn’t necessarily a bad dad…He’s just a bad father to the younger twin and/or the twin that hated home enough to run from home.

Though frankly, in many ways, Tyran is far worse than a deadbeat dad. I mean he literally decided off the cuff that the second twin wasn’t planned and therefore is the reason his wife died, like…what a dick :laughing:

The reveal is interesting. It doesn’t happen until…the second or third chapter. Each chapter averaging about 7,000 played words (I hate myself).

If you play a certain way, it can happen earlier, but that also might not be the…erm…best way to play. Your morality won’t remain very high :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

And I suppose it’s good that Marla is dead to your MC, since it sounds like she died giving birth to you, anyway :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well now my mc for sure wants to have nothing to do with his “dad” anymore. His creepy look-alike would still mainly depend on how friendly they were before the reveal, but if they’re not at least on friendly terms by then expect my mc to try and cut off his “brother” too.

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but what if you’re the creepy look-alike? :laughing:

And the friendly terms definitely depends 100% on your choices, as the player. I’m going to try to give as many options as possible to keep people like you and @poison_mara happy :laughing:

as many sarcastic and annoyed and distrusting options as I can think of and make work with the plot.


Why I am here? What wip is this? Hello? I am lost.

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