Ilyaaren: Citadel

lol, sorry Mara, force of habit.

Most people tend to be wary around their (near) dopplegangers. Though I personally know only one set of unrelated girls to which that applies, they eventually became friends but it took some years. Of course they weren’t family so they didn’t have that kind of drama get in the way.

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is yours this? Could I play this? I have the norm to avoiding trols not playing wip I Don’t know author. So if is yours is ok i think

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That’s true! When I was in middle school cough 10yearsagowhatthehell cough, everyone constantly told me that I looked exactly like some 8th grade boy, when I was in 7th grade. He was apparently about a foot taller and a little bit heavier, but everything else was the exact same.

We have, to this day, never met, but people STILL sometimes tell me stories about stuff they did with me, and I’m like ??? no this didn’t happen???

Awww, you’re such a sweetheart, I love you. This is mine, and I’d be totally honored if you did play it! It’s crazy short and has a pretty bad bug right now, but I’m actually actively working on it while I type here. I have today and tomorrow off from school AND work, so I’m getting as much done as I can :laughing:



updated. please let me know if the changes fixed the bug. If you continue to get the repeating appearance bug, could you send me details of what choices you made to create the bug? I’ve tried myself, since the bug tester didn’t find anything – there may be a broken loop somewhere.

It sounds awesome and special the twin bit

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All of the MCs you can choose have equal potential. There is no benefit, aside from different origin stories and bonuses to non-magic skills, for any one origin over another. That being said, the twins, once they are both at the Citadel, may or may not have different power levels. Depends on your choices.

if you want to be evil, yes. It is difficult to unlock, though. Picking random options in my later chapters, I get necromancy 1 out of 50 times.

So if we ran away from home we already know everything about the twin? So that begs the question but I assume that by the time we meet them again maybe a decade has passed since we last saw them? :thinking:
Though if my mc already knows he has an identical twin walking around somewhere then he’d be predisposed to assume it is actually the twin when meeting his look-alike. The other backgrounds presumably know nothing at all about their family so they would presume less.
On the other hand it could certainly be that even the mc who ran away from home has never actually met his twin or knows of his existence, but I shudder to think what “man in the iron mask” tactics our “loving” family has used on us in that case.

Well…that could certainly be the case. I think particularly in the case of the one who ran away from home or was raised in the orphanage the people at that “school” would probably tend to assume the poorer, less well-known and connected twin is the doppleganger. :frowning2:
Even if we were taken in or adopted by the noble I guess it would still likely depend on our status and reputation versus that of our twin. :thinking:
My mc will probably choose the orphanage background though, so I think he’d be in real danger of having this happen.


Oh, I really enjoyed this! It may have been short, but it certainly gave a taste for what the rest will hopefully be like :slight_smile:

I only got the character creation once, and I liked being able to be so detailed about the appearance of the MC.

Definitely looking forward to playing more of this. Good luck with development!

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I actually haven’t decided how much the runaway knows about their family. In my mind, I always envisioned the runaway as being from the noble household, but other people may see it differently. I intended to keep it vague, but you’ve definitely given me something to think about there.

no matter what, though, you never know about your twin

as for “loving family” – Tyran is never outright unloving, but he is an important man who has been heartbroken for 14 years. looking at you is his sole reminder of his deceased wife…it’s rough. He is a…distant father, but a loving one.

you aren’t adopted by the noble. Tyran and Marla Renna are your parents, no matter what

the rest of that is a bit too spoilery to respond to, but there are definitely some fun things that I have planned.

Oh, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it! That means so much, truly. :slight_smile: I’m glad I’ve been able to paint a picture of what this story will feel like. I hope you continue to like it![quote=“Seraphinite, post:30, topic:23601”]
I only got the character creation once, and I liked being able to be so detailed about the appearance of the MC.

