The Underground Society-WIP

Here’s the first three chapters of my game, The Underground Society. It is based in a society where people with powers (called Gifted) are looked down upon to the point where parents will kick out children and it is impossible to get jobs/homes etc. The player can choose their gender and sexuality and will eventually be able to romance other characters (to be added later in the game).

The MC is rescued by a group of people who are social outcasts. From here, the player can decide to stay with the group or try to survive alone. Both paths lead to different ends and the player will have many chances to switch their path throughout the game. The people who rescue you will offer you help regardless of the path you choose.

I’ve tried to add some kind of representation to the game (e.g POC and stated some character’s sexualities) and would be grateful if people could tell me if i’ve done it right (e.g. not used out of date terms or made it sound unnatural).

I’d love any kind of feedback (even if it’s simply that you hate/love the game so far) and any ideas that anyone have I would love to hear. Please say if you run into any problems (with coding/spelling/grammar etc.) and i’ll get straight onto fixing it. Also, feel free to ask questions, I may not have explained things are clearly as I assumed I had so if anyone doesn’t understand anything, It would be really useful to know,

One more thing, I am English and may have used words/phrases that only exist here. If anyone comes across any, please say so I can edit it. I want the game to be as universal as possible.


Okay so in this update I have fixed typos and grammatical errors, edited the sexuality choices to add descriptions as well as the terms (feel free to correct me on any of the descriptions by the way), written about two lines of chapter 4, removed the default Power Set and allowed the player to choose their own, and maybe something else that I can’t remember (probably coding related). Have fun!

I have edited the gender options to not use such confusing language. They are not perfect at the moment so feel free to add suggestions. I have also changed some of the language so that the game doesn’t force you to feel like staying in the underground it the “right” option. Hopefully, the bug which changes the MC to be genderfluid regardless of previous choices has gone.

Here’s the link to the game:


No option to be straight? I hope it didn’t become extinct.:neutral_face:

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Isn’t there? Sorry let me check that haha

From what I can tell, heterosexual is an option for all. May I ask as to where it goes wrong for you? In other words, can you see the other sexuality options or…?

I wanted to say the gender choosing.:sweat_smile:

Ohh sorry Cis Male and Cis Female is when a person is the same gender as the one they were assigned at birth. Shall I remove the Cis part do you think?

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I liked this. While reading this, I couldn’t help but think of the Xmen and how Xavier set up his school for mutant outcasts.

I look forward to more. Though I did see a couple errors.

Just a couple typos, but also this:

It said my character’s name was Syrena, despite me having typed in my own name for the MC.

Besides this, though, I really enjoyed the story.

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Whoops forgot to edit that thanks i’ll fix it now


Oh and thank you for saying you like it :slight_smile: Xavier and his school for mutants was my original inspiration for this story to be honest :slight_smile:

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I was confused. English is not my native language. Do as you wish even if i don’t understand very well why the cis part.:smile:

Oh okay thank you :slight_smile: If more people get confused, I will edit it. I am simply trying to be as politically correct as possible, however I am aware it may not translate properly into different languages and cultures

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Your work got potential, i like to see how it turn out but for the moment i appreciate it, keep it up ^^

Really enjoyed it so far, looking forward to reading more. :smile:

I would say yes, but I do like the inclusiveness of all the options especially of sexuality. Which brings me to ask a question since there is a pansexual option, I was wondering if you are going to treat it differently than bisexual, as in description as how they would perceive things. Since a pansexual do not care what gender a person is; but the mettle of their character?

Overall liking the start of the story and wishing there was more already… XD

Your story looks very promising so far, I’m curious about the expand of what gifted can do !
On the other hand, the whole “uggh, these concrete walls look so bad” is pretty weird considering the MC lived in the streets for quite some time.

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I liked it, but one thing that confused me was this are you assigned a power based on the action you take or is it always going to be fire and flying?

To be honest if you didn’t tell me exactly what cis meant I wouldn’t have know X3
but I do like the options you give us. Are there gonna be other descriptive options later? or are you writing the MC vague enough so that we can just fill in the rest with imagination hehe. Also really digging it so far, I definitely get an x-men vibe from this and can’t wait to read more ^^

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If anyone has any ideas on how to tackle this I would appreciate it. I was originally planning on having slightly difference descriptions of characters depending on the sexuality. For example, instead of an asexual character focusing on how physically attractive another character is, they would instead focus on their personality. I was thinking for bisexual they would be more evenly distributed between the descriptions (physical and personality) whilst pansexual would focus more on personality.


At firs,t I was making them vague so that the options given were fairly obvious as to that stats they filled so that people got the best head start in their game. Later in the story, I plan to have more options and larger descriptions so that there can be more “customisation” for the MC.

To be honest I did think that It was a weird option myself haha I will change that at some point. Maybe stating how the MC sees potential so the environment and sees how they would like to change it?