Oh, good. It seems I’ve fixed that bug, then. Since each origin story is a separate scene, rather than an incredibly long, confusing singular scene, it created a never-ending loop of character creation (as each different character), because I forgot to put *ending at the end of the placeholder. Easy enough of a fix :slight_smile:

I’m glad you liked the level of detail in character creation. I like having those things, personally. I know some people find it boring, but in a case of identical twins, it kind of does matter what everyone looks like, lol

Thank you so much! I hope I continue to meet your expectations :slight_smile:


Ah, so we’re just a servant in that noble household then?

As for never knowing about the twin, curious how you’re going to pull that off if the mc does know who his father is. Since the twin is apparently daddy’s golden boy and they are likely both famous. So if the mc does know the guy exist then that means they must at least be half-brothers/sister.

On the other hand if the runaway scene is from being a servant to that other noble then it all makes sense in that the mc would have no clue who their family is. So either daddy dropped us off to be raised as a servant by a noble acquaintance or his servants drop us off at the orphanage. That’s not exactly “father of the year material”

Lastly of course he’s always the mc’s biological father, but that doesn’t mean my mc would be willing to (publicly) acknowledge that fact once he learns it or that he would ever want to have anything to do with him and the extended family. :sweat_smile:

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hold on, let me get you a link for the old opening scene. It might answer some questions for you. It’ll only take you, like, a minute or t wo, max, to read. I think I still have a dashingdon link for it…

ah, here it is

it’s obvious why I scrapped it. It’s just not as good, imo, and gives away too much too quickly, I think.

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Yeah it is, thanks for linking it though. I guess you’ve changed it so that we can only be the younger, clueless and non-privileged twin now, didn’t you? And you’ve changed being the child of the local midwife to ending up in an orphanage and presumably added, servant to a noble and the option to have run away from that. It does seem to be better overall and of course it gives way less information.
It’s also not going to make my mc predisposed to liking his “father” or wanting to have anything to do with the guy or his family. Fortunately you already said you were going to write some stubborn, non-cooperative and recalcitrant options in the Citadel/school part. :laughing:


Re: spoilers -

I think something may have been miscommunicated LOL. You’re still either the older or the younger twin – one grows up with the father, the other with Bertie, the midwife and local orphanage-runner. The basics of the story are much the same, aside from the new, third path. When I said I envisioned it being running from the noble path, I envisioned it because the teen doesn’t want to be stuck in a loveless marriage to someone when they’re only 14 years old, but it could also be running from the orphanage. Either way, I intended it not to matter too much…HOWEVER

you’ve given me a lot to consider in how to write this, which I appreciate a lot. I’ve already changed some things around, because I like your interpretation of some things better than my own :laughing:


just letting y’all know i’ve an update in the works :slight_smile:


The update isn’t as large as I wanted, but I’m not certain how much time I’ll have this weekend to finish the origin scenes, and I’m thinking I’ll try to do at least weekly updates.

It’s located at the same link :slight_smile:

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Where Dorothy is lanky and tall, Damian is rather sinewy. Where Damian is dark-skinned, taking after their baker father, Dorothy is somewhat lighter-skinned, taking after their father.

A gay couple! (But shouldn’t Dorothy take after their other father? :confused:)

Ended with this error:

1youngest line 284: Non-existent command ‘else_if’

The correct command should be *elseif.

(Is that the end of the WIP?)

Trying another route got me this:

1eldest line 4: Non-existent variable ‘father’


Same errors as the watcher of parrots for me, I’m afraid.


Eww thank you, let me fix that.

you are totally right! Let me add that in. It didn’t even occur to me. My friends who have same-sex parents generally call them “dad” and “papa” or “mom” and “mother” – things like that. i think I intended to do something like that and got caught up in trying to rush

and you’re right about the elseif, ugh. I did this on about 2 hours of sleep. I work fulltime and go to school fulltime, and my dad was out of town all week, so I had extra responsibilities lol. a;sdkjfa;slfja;sldfj ;

I’ll fix that right now though. And I have some unexpected free time tonight, so I’m gonna try to write some more, after :slight_smile:

edit: should be fixed.


Is this an already released version or in WIP yet to